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					SSSP Newsletter – Edition 12 – December 2010

Dear all,                                          In both these areas it is difficult for parents
                                                   to find places, particularly for January and
Welcome to our December                            April starters.
                                                   Family Information Directory
Children's Centres
                                                   Work continues on improvements to this
We have had our first Children's Centre            system, which provides a vital source of
inspection. At the time of writing, the results    information to parents.
of the inspection cannot be shared, but the        An audit of all provision will take place in the
findings confirmed the areas of focus as           New Year to ensure that records are up to
     Reach – making sure that centres are         date and accurate. Please assist us in
        working across the whole area and          supporting you and parents by returning
        particularly reaching vulnerable           this. Please note that if you have not
        groups.                                    currently returned a consent form, your
     Data – making good use of data to            details will not be available to be given to
        inform decision making and planning        parents.
        and to use local data to understand
        the reach area.                            Implications of the Spending Review
     Impact – is the work making a
        difference.                                At the times of writing, we do not have
                                                   details of the money which will be available
Many thanks to everyone who supported the          to support Early Years in Swindon. However
centre during the inspection.                      we do know that the coalition government
                                                   has indicated its support for Early Years.
Early Years Reference Group                        Specifically, the fifteen hours of funded Early
                                                   Education for every three and four year old
This group, which now includes parents, has        will continue. There will also be, from 2012,
been meeting to look at areas of common            15 hours of funded Early Education for the
concern. Two significant issues have been          most vulnerable two year olds. Some areas
raised. Many parents are still not aware of        will be asked to pilot this scheme in 2011. At
their entitlement to 15 hours of flexible          present, we do not know whether this will
government funded early education. They            include Swindon.
don‟t appreciate the pressure on places and
don‟t realise the necessity to put their child's   And finally,
name down early. We have both leaflets and         Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
a poster giving information for parents. If
you would like copies of either, please            Many thanks for your continuing hard work
contact Wendy Spence, the partnership              and commitment to Early Years.
outreach worker on 01793 466032 or                             Carmel Burton
                                                   Sure Start Partnership Manager
The other issue is the availability of places,
particularly in North Swindon and Old Town.

SSSP Newsletter – Edition 12 – December 2010

Childcare Sufficiency                            up at a training session on the assumption
                                                 that you will have a place as we may have
Thank you to all settings that have helped       reached maximum numbers and you may
with the childcare sufficiency assessment by     be turned away.
either collecting questionnaires from parents    Please check that all booking forms are
and children or by completing the childcare      completed fully and correctly, including your
provider questionnaire. We are in the            name and setting on each form. If
process of collating all the information and     appropriate please also choose a second
the completed report will be available on the    choice course date as your first choice may
SSSP website by the end of March 2011 at         be fully booked.
the latest.
                                                 We would also request that you are mindful
For more information about the Childcare         of deadlines on booking and application
Sufficiency Assessment please contact            forms. We received a significant number of
Nicola Perrett on 01793 466075 or at             booking forms for the above Consulting with                          Children Event after the deadline had
                                                 passed, had these reached us on time the
                                                 Event may have been able to go ahead.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^               Recent incidences of practitioners missing
                                                 out on support funding have further
Consulting with Children Event – 19th            highlighted this issue and we would request
November @ Steam                                 you ensure forms reach our office by the
                                                 deadline date stated.
Regrettably this event had to be cancelled
due to a lack of interest. Apologies for any     Unpaid course fees
disappointment caused to those who did
book on and who were looking forward to          Settings that owe SSSP money for short
the exciting agenda. Refund payments are         courses will be unable to book onto future
currently being processed; please contact        training courses and qualify for discounted
Maddy Boardman should you have any               course fees until their debt is cleared.
queries regarding your repayment. We hope        Please note that outstanding debts will now
to be able to promote consultation with          be deducted from any training funding or
children in another format in the future.        support payments being claimed by the
                                                 debtor from SSSP (such as study release,
Reminders!                                       supply cover, EYP payments etc).

