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1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Objectives

CTM’s objectives for the first three year operational period are:

   An upscale mixed format coffee shop that combines the

    attributes and atmosphere of a traditionally formatted

    coffee shop with the attributes of a quick-casual


   To educate the local community on the benefits of a relaxed

    atmosphere café environment that also serves good food

   The creation of an environment that encourages a diverse

    population in terms of education and socio-economic status

    to frequent a common establishment

   The service of gourmet coffee at reasonable prices

1.2 Mission

CTM’s mission is to provide quality coffee and other hot

beverages at reasonable prices in an environment that encourages

extended seating time through the introduction of a restaurant

type menu and options.

1.3 Keys to Success

CTM’s keys to success are varied and simple but vital none-the-


   The establishment of an innovative mixed format café

    atmosphere that creates market differentiation between

    other coffee shops and restaurants in its markets

   The foundation of a new hub of social interaction and


   A non-intimidating atmosphere where people can come learn

    about coffees, teas, and other types of cultural beverages

    and dishes

   A quality menu based on a quick-casual format

   The establishment of solid vendor partnerships

1.4 Risks

While the basic format of a coffee shop/café establishment as

well as that of a quick service restaurant are known commodities,

the mixture of the two is not well established though some

competitors are beginning to have success with this strategy.

Thus, there are several risks involved with the concept:

   Can the Canadian population demographics support the

    business case?

   Will customers actually enjoy eating a meal with a hot

    beverage in a café type atmosphere?

   Can CTM maintain a price point that will remain both

    competitive and attractive considering the cost of quality

    food products?

2.0 Company Summary

    The intended small business is a coffee/tea café with

attributes of a quick casual format foodservice establishment:

CTM—Coffee, Tea or Me. The restaurant industry is composed of

two major segments: the full-service segment and the fast food

segment.   However, over the past decade a novel concept has

quickly been developing into a new segment of its own: the

quick-casual segment.   The quick-casual is essentially a

combination of the quick order and fast service of the fast-food

segment combined with the quality food products found in the

traditional full-service segment (Varley & Gillooly). The quick-

casual segment is a segment that produces over $6b a year in

revenue and is growing in double digit percentages year on year.

The quick-casual is a fast rising new segment in the restaurant

industry and one which holds much promise for the organizations

involved in it. As a new, major entrant in the quick-casual

segment, CTM has found a niche market product in its mixed

coffee/tea products and has planned its menu to include, in

addition to fresh breads, such items as: salads, soups, gourmet

roast coffees, and other specialty type food and drink items

such as teas, chais, and other gourmet style teas. Per the

coffee industry, the specialty coffee market is and always has

been a fractured market with the exception of Starbucks (“IS”).

Starbucks is the 800 pound Gorilla in the specialty coffee and

tea industry but while Starbucks is a vast company that lends

some consistency to the specialty coffee market the rest of the

industry continues to be highly fractured. Clearly, the

specialty coffee industry is still dominated by a large number

of different entities with varying numbers of units and

operations and presents a great opportunity for a combined

format franchise (Poole). Addit
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