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					Candida Hernandez
Directora Comercial
BBVA Crecer
Av. Francia No 141
Santo Domingo
Republica Dominicana

Dear Candida

This is the summary of the 3 year service culture plan for BBVA Crecer. This is the buffet plan
that allows you to have as much as you want, as fast as you want with NO limits.

The objective for BBVA Crecer should be to increase market share, crush your competition,
increase sales, and profits through a customer service strategy. It is the only marketing strategy
your competition will not copy.

Three-Year Service Culture

This investment covers unlimited usage of Service Quality Institute's programs each year. BBVA
Crecer can select in any order of priority any three versions they want to use each year. It
includes facilitating for management programs, Train-the-Trainer fees, all product, and free
replacement materials to cover employee turnover. The savings are significant with the 3 year
service culture plan. Customization, personalization, Best Sellers Publishing books Coschando,
The Customer is Boss, Loyal for Life, e-Service and travel and shipping costs are not included.
We need your Miami or US shipping address to ship materials to save you shipping expenses.

The all-inclusive pricing is based solely on the number of employees, regardless of number of
locations. Each year in February we review the number of employees to adjust the
agreement. Service Quality Institute will work with you to maximize success. In 2006 there are
97 employees and SQI has agreed upon a fee of $97 per person which will be paid in February
2006. All Service Quality Institute technical support over the life of the agreement is included in
the price. This includes unlimited access by phone and email with John Tschohl. The three-year
agreement is enclosed for you to sign.

97 employees $97.00 2006 fee per person


Leading Empowered Teams for Service Quality is for everyone in a leadership position.
 Includes in-house facilitation implementation by SQI. This will include about 20 people. February
20-21, 2006

Attaining Excellence is for employees in a leadership position. Includes in-house facilitation by
SQI. This will include at least 20 people.

FEELINGS is for the total workforce. Facilitator material provided. The video is also available
on DVD and CD. BBVA Crecer can have many sets as they need. Every facilitator receives a
leader guide. Train-the-Trainer seminars are included. Each employee receives a participant kit.
 Training must be conducted every 90 days for new employees. With a low employee turnover
rate you need to train each month new employees. Service Quality Institute provides all
materials regardless of employee turnover. We suggest a minimum of 4 facilitators. With 4
facilitators they will only have to facilitate two groups of 12 participants

Good Idea Campaign on Quality and Customer Satisfaction is for everyone. Service
Quality Institute provides all materials and support. Software is included to measure the results.

Loyal for Life, a Service Recovery program shows employees how to take a customer from
hell to heaven in 60 seconds or less when BBVA Crecer makes a mistake. It is built on service
recovery and empowerment.

Exceptional Service for Service Retail is for the total workforce. Includes all materials for
facilitators and participants. Train-the-Trainer seminars are included.

 BAD (Buck-A-Day) Cost Reduction Campaign is for everyone. Service Quality Institute
provides all materials and support. Software to measure the results is included.

Service First Video Library: BBVA Crecer receives as many sets as needed. BBVA Crecer
ideally needs at least 42 sets. BBVA Crecer can also start selectively using this program earlier.

BAD-is-Back Cost Reduction Campaign should be used in the third year for everyone.
Service Quality Institute provides all materials and support.

BBVA Crecer is responsible for all shipping and travel expenses.

All video is also available in DVD and CD

Detailed Breakdown

I have enclosed a detailed breakdown of the Training for the next 36 months

1. Leading Empowered Teams

We will train about 20 managers, supervisors and leaders in one group of about 20 people each
This is a 2 day seminar. The seminar will be February 21-22, 2006.

 We provide the facilitator and all materials. BBVA Crecer provides the locations, lunch and coffee
etc. Hold the seminars where the leaders cannot be interrupted.

This program will help your executives, managers, supervisors and department heads to learn
how to look at BBVA Crecer to remove gaps and develop a service strategy. To help BBVA Crecer
become the most customer driven penision fund in the Dominion Republic. It will also teach
empowerment, teamwork and how to coach an empowered and high performing workforce. In
most organizations most employees do NOT feel loved or appreciated. Employees are driven by
recognition and being valued and appreciated. It is critical that every leader master this skill
which is taught in Leading Empowered Teams. Empowerment will be the backbone on of your
serviced strategy. Leaders must celebrate empowerment and learn how to confront it when not
John Tschohl's book, Coschando, is part of the program. Each participant receives a copy in

2. Feelings

We will conduct one Train the Trainer Seminar for at least 4-5 facilitators. We create ownership
by having a lot of facilitators. With 97 employees it is important to conduct the training on site to
reduce travel expenses and time. Many employees at BBVA Crecer do not have their own cars.
The skills needed for facilitators are enthusiasm, peer respect and customer service role models.
Title is NOT important. Each facilitator will be asked over 2 months to conduct 2 groups of
 10- 12 participants each.

