; Tanning Salon Business Plan
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Tanning Salon Business Plan

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This is a simple Tanning Salon business plan. It is written for a specific market but can and should be changed to reflect your own market. However, all of the financials as well as much of the language can be kept in order to streamline the business plan writing and research process.

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									    Stay-Tanned Business Plan
  888 Nautilus Road, Memphis, TN





I. Executive Summary                                   03
II. General Company Description                        05
        2.1 Overview                                   05
        2.2 Legal Description                          05
        2.3 Company Concept/History                    06
        2.4 Current Status                             06
        2.5 Vision & Mission Statement                 07
III. Products and Services                             08
        3.1 Product Description                        08
        3.2 Service Description                        08
IV. Marketing Plan                                     09
        4.1 Industry Overview                          09
        4.1.1 Marketing Size                           10
        4.1.2 Target Market                            11
        4.1.3 Marketing Objectives                     13
        4.2 Products/Services                          15
        4.2.1 Pricing Strategy                         16
        4.2.2 Promotion Strategy                       16
        4.2.3 Distribution/Placement Strategy          17
        4.3 Competitor Analysis                        17
        4.4 SWOT Analysis                              18
        4.5 Forward Strategy & Future Outlook          19
V. Operational Plan                                    21
        5.1 Production                                 21
        5.2 Location                                   21
        5.3 Inventories                                21
        5.4 Suppliers                                  21
        5.5 Exit Strategies                            22
IV. Management and Organization                        23
        6.1 Company Structure & Ownership              23
        6.2 Core Management Personnel                  23
        6.3 Roles & Responsibilities                   23
        6.4 Salary Structure                           23
        6.5 Key Success Factors                        24
VII. Personal Financial Statements                     25
        7.1 Personal Financial Statements              25
        7.2 Details of Personal Financial Statements   26
VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization              28
        8.1 Capitalization                             28
        8.2 Startup Expenses                           28
IX. Financial Plan                                     29
        9.1 Primary Assumptions                        29

     9.2 Summary of Financial Results   29
     9.3 12 Month Profit/Loss           29
     9.4 3 Year Profit Projection       31
     9.5 Opening Day Balance Sheet      33
     9.6 Break Even Analysis            35
Research Bibliography                   37

                                 I. Executive Summary

      This document outlines the concept, operations, and financial characteristics of a

tanning salon enterprise. The concept was originated by Ms. Jill Johnson during her

approximately 10 years spent managing a tanning salon business. Ms. Johnson intends

to call her business Stay-Tanned and is prepared to invest $15k of her own funds

towards business start-up expenses and costs. The current market for the tanning salon

business and related industries such as sun-care products is valued in the United

States at more than $1b and is expected to continue to grow over the next 3-5 years at

least. Ms. Johnson is targeting the Memphis, Tennessee area because she feels that it

is underserved in the industry and lacks any significant tanning salon brands. Ms.

Johnson expects to produce revenues in excess of $1.3m the first year of operations as

well as to produce a net income of approximately $624k. The following years of

operation Ms. Johnson also expects to build on this early success and has eventual

plans to expand into other areas of the city. Ms. Johnson is seeking a small business

loan in the amount of $50k to be repaid over a period of 5 years.

                             II. General Company Description

2.1 Overview

       Stay-Tanned intends to lease a 1200 square feet retail space, which has

adequate office space to conduct its operations including business office space as well

as tanning beds and changing facilities. Stay-Tanned has a world class management

team with direct knowledge of the industry gained from years of industry experience,

extensive research, and unique administrative skills gained from academic training. Ms.

Jill Johnson worked in the tanning industry as a manager for a local franchise for ten

years during which time Ms. Johnson improved overall revenues of her location by 50%

and saw profit margins increase from 8% to 22% within a span of 3 years. Stay-Tanned

is a culmination of Ms. Johnson’s desire to experience some of the great returns in both

income and satisfaction from owning one’s own enterprise. Since recent industry

analysis demonstrates that the sector is expected to reach in excess of $500m in sales
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