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					         PizzaGalore Sports Bar

 1800 Mosquito Rd, Dallas, Texas 75201

                                   Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary
II. General Company Description
        2.1 Overview
        2.2 Legal Description
        2.3 Company Concept/History
        2.4 Current Status
        2.5 Vision & Mission Statement
III. Products and Services
        3.1 Product Description
        3.2 Service Description
IV. Marketing Plan
        4.1 Industry Overview
        4.1.1 Market Size
        4.1.2 Target Market
        4.1.3 Marketing Objectives
        4.2 Products/Services
        4.2.1 Pricing Strategy
        4.2.2 Promotion Strategy
        4.2.3 Distribution/Placement Strategy
        4.3 Competitor Analysis
        4.4 SWOT Analysis
        4.5 TOWS Strategy Development
V. Operational Plan
        5.1 Production
        5.2 Location
        5.3 Inventories
        5.4 Suppliers
        5.5 Exit Strategies
IV. Management and Organization
        6.1 Company Structure & Ownership
        6.2 Core Management Personnel
        6.3 Roles & Responsibilities
        6.4 Salary Structure
        6.5 Key Success Factors
VII. Personal Financial Statements
        7.1 Personal Financial Statements
        7.2 Details of Personal Financial Statements
VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization
        8.1 Capitalization
        8.2 Startup Expenses

IX. Financial Plan
       9.1 Primary Assumptions
       9.2 Summary of Financial Results
       9.3 12 Month Profit/Loss
       9.4 3 Year Profit Projection
       9.5 Opening Day Balance Sheet
       9.6 Break Even Analysis
Appendix 1: Supply Lists
Appendix 2: State & Local Requirements
Appendix 3: Aloha POS
Research Bibliography

                                 I. Executive Summary

      This business plan discusses a new startup concept for a pizza parlor. The pizza

parlor concept is the quick casual format and the pizza parlor concept is based on a

quick serve format of pizza in a sports bar environment. However, the owner of the

business and its principle investor, Mr. Jim Thorpe, envisions a concept that will take

pizza from its typical fast food market and move it into a more mainstream demographic

for the sports fan as well as for the family in a restaurant type of application. The name

of the company is PizzaGalore Sports Bar which indicates that the concept and format

is still based on a tradition of food products and service that is considered among the

most popular in the world but that is being brought to a level of accessibility for all

consumers. The restaurant is being founded in the State of Texas in the Dallas area

and with a population of approximately 1.2 million residents the local market can easily

support another new but novel pizza parlor concept. Mr. Thorpe is the company’s sole

investor and owner and is completely funding the project himself.

                                  II. General Company Description

2.1 Overview

          The PizzaGalore pizza parlor combines the tradition of freshly baked pizza with

the neighborhood sports bar concept. It will only use the highest quality ingredients and

the pizza is to be baked fresh every day. Additionally, only fresh dough is used and no

preservatives are added. PizzaGalore will bake more fresh pizza each day than any

other pizza parlor operation in the local market, which helps fulfill its mission of putting

pizza’s into the mainstream restaurant tradition for the family and the sports fan.

PizzaGalore will serve more than 18 kinds of pizzas. It does this because it targets a

young to middle aged, sports fan and the sports fans’ families.         The company will

regularly review its product offerings to ensure it is satisfying changing customer

preferences.        The company plans to introduce an artisan pizza that is all-natural,

handcrafted pizza baked on a stone. The company will also introduce a line of pizza

sandwiches. PizzaGalore is educating customers about a commonly available product

and its myriad combinations in both taste and as an accessory item to the typical sports

bar fare. PizzaGalore will also introduce off-premise sales to improve convenience to

customers, new and seasonal food items, and introducing a debit Gift Card program

similar to that offered by some popular restaurants and cafes.1 The company’s menu,

operating system, and design will allow PizzaGalore to generate revenue in more than

one pizza parlor day-parts, or rather: breakfast, lunch, and daytime. In addition, the

    “Marketing Matters.” Nation’s Pizza parlor News, Sep(2007): 37.

company will sell pizza to be taken home as well. PizzaGalore has targeted the

suburban home owner as well with as their families and its locations that will be

primarily located in a suburban, strip mall and regional mall setting.2 Furthermore, much

of PizzaGalore’s marketing strategy is to be built around its overall presentation: it will

serve its food on sports themed serving trays such as baseball home plates for the

pizza, has well-spaced tables and the décor reflects a sports atmosphere. The

environment is very important since about half of its customers will likely eat on-site

rather than take-out.

2.2 Legal Description

          The legal description for PizzaGal
Description: This is a simple Pizza Parlor business plan. It is written for a specific market but can and should be changed to reflect your own market. However, all of the financials as well as much of the language can be kept in order to streamline the business plan writing and research process.
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