When booking your courses please ensure          Swindon Sure Start Partnership Website
you follow the booking policies and
procedures as detailed on page 63 of our         http://www.earlyyearschil
training plan. Booking forms should be sent
in no later than 3 weeks prior to the course
start date. Should you wish to attend a          Our website has
course that is commencing in less than 3         dedicated sections on
weeks please call the office to check there      Jobs and Training,
are places available. Due to Health & Safety     accessible via the menu
regulations you are not permitted to just turn

SSSP Newsletter – Edition 12 – December 2010

on the left hand side of the screen.               Childminders:            Helen David -
Jobs                                               Daycare Nurseries:       Lynn Webb -
Information about working in childcare and
details of current local vacancies.                Out of School:           Kim Poulton -
For further information on working in this         Private Sessional Care: Pauline Webster -
sector please call the Recruitment and   
Training Helpline on 0845 602 3209.                School‟s forum:          Debbie Waldron -
                                                   Voluntary Sector:        Linda Cowley
For information on Job Centre Plus
vacancies please call them on 01793
586000 or visit their website:
                                                   Who to contact for Workforce Development
                                                   Julie White - Childcare Workforce
Via our website there is a link to our current
                                                   Development Administrator
Training Plan and a dedicated area for
                                                   Phone: 01793 463295 or Helpline 0845 602
Training Updates and our latest News. Here
you will find late availability for courses, any
course cancellations and additional courses,
which have recently been added to the
                                                   Jayne Radford - Childcare Workforce
training calendar.
                                                   Development Administrative Co-ordinator
                                                   Phone: 01793 466021
If there is any training that you would like to
see in the training plan that is not currently
scheduled please email your ideas for
                                                   Nic Topp - Childcare Workforce
consideration to:
                                                   Development Officer
                                                   Phone: 01793 464314
Workforce Development
                                                   Maddy Boardman - Childcare Workforce
                                                   Development Manager
How to contact your workforce development
representative                                     Phone: 01793 465016
Please find below a list of representatives
from different sectors. Should you have a
training or workforce development issue you        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
would like to raise please email the
appropriate individual and they will
represent you at the next Early Years
Workforce Development meeting:

SSSP Newsletter – Edition 12 – December 2010

Integrated Children Equipment Stores            unpaid capacities, in all settings and in all
(ICES) Dec 10                                   contexts.
                                                It aims to:
Childminders and group provisions that offer
childcare for parents either working or               keep children safe by clarifying which
engaged in training and education can                  behaviours constitute safe practice
access the ICES to support children with               and which should be avoided
special needs and/or disabilities.                    assist adults working with children to
                                                       do so safely and responsibly, and to
ICES are able to offer support on the use              monitor their own standards and
and loan out of specialist equipment to staff          practice
within a registered provision.
                                                      support managers and employers in
                                                       setting clear expectations of
Childminders and group provisions should
                                                       behaviour and codes of practice
liaise with the therapist involved with the
child to assess what equipment would be               support employers in giving a clear
necessary. The therapist would then                    message that unlawful or unsafe
contact ICES and based on need, value for              behaviour is unacceptable and that,
money, maintenance implications, enter into            where appropriate, disciplinary or
the acquisition process.                               legal action will be taken
                                                      support safer recruitment practice
Children Services Briefing
                                                      minimise the risk of misplaced or
The Children Services Briefing, which was              malicious allegations made against
published six times a year, has been put on            adults who work with children
hold until further notice and has been                reduce the incidence of positions of
replaced by the Budget Savings Briefing.               trust being abused or misused.
To view the latest Budget Savings Briefing,
please click on the document below:             This is a generic guidance document which      complements existing procedures, protocols
_nov_2010.doc                                   and guidance relating to specific roles,
                                                responsibilities or professional practices.
The main points to date are:
                                                The link to the document is:
Guidance for Adults Working with      
Children and Young People                       sources-and-practice/IG00311
(Or coming into contact with children
through their work)
This guidance is based upon “Guidance for       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Safe Working Practice for the Protection of
Children and Adults in Education Settings”.     Fun & Fitness
This guidance provides clear advice on          Haven Holidays are supporting the
appropriate and safe behaviours for all         community by running an online campaign
adults working with children in paid or         „Fun & Fitness‟ which will donate FREE
                                                sports equipment to all UK early year‟s

SSSP Newsletter – Edition 12 – December 2010

settings via                      rules exist and distinguish right from
Equipment includes a variety of physical                   wrong
learning activities items such as hoops,               •   Adults assess and manage risks
beanbags and floor parachutes.                             effectively

