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									 Smyrna Tax Services Business Plan
1447 Peachtree Street NE, Smyrna GA

I. Executive Summary                                   04
II. General Company Description                        05
        2.1 Overview                                   05
        2.2 Legal Description                          06
        2.3 Company Concept/History                    06
        2.4 Current Status                             07
        2.5 Vision & Mission Statement                 07
III. Products and Services                             08
        3.1 Product Description                        08
        3.2 Service Description                        09
IV. Marketing Plan                                     10
        4.1 Industry Overview                          10
        4.1.1 Market Size                              10
        4.1.2 Target Market                            11
        4.1.3 Marketing Objectives                     13
        4.2 Products/Services                          15
        4.2.1 Pricing Strategy                         17
        4.2.2 Promotion Strategy                       18
        4.2.3 Distribution/Placement Strategy          19
        4.3 Competitor Analysis                        19
        4.4 SWOT Analysis                              21
        4.5 Forward Strategy & Future Outlook          22
V. Operational Plan                                    23
        5.1 Production                                 23
        5.2 Location                                   23
        5.3 Inventories                                23
        5.4 Suppliers                                  23
        5.5 Exit Strategies                            24
IV. Management and Organization                        25
        6.1 Company Structure & Ownership              25
        6.2 Core Management Personnel                  25
        6.3 Roles & Responsibilities                   25
        6.4 Salary Structure                           25
        6.5 Key Success Factors                        26
VII. Personal Financial Statements                     27
        7.1 Personal Financial Statements              27
        7.2 Details of Personal Financial Statements   29
VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization              31
        8.1 Capitalization                             31
        8.2 Startup Expenses                           31
IX. Financial Plan                                     34
        9.1 Primary Assumptions                        34
        9.2 Summary of Financial Results               34
        9.3 12 Month Profit/Loss                       35
        9.4 3 Year Profit Projection                   38
        9.5 Opening Day Balance Sheet                  39

     9.6 Break Even Analysis   40
Research Bibliography          42

                                 I. Executive Summary

      This document discusses the business strategy and formulation for a new startup

enterprise competing in the tax preparation and tax planning industry as well as related

financial activities such as accounting services and bookkeeping. The company is the

concept of John Addington and Mr. Addington has approximately 5 years direct

experience in the accounting profession obtained through Arthur Anderson prior to that

company’s closure. Mr. Addington is prepared to invest $30k of his own funds into the

project and is seeking a small business administration loan for the amount of $80k in

order to ensure the startup is well-funded. The company’s name is Smyrna Tax

Services and the company will offer a range of tax, accounting, and financial planning

services. Currently the company has obtained all necessary licensure as well as

obtained a signed lease on suitable property in an office tower in Smyrna’s metropolitan

area. This business plan provides all the requisite business details as well as Smyrna

Tax Services’ forward marketing and promotion strategy.

                           II. General Company Description

2.1 Overview

       Smyrna Tax Services (ATS) is a complete financial and tax preparation services

firm. The company’s professionals are highly skilled in their respective areas and are

able to communicate and transfer important financial information easily for maximum tax

planning, risk management, and financial planning needs in a customized manner

based on the needs of each individual client. The company’s tax professionals are

devoted to the complete financial well being of its clients. ATS’ approach gives the firm

a unique advantage in planning for the overall financial health of the company’s clients.

ATS’ success in the market is going to be primarily due to its dedicated staff's

commitment, ability and enthusiasm in providing a consistently efficient and responsive

service to an increasingly expanding list of clients. The company will offer tax and

financial related services such as tax preparation both during the primary reporting

period for individuals as well as throughout the year for companies on a quarterly basis,

accounting services, bookkeeping, tax planning and education, and preparation of

financial statements. ATS’ management will all belong to the following professional


    National Society of Public Accountants

    National Association of Enrolled Agents

    Financial Planning Association

    Registry of Certified Financial Planners

    International Association of Registered Financial Planners

This business plan documents the planning and operations for ATS both through startu
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