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             Brandon Jiujitsu Academy Business Plan

Marcus Johnson
Brandon Jiujitsu Academy, Inc.
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                             Table of Contents
Executive Summary                                04

I.     General Company Description               05
       1.0  Overview                             05
       1.1  Legal Description                    05
       1.2  Company/Concept History              05
       1.3  Current Status                       06
       1.4  Vision Statement                     06
       1.5  Mission Statement                    06

II.    Products and Services                     06
       2.0   Product Description                 06
       2.1   Service Description                 06

III.   Marketing Plan                            07
       3.0   Industry Overview                   07
       3.1   Market Size                         08
       3.2   Target Market                       08
       3.3   Marketing Objectives                08
       3.3.1 Products                            08
       3.3.2 Pricing Strategy                    09
       3.3.3 Promotion Strategy                  09
       3.3.4 Placement (distribution)            10
       3.4   Sales Forecast                      10
       3.5   Forward Strategy & Future Outlook   10

IV.    Operational Plan                          11
       4.0   Production                          11
       4.1   Location                            11
       4.2   Inventories                         11
       4.3   Suppliers                           11
       4.4   Exit Strategy                       11

V.     Management and Organization               12
       5.0  Company Structure & Organization     12
       5.1  Core Management & Personnel          12
       5.2  Roles & Responsibilities             12
       5.3  Salary Structure                     12
       5.4  Key Success Factors                  12

VI.    Personal Financial Statements             13
       6.0   Personal Financial Statements       13
       6.1   Financial Details                   15

VII.    Startup Expenses and Capitalization        17
        7.0    Capitalization & Startup Expenses   17
VIII.   Financial Plan                             20
        8.0    Primary Assumptions                 20
        8.1    Summary of Financial Results        20
        8.2    12 Month Profit/Loss                21
        8.2.1 3 Year Projected Profit              22
        8.2.2 Opening Day Balance Sheet            23
        8.2.3 Break-Even Analysis                  24

IX.     Appendices                                 26
        9.0  Appendix One                          26

                                Executive Summary
         Brandon Jiujitsu Academy, Inc. (Brandon Jiujitsu Academy) is a martial arts
business concept belonging to Marcus Johnson who is the founder and owner of the
business enterprise. Brandon Jiujitsu Academy intends to establish a BJJ martial arts
school in the Tampa, Florida area which is an area currently underserved in this market.
Brandon Jiujitsu Academy martial arts services will be located in a satellite community
of the Tampa area identified as Brandon. This business model ensures that Brandon
Jiujitsu Academy not only offers physical fitness oriented martial arts services but is also
seen as a valuable and contributing member of the local business community. Brandon
Jiujitsu Academy intends to develop relationships with other fitness producers in the
area. This arrangement guarantees that Brandon Jiujitsu Academy can attract a diverse
student base as well as share in the profits of other fitness services and products
without bearing the expense of offering, stocking and producing these types of products
itself. The martial arts and fitness industry is valued at more than $17 or $18 billion and
is expected to continue to grow at an estimated 4.5% annually into the foreseeable
future. These growth trends in the industry assure Brandon Jiujitsu Academy of
continuing market relevance. The Tampa market itself has been growing population
wise over the past decade and its population is currently in excess of 300,000.
Additionally, the Tampa Bay area has many outlying towns and suburbs that expand
this population to over 1m individuals. The average annual income is over $40k which
implies that the market for premium martial arts services is supported by a fairly affluent
middle class that would support the youth and adult patronage of Brandon Jiujitsu
Academy martial arts and fitness services. Brandon Jiujitsu Academy first year sales
objectives are $112,441 and this should easily be met with its diversity of services that
include Brazilian Jiujutsu instruction, mixed martial arts (MMA) instructional activities
and fitness instruction. The company will be overseen by a Board of Dir
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