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This is an example of savings calculator. This document is useful for studying savings calculator.

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									                         LED Savings Calculator
                             Number/Type LED Modules
Every LED Company specifies the amount of power that each LED module or LED segment
consumes in watts.
For example, Our “Superbright” LED Modules consume 0.6 Watts each and run on a 12Vdc
power supply. So using the equation above, the modules are consuming 0.050Amps or
50mAmps. So if your sign used 100 “Superbright” LED modules you would be consuming 0.6
watts X 34 (100 feet of LED) modules or 60 watts at any given time.

                                      Cost Per kWh
Next we must look up what the national or regional cost per kilowatt/hour should be used in your
calculation. We recommend the Department of Energy's site. So let's say the amount is
$0.10kwh, which approximates the National average currently.
Now we need to figure how many hours your sign will be on. The regular times for most signs are
about 10 hours per day, 365 days a year.

                        To Calculate your LED Hydro Cost

    Our “Superbright” LED’s are 3 modules per foot. 34 LED modules make up
                               approx. 100 feet.

     0.6watts x 34 modules = 20.44Watts x 365 days = 7446 watts x 10Hours per day = 74,460
     watt hours  1000 (to convert to kWh) = 74.46 kWh x $.10 (National Average) = $7.46 per
                                         year hydro cost.

      So, to run 100 feet of LED modules (34) will cost $7.46 for
                               the year.
                         To Calculate your Neon Hydro Cost
    So in keeping with our example to match neon, we would have 100 feet of neon matching our
    34 modules. To power the 100 feet of neon we would need 2 x 7.2 amps/120volt neon

    2 Transformers x 7.2 amps x 120 Volts = 1728 watts x 365 days = 630720 x 10Hours a day =
    6307200 watt hours  1000 = 63072 kWh x $.10 (National Average) = $630.72 hydro cost per

       So, to run 100 feet of neon will cost $630.72 for the
        $630.72 for 100 feet of neon vs. $7.46 for 100 feet of
        LED’S. = $608.32 savings per year, or 95% savings

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