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									Financial Services Company

        Business Plan

                             1. Executive Overview

[1.0] Executive Summary

     E-Transactions         is    an    online     securities       trading          company

modeled after companies such as Scottrade.                    E-Transactions will

be located in an overseas internationally relevant location that

meets all criteria for startup: 1) foreign enterprise friendly,

2)   large    host    country          potential     market,        and        3)   limited

governmental interference in the financial services and products

industry. Currently Mainland China and one of its Free Trade

Zone Municipalities is the target startup zone. E-Transactions

is intended to be an online force in the online securities and

financial products and services industry. Its product line is

internationally        oriented          providing         access         to        numerous

international       stock    exchanges,          investment     services,             online

research     products,      and    online       customer    service           centers.    e-

Transactions’ customers will be able to, from a remote location

anywhere in the world, trade in the United States, Hong Kong,

Singapore,    Canadian,      and       United    Kingdom     stock        markets.        E-

Transactions    intend      to    offer     market    access        to    the       B-Shares

listed   on   the    Shanghai      and     Shenzhen     Markets          in     China.   In

addition to these markets e-Transactions intends to offer access

to various financial products such as: fixed income financial

devices, mutual funds, unit trusts, and initial public offerings

(IPO’s) as well as online banking services.

[1.1] Objectives

The initial objectives of e-Transactions are as follows:

   To obtain initial project funding in the amount of $5


   To source and locate Key Personnel

   To define, design, and finalize production planning of core

    products and services

   To source and establish preliminary contact with 25

    potential high revenue customers

   To design and implement a true online trading web-portal

    supported by market research tools and data

   To source and locate Host Country Management

   To reach 1st year revenue goals of $298,500k

   To have production planning and scheduling in place to

    offer intelligence products in its core industries: Stock

    Markets & Financial Services

[1.2] Mission

    e-Transactions is intent on becoming the benchmark in the

securities and financial services industry.    e-Transactions will

design and produce quality securities and financial services

products through implementation of pragmatic methodologies based

on standard industry practices.    e-Transactions’ price structure

will reflect the quality and practicality of its products and


[1.3] Keys to Success

   Attaining the appropriate Key Personnel; i.e. familiar with

    the core industries, familiar with the core products, and

    either familiar with the online trading market or willing

    to acquire the requisite familiarity (Mikdashi, 2001).

   Attaining quality local management in the host country.

   Acquiring a quality, highly educated indigenous work force.

   Producing a quality menu of products presented by an

    aggressive Sales & Marketing program.

   Management flexibility in adjusting to the exigencies of

    the marketplace in relation to a strict Project Management


   Attaining all 1st year sales goals.

   Maintaining strict research cycles and faithful delivery

    online trades and services.

                        2. Company Overview

[2.0] Company Summary

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