The scheme re-opened in September 2010              Areas for improvement
and settings need to register for the
campaign before 31 January 2011. Once                  •   Recruitment procedures including
registered you will need to get                            checking adults and acting on any
parents/friends/relatives to visit the site, find          concerns.
their school and leave a message of                    •   Induction and training to ensure staff
support, no purchase necessary! Settings                   are properly aware of their and are
need to get 70% support from their                         able to carry out their role in
supporters to start receiving equipment.                   safeguarding children
                                                       •   Records and policies are in place and
They are also supporting Change4Life                       kept up to date
who‟s aim is to help under 5‟s get up and              •    Sufficient adults are present at all
about with their sports packs and activity                 times and deployed to meet
sheets. For more information on                            children‟s needs
Change4Life visit              •   Premises are safe and secure
                                                       •   Adults know what to do if there is an
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                          allegation about a member of staff

                       Ofsted Inspections           How to demonstrate good safeguarding
                                                    practice to Ofsted
                During a recent presentation
                from Ofsted, delivered by              •   Use the provider and inspector
                Elizabeth Elsom, Divisional                guidance published on the website
                Manager for Early Years and            •   Follow the EYFS Statutory framework
Childcare, the following information around                and Practice guidance
Safeguarding and inspections was shared.               •   Tell us about changes and significant
                                                           events, including any change of
Features of Outstanding Providers                          adults working with children.
                                                       •   Keep specified records up to date.
Children are safe because:                             •   Make sure all staff are aware of
   • They learn how to keep themselves                     policies and procedures and how to
       safe                                                implement them.
   • Their concerns are taken seriously                •   The safeguarding section of the
   • Adults understand and operate clear                   statutory guidance is the only section
       procedures and share these with                     that is checked point by point at an
       parents                                             inspection.
   • They are cared for by suitable and
       well-trained adults that they know and
   • They have clear and consistent
       boundaries that help them learn why

SSSP Newsletter – Edition 12 – December 2010

Limiting Grades                                   You should have set up a contract with one
                                                  of these companies.
   •   Capacity to Improve
   •   Equality and Diversity                     If you wish to extend your hours or age
   •   Safeguarding                               range, these changes must be notified to
   •   If you receive a judgement of              Ofsted.
       inadequate in any of the 3 above           If you wish to move premises a whole new
       grades, you are likely to receive a        registration will need to be undertaken.
       judgement of inadequate for                These changes and processes take time
       Leadership and Management,                 and you must allow for this when timetabling
       which in turn leads to an overall          any changes.
       inadequate judgement.

                                                  Failure to notify Ofsted can cause problems
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                 with registration and be cause for issue at
                                                  an inspection.
              Updating Ofsted

If you are an Ofsted registered childcare         Any policies relating to Ofsted must display
group setting you must update Ofsted of any       the following address Ofsted, Royal
changes to your provision. Recent Ofsted          Exchange Building, St Anne‟s
inspections have highlighted failure to do so     Square, Manchester, M2 9QX.
and have been reflected in the inspection         The most recent helpline phone
judgements.                                       number of 0300 123 1231 should
                                                  also be made available to parents
If the Supervisor/Playleader/Manager of           and carers.
your setting leaves, the new person must
complete an EY2 Form and a Health
Declaration form. These documents will            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
trigger a CRB clearance and a suitable
person interview. This is essential to register               Safeguarding Update
the change of details for the person in day to
day charge of the setting.
                                                  New Child Protection Conference Report Forms
In committee run groups all changes in            I am pleased to be able to tell you that we have
committee must be notified to Ofsted, by          new, simplified child protection conference
each person completing an EY2 form                report forms, which should prove easier and
accompanied by an EY3 form (for every 3           quicker to complete. There is a separate form
committee members). This procedure will           for review conferences, where the information
trigger CRB Clearance for each person.            gathered for the initial conference now doesn't
You can access these forms on the Ofsted          need to be repeated. The initial conference
website at                      report still has to be sent to both the Social
                                                  Worker and the Quality Assurance Team at
                                                  least 3 days prior to the conference, however
If any new staff join your setting, their CRB
                                                  the review report has now to be sent 5 days
clearances are undertaken by one of the           before. This will give conference Chairs more
three companies (TMG, Capita and Nestor).         time to assimilate paperwork, and should not

   SSSP Newsletter – Edition 12 – December 2010

   prove a problem as review conference dates are         Honour’ Based Violence, Forced
   set at the previous conference.
                                                           Marriage and Female Genital
   Guidance on CRB Checks and Building                         Mutilation Training.

