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Title: Business Research Company

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I. Executive Summary
II. General Company Description
III. Products and Services
IV. Marketing Plan
V. Operational
IV. Management and Organization
VII. Personal Financial Statements
VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization
IX. Financial Plan
Research Bibliography

                     1.   Executive Overview

[1.0] Executive Summary

PanData is a data intelligence business modeled after Research
Data Inc. a division of Johnson Publishing, Inc.         Johnson
Publishing, Inc. is the parent company of several market leading
publications.   Research Data Inc. amasses data on the Retail &
Foodservice Industries across the North American continent. It
has over 70k unique companies in its database.     The collected
data consists of the following data elements: Company Contact
Information, Personnel—CEO to mid-level management & buyers,
Trade Areas, Products, Franchise Information, Parent Companies,
Locations—Geo-codes & Addresses, Market Share Information,
Technology Related Information—POS Hardware/Software, Scanners,
Software    Systems,    Servers   (corporate   and    in-store),
Databases/Data   Warehouses,   Communications/Connectivity, EDI,
RFID, and Wifi.    The types of data are considerable and this
list is not all-inclusive.    Research Data Inc., as a division,
has revenue in excess of 10m annually and this amount of revenue
is PanData’s long-term goal as well.       PanData is a business
intelligence firm built around a robust database—the database
and its data as well as the operational processes comprise the
primary portion of PanData’s valuation model.

The Retail & Foodservice markets in China are expanding rapidly.
Since China’s inclusion in the WTO and its continued market
initiatives, China has become the primary Global growth market
for the Retail & Foodservice industries.    On December 11th of
2004, the Chinese government eased restrictions on wholly
foreign owned enterprises entering the Chinese market. The need
for quality, detailed data on the Retail & Foodservice
Industries in China, local and foreign, is vast.            The

opportunity exists to introduce a tested and viable business
model into this dynamic market offering a necessary commodity to
an ever-expanding list of potential customers. PanData has the
opportunity to establish the premier data & intelligence brand
in China which all competitors will benchmark off of.         By
leveraging an effective business model with a 75-year history,
PanData can be both a stable intelligence platform and an
innovator in a market decidedly lacking in quality data and
research methodology.

 [1.0a] Highlights

               Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods

                         Unit: RMB 100 million

                                                     % Over same
                      This Year      Last Year       period last
        Item                                             year
                     Jan.-          Jan.--          Jan.--
                             Sep.            Sep.            Sep.
                      Sep.           Sep.            Sep.
    Total retail
    sales of
                 38438.8 4717.7 34019.1              13.0   14.0
    consumer                            4139.0

***Indicative of the continuing growth of the retail industry
across China. By extension, data and intelligence on this
industry is vital to competitors, vendors, service providers and

                     Foodservice Industry Sales
                             $1 = 8.2 RMB

“BEIJING, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- The sales of China's restaurant
industry reached 60.6 billion yuan (7.3 billion US dollars) in
August, with an year- on-year increase of 19.6 percent,
according to figures released by Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
Restaurant sales are as high as 456.1 billion yuan in the first
eight months, up 23.4 percent year-on-year, official statistics
show here Thursday.”

(Title: August sales of China's restaurant industry reaches 60.6
billion yuan , Xinhua (China), Sep 17, 2004 Database: Business
Source Premier)

***Indicative of the growth and expansion of the foodservice
industry across China. By extension, data and intelligence on
this industry is vital 
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