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									              Crates’ Self Storage
843 Martin Luther King Drive, Memphis TN 37501


                                   Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary
II. General Company Description
2.1 Overview
        2.2 Legal Description
        2.3 Company Concept/History
        2.4 Current Status
        2.5 Vision & Mission Statement
III. Products and Services
        3.1 Product Description
        3.2 Service Description
IV. Marketing Plan
        4.1 Industry Overview
        4.1.1 Marketing Size
        4.1.2 Target Market
        4.1.3 Marketing Objectives
        4.2 Products/Services
        4.2.1 Pricing Strategy
        4.2.2 Promotion Strategy
        4.2.3 Distribution/Placement Strategy
        4.3 Competitor Analysis
        4.4 SWOT Analysis
        4.5 TOWS Strategy Development
        4.6 Forward Strategy & Future Outlook
V. Operational Plan
        5.1 Production
        5.2 Location
        5.3 Inventories
        5.4 Suppliers
        5.5 Exit Strategies
IV. Management and Organization
        6.1 Company Structure & Ownership
        6.2 Core Management Personnel
        6.3 Roles & Responsibilities
        6.4 Salary Structure
        6.5 Key Success Factors
VII. Personal Financial Statements
        7.1 Personal Financial Statements
        7.2 Details of Personal Financial Statements
VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization
        8.1 Capitalization
        8.2 Startup Expenses
IX. Financial Plan

     9.1 Primary Assumptions
     9.2 Summary of Financial Results
     9.3 12 Month Profit/Loss
     9.4 3 Year Profit Projection
     9.5 Opening Day Balance Sheet
     9.6 Break Even Analysis
Appendix 1: Box Types
Research Bibliography

                                  I. Executive Summary

       Crates’ Self Storage is a new business venture that is being championed by Mr.

George Byron. Mr. Byron has previously worked in the moving and transportation

industry as a driver for Allied Van Lines. As a driver for Allied Van Lines Mr. Byron

moved furniture and belongings around the country and into Canada. During his

employment in this industry Mr. Byron witnessed first-hand the positive nature of the self

storage industry and how vital it was for many people. Having retired from Allied Van

Lines Mr. Byron is intent on establishing his own self storage facility of which Crates’

Self Storage is the manifestation of this desire. Mr. Byron is prepared to invest $100k of

his own funds in to this business venture and is asking for a small business loan of

$150k in order to ensure the business has the optimum chance for success. Mr. Byron

has located a site for Crates’ which is at 843 Martin Luther King Drive in Memphis,

Tennessee. Crates’ is to be located on a site that was an established self storage facility

but he intends to upgrade the entire facility with the latest in security and storage


                             II. General Company Description

2.1 Overview

       This self storage business concept is the ambition of Mr. George Gordon Byron

who extensive experience in the furniture and transportation industry. The Crates’ Self

Storage (Crates’) facility is conveniently located at the intersection of 843 Martin Luther

King Drive in Memphis, Tennessee. Crates’ boasts the only self storage facility located

in the immediate vicinity.     Even though Crates’ is located in one of the safest

neighborhoods in the greater Memphis area, the company wants to insure that its

customers’ belongings are as safe and secure as possible. Crates’ is proud to provide a

state of the art facility with monitored security cameras, halogen security lighting, 8-foot

high perimeter security fencing with barbwire topping and a monitored electronic access

gate via individual key codes supplied at the time of storage rental. Some of Crates’

security features and site amenities are:

           Triple Lock-tight Security

           On Site Resident Manager

           Electronic Door Security

           Security Lighting on the Grounds

           Infra-red Perimeter Security

           Individual Storage Room Fire Sprinklers

           Computerized Gate Access

           Individually Alarmed Units

           24 hr Surveillance Cameras

           Fully Fenced Facility

               All Steel Buildings

               Clean & Dry Storage Rooms

               Climate Control Available

Crates’ also features full roof gutters to underground drainage, 2 feet thick concrete

floors with a 6 ml plastic barrier, a seamless roofing system, insulated ceilings and high

quality construction.

2.2 Legal Description

          The legal description for a self storage facility can be found in the official NAICS

classification system utilized by the federal government. The NA
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