   There is new guidance recently devised, which
   relates to managing safeguarding in respect of       Monday 24th January 2011
   contractors working on school sites.                 Friday 25th February 2011
                                                        Thursday 3rd March 2011
For copies of any of the above documents please
contact Kim Poulton on 466314                           Thursday 31st March 2011
Or at                           (Places are limited and will be booked on a
                                                        first come first served basis)
Independent Safeguarding Authority
                                                        This course is being offered free of charge
A reminder that the new requirements for                to enable practitioners to access this
registration that were due to be introduced from the    excellent training!
1st November remain „on hold‟. However the ISA
barred lists and those requirements introduced last     9:00 – 430pm
year remain in place:
                                                        Oaktree Annexe, Oaktree School, Priory
     Criminal offence to take on a barred person
                                                        Road, Park South, SN2 2HA.
     Criminal offence for a barred person to seek
        paid or voluntary employment in regulated
        activity                                        Course Outline.
     Statutory duty to refer to ISA following          A 1 day training programme to give
        dismissal, and to provide information about a   participants an overview on domestic
        member of staff or volunteer when requested     violence issues.
        by the ISA.
Please advise individuals applying for lettings to      The course explores trends of domestic
ignore the ISA section of the forms for the time        violence behaviour, how to support clients,
being.                                                  signs and symptoms to look out for, links
                                                        with cultural issues, Honour Based Violence,
Female Genital Mutilation                               Forced Marriage, DASH risk assessment
An important policy briefing on female genital          and safety planning. The referral
mutilation (FGM). Whilst FGM is performed on
                                                        procedures for local and national support
babies, toddlers and teenagers, it is most commonly
performed on girls between the ages of 4 and 10,        services.
most often before they enter puberty.
                                                        Aims & Objectives
„Honour‟ Based Violence, Forced Marriage and            This course will enable participants to
Female Genital Mutilation Training                      increase their knowledge, confidence and
                                                        skills when working with victims of domestic
Please find below a flyer offering free training. The   violence and abuse and in particular those
course aims to „enable participants to increase their   at risk of „Honour‟ Based Violence, Forced
knowledge, confidence and skills when working with      Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation.
victims of domestic violence and abuse and in
particular those at risk of „Honour‟ Based Violence,
Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation‟.

SSSP Newsletter – Edition 12 – December 2010

Competencies                                                  Booking Form
1.1 Recognise indications of the cultural                     Name:
    side of domestic violence and refer                       Organisation:
    individuals to specialists.                               Phone no:
1.2 Relate to, and interact with individuals.                 Email:
1.3 Support individuals to access and use
    services and facilities.                                  Please indicate which date you require:
1.4 Promote people‟s equality, diversity and                  24th January
    rights.                                                   25th February
1.5 Contribute to the prevention and                          3rd March
    management of abusive and aggressive                      31st March
1.6 Contribute to the protection of                                 Have you any additional access
    individuals from abuse.                                          needs to enable you to participate
1.7 Relate to families, parents and carers.                          in this training? Please list
1.8 Facilitate learning through presentations                        requirements.
    and activity
1.9 Facilitate group learning
1.10 Develop and disseminate information
    and advice about domestic violence and                          This training is provided free,
    abuse and BME issues.                                            however, if you do not cancel your
                                                                     place at least 14 days prior to the
                                                                     training event you will be charged
-----------------------------------------------------------          £25.
                                                                      Therefore please provide a cost
                                                                     code (if you are an SBC

                                                                    Tea and Coffee etc will be provided
                                                                     during the day. However, you will
                                                                     have to provide your own lunch.

                                                              Please return this booking form to:
                                                              Lin Williams
                                                              Swindon Community Safety Partnership
                                                              5th floor, Wat Tyler West, Civic Offices,
                                                              Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH

                                                              Tel: 01793 466512


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