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					History of Wrestling

The history of wrestling can easily be traced back to its roots in the
Mediterranean.The Ancient Greeks and Romans are credited with developing
a number of different styles of wrestling that are still in use today.The
sport is easily one of the most primitive sports that can be easily dated
back to some five thousands years ago. Ancient Greeks formed the sport
out of necessity as it was a means of training and developing soldiers
into warriors.They used it in hand to hand combat which also doubled as a
means of cardiovascular exercise.Ancient drawings and hieroglyphs mark
the walls of some of the great Greek Palaces and stadiums with pictures
of ancient wrestlers.

Wrestling history became a means of culture and a right of passage for
the early Greeks.Students used to study wrestling as a class during
school. It was a respected form of physical activity that took the utmost
strength and grace but when used with aggression is a deadly form of
combat. In the earliest of Olympic Festivals wrestling took place around
704 B.C. It was common to travel to villages throughout the country and
see carnivals and festivals featuring wrestling in some form as

As the Roman Empire rose to power and defeated the Greeks the form of
wrestling that the Greeks had created began to change.The Greeks felt
that the Romans weren’t as adept at wrestling and took the grace and
skillfulness out of the sport and the Greeks were worried about
maintaining the true history of wrestling.The new conversion of the two
empires hence formed Greco-Roman wrestling.

As time passed the sport made its way west and suddenly became popular in
the US.It made the same circulation that it made throughout Europe as it
traveled from festivals and circuses as a spectator sport.The sport in
these days allowed competitors of any size or shape to match up against
any opponent.As you can imagine there was some drastic mismatches and
severe injuries.Not to mention that gambling on the matches brought out
the worst in the athletes as a number of fixed contests were uncovered.

It wasn’t until the formation of the International Federation of
Associated Wrestling Styles or FILA that the sport began to standardize
and formulate rules and the sport was first featured in the 1904 Olympics
in St. Louis in the form of freestyle.
Wrestling began to become mainstream throughout the states in the 1900’s
and found its way onto school campuses.High school wrestling and
collegiate programs began to spring up everywhere and are standard
throughout the US today.

Professional wrestling can basically be categorized today into two main
forms international or non folk style and folk style
wrestling.International consists mainly of Greco-roman, freestyle and
grappling while folk style literally means the wrestling recognized in
the area of origin.Examples of folk style are jiu jitsui of Brazil and
sumo of Japan not to mention dozens of other less notable styles.

Wrestling has come a long way from its early roots but has kept in tact a
number of the same techniques and strategies that made it popular five
thousand years ago.The sport has seen a recent explosion in the MMA or
mixed martial arts field which features a combination of a number of
wrestling fields.The sport is growing rapidly and is sure to be a
favorite of many more generations.So goes the history of wrestling.

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