Keep the size of the participants low for maximum discussion and experiential learning. We will
teach the facilitators to NEVER answer a question. The Train the Trainer seminar is designed to
make them feel comfortable with the training and let them practice the facilitating. Our material
is idiot proof and goof proof but no one believes this. You want a deversifed group of facilitators.
Identify janitors, security guards, managers, salespeople and role models from every work
position you have. You should be constantly developing leaders within BBVA Crecer to drive the
service strategy.

We want to create and build at least 4-5 champions or facilitators who will drive the service
strategy. When a person has to do the training they are forced to master the ideas even more
than the participants. By using role models the service strategy message becomes more
believable. The last thing you want to do is have only a few people training 97 people. All
employees regardless of position with NO exception must go through Feelings.

Each session of Feelings is 3-4 hours long. Sessions are once a week. Can be done any time of
the day or week. It should be conducted on site so no travel is needed.

SQI will use Feelings called Quality Service First Time Every Time.

SQI provide all materials listed below and BBVA Crecer provides the meeting room, monitor and
DVD or video equipment.

Facilitator Material

I recommenced BBVA Crecer have a minimum of 4 Facilitator kits with video, CD or DVD with
leader guides. Please let us know which AV format you want and the quantity of each.

Feelings Participant Kits

This includes a 128 page book with two colors on the inside and a 4 color cover with the
President on the back cover. They use this book during the sessions, during the follow up session
and as homework during the week. It is easy to read. They are asked to read 6 chapters in
preparation for Session Two and 6 chapters for Session Three. Each session is one week apart. A
facilitator can conduct 2 groups within 1-2 months. Do NOT over burden facilitators.
The follow up session 30 days after completion asks them to read 3 chapters of the book again
and fill out another sheet at the end of the book. Without reinforcement BBVA Crecer is dead.

You will need to run new groups every 60 - 90 days for new employees and those who failed to
internalize the message.. I am sure some retire, some will need to be terminated and new
employees will be hired
Each person receives a Quality Technique card for reinforcement, Certificate of Completion and a
4 page Customer Service Performance Standard. The Supervisor is responsible for evalutating
each employee on these 36 customer service skills, attitudes and values. You may want
employees to also evaluate their own performance so they each can review the evaluations at
the same time. What you inspect you get more of. We are measuring behavior. If we get
employees to use the ideas in Feelings customer complaints will be reduced and BBVA Crecer will
be the model for service in El Salvador.

Good Idea Campaign on Quality and Customer Satisfaction

This is another 30 day campaign that focuses on Quality and Customer Satisfaction. It is also
based on humor, involvement and recognition. The first week is a teaser campaign and the final
3 weeks are the actual campaign. SQI again provides the software to measure and track all the
results. Participation will be 60-80% and possibly 100%. The campaign builds morale because it
lets employees know they are valued, loved, appreciated and involved.

BBVA Crecer benefits with thousands of ideas on how it can improve service and customer
satisfaction. We want rapid implementation of the ideas. Each person again is asked to look at
where they work to come up with ideas on quality and customer satisfaction.

We need 100 NEW leaders for the campaign. We want employees with enthusiasm, peer respect
and customer care role models. We want to build leaders and role models. By constantly having
new leaders you are creating and building a service culture. With this Idea Campaign it will now
have 12-15 leaders trained to facilitate SQI programs. This is 30% of your workforce. This is how
we impact behaviors and attitudes.


Loyal for Life is a new half day seminar on service recovery and empowerment. It will teach
your total workforce how to take a customer from hell to heaven in 60 seconds or less when
something goes wrong or BBVA Crecer makes a mistake. Use 4 months after the Good Idea

SQI will conduct a Train-the-trainer seminars for another 4-5 faciliators.

