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									Community Mission Story Form

We would love you to share your story…
Please take a few minutes to complete the following form to encourage and inspire others
on their journey.

Purpose – to tell the story of your community project or church initiative, clearly and
concisely, giving a broad overview of what you’ve done so far, outlining some key
successes and challenges, with a view to helping others.

Audience – others in similar situation for their encouragement and inspiration.
You need to be prepared to share it publicly on the website so it needs to be short and
sweet! We want the site to give lots of real stories with both the realities of the challenges
you have faced, but which also tell others what you have found helpful along the way.

Please complete as much as you are able with as much detail as you can! Don’t forget to
give us your details at the end…


Summary – one sentence statement giving a broad overview of your story and the people
you think it would be most helpful for?

Overview – a brief explanation of the situation that prompted the response?
   What was the situation? Why did you decide to act?
Response & Impact – main details of the project – actions taken and results
   What were the main steps taken to get the project up and running?
   What ideas or models were used or rejected?
   Who did you work with? What resources did you need or use – don’t forget time and
     talents, and material resources such as food, buildings and volunteers as well as
   What does it look like now?

Challenges - every project has challenges – apart from the standard struggle with money!
   What were the main challenges that arose and how were they dealt with?
   What’s the biggest challenge facing you now? For example maintaining the Christian
      distinctive? Coping with demand?
Assistance – what help made the most difference along the way?
   What specific actions, resources, processes, ideas or models, external organisations
      or answers to prayer moved you along at key times or inspired you to keep going
      that you would want to recommend to others?

Top tips for others in a similar situation – what are the three key things you would say
to someone else that would have been most helpful for you to have heard yourself?

Thanks for sharing your story! ☺
Form completed by (name) __________________________________                   Date ______________

Email (CAPS please) _______________________________________                   Tel ________________

Name of Project/church _________________________________ Location _________________

Are you happy for this information to be used on the website?       Yes ___     No _____

Can you send us a photo to go with the story? Yes, photo attached____ Photo to follow ___ No _____

Are you willing to share your advice/experience with others directly?   Yes   ____   No ___

If yes, please give preferred method of contact ______________________________

Please send the form to:
Maggie Harding, Livability Community Mission, 50 Scrutton Street, London EC2A
4XQ.      Photos can be emailed to mharding@livability.org.uk
If you have any questions about completing the form, or need any help with your
community project, please phone 020 7452 2018

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