It is built around 4 key skills:

Act Immediately
Take Responsibility
Be Empowered

Exceptional Service should be used 4 months after Loyal for Life. This is a one session
program conducted in 3-4 hours. The concept is to deliver exceptional service not just good
service. Ideally you want something new and fresh every 4- 6 months so the employees keep the
customer care message in front of them. If you use the same material the participant will fall

It is built around 7 key points:
-   Delivering Exceptional Service
-   Everyone's Important
-   Customer Care
-   Communicating Quality
-   Value-Added Service
-   Problem Solving
-   Service Recovery

We need another Train the Trainer Seminar for 4-5 new facilitators. Let’s build leadership and
passion and select all new facilitators. Again they need enthusiasm, peer respect and must be a
customer care role model.

We will have a Train the Trainer seminars of 1 day for 4-5 facilitators.

BBVA Crecer ideally needs at least 4-5 facilitator kits with a leader guide and video, CD or DVD.
Each leader guide is again user friendly. Designed so anyone can skillfully do the facilitating.

Participant Kits include a 36 page book that is 8 1/2 x 11. This includes a Quality Service
Technique card, customer service performance standard and certificate of completion. All
employees MUST participate.

BAD Cost Reduction Campaign

BBVA Crecer will launch the BAD cost reduction campaign. This is a 30 day campaign. NO
training time is necessary. We will spend time helping the coordinator understand how to run the
campaign and provide support throughout the campaign.

The goal is to get every employee to look for a way to say $1 a day There are about 250 days in
a year. If each person comes up with these savings the total savings will be $25,000. State Bank
in Texas had about $500 in savings per person.

 SQI provides you the software to handle the tracking and measurements. We provide all
material. You should be able to fund the entire 3 year service culture plan with BAD. Service
leaders are always looking for ways to eliminate waste and costs. They then pass the savings on
to the customer with lower prices which builds greater sales and market value of the company.

The first week is a teaser campaign and the following 3 weeks are the actual campaign It is
funny, exciting, easy to implement, simple and works. If you went to the tallest building in the
Dominion Republic and took $25,000 $1 bills and threw them into the wind on a really windy day
this is what happens every year. The same for your competition. If you can eliminate waste and
reduce costs you can lower your overhead and be a hero with your clients. Price is very
important in the marketplace.

Each person receives a coffee mug with BBVA Crecer and your logo on one side and I Had a Un
Dolar a Dia on the other side when they submit their first idea. It is tongue and cheek humor. For
each additional idea we give each person a rubber US dollar. All humor. NO incentives. No
money. No trips to Miami.

Participation rate will be 60-80 percent. Sometimes 100%.
We will need 10 new team leaders for the Campaign. Again we are looking for team leaders with
enthusiasm, peer respect and believers in service. They will in a one hour meeting to role the
campaign out to the employees. We want team leaders that are role models. There are no major
training seminars. It is a campaign with something happening every week and sometimes every
day. SQI provides all materials. It is all over in 30 days.

Year Three

Service First Video Library

 BBVA Crecer needs at least one set for each of its locations. two weeks for 6 months we suggest
you use a new video. The Service First Video Library is available on video, DVD and CD. BBVA
Crecer downloads off the Internet the leader guide, PowerPoint presentation, discussion guides,
answer sheets and Certificates of Completion.

Each video is about 15 minutes long and we suggest the training sessions be 1-2 hours in length.

The Service First Video Library has 12 sessions. Twelve independent topics. Very powerful
reinforcement tools.

Attaining Excellence for Management

This is a one day seminar for everyone in a leadership position. It focuses again on coaching and
reinforcement, teamwork and gaps that still exist that prevent BBCA Crecer from providing superior service.
About 20 leaders will go through this seminar in groups of 35 participants. By this time BBVA Crecer may be
significantly larger in size.

This will again focus on some of the same issues covered in Leading Empowered Teams they attended two
years before. There may also be another 20 leaders you want to develop to continue to build a strong
leadership team.

Bad is Back – Cost Reduction

This is another 30 day cost reduction campaign. Unfortunatly, waste creeps in every year and the only way
to dominate the market to eliminate waste and costs and then pass the savings onto the customer. Our
goal again is to get every employee to look for a way to save $1 a day. There are 250 working days in a
year so again we are looking for a way for BBVA Crecer to save $25,000.

This campaign is fun and built on recognition. The first week again is a teaser week with the campaign
lasting another 3 weeks. We will need another 400 leaders for the Bad is Back Campaign.

New Products

Service Quality Institute is continually designing new programs. BBVA Crecer has access to all new programs
while using the 3 year service culture plan.

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John Tschohl                          Candida Hernandes
President                   Directora Commericial
Service Quality Institute   BBVA Crecer

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