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									History of Softball

The history of softball is by far the clearest of all documented sports
related histories.Meaning that football history, soccer and golf among
other sports all have much more convoluted beginnings compared to
softball history.It is a relatively young sport that was originated in
Chicago in 1887.The story has it that after receiving the score of the
Yale and Harvard football game that a group of young men jumped up and
one young man threw a boxing glove at another who proceeded to hit it
with a pole.George Hancock who is often credited with creating the game
then drew out a diamond on the floor and took the handle of a broom to
use as a stick.They tied more boxing gloves up to be used as an oversized
ball.Suffice that it is odd to say that softball history originated
indoors and was developed by men.The original game was loosely based on a
shortened version of baseball with a smaller field and a larger
ball.Shortly after this Mr. Hancock painted permanent lines in the
gymnasium, prepared some new rules and coined the sport indoor baseball.

Softball history’s popularity grew rapidly and Hancock then formed a
publication on all of the rules of the game.Canada adopted the sport as
it was easy to play indoors.Then the game took a turn on the outdoor
fields in the summer and was called indoors/outdoors.

Different teams and leagues began to grow all over the northeast.Chicago
while credited with the development saw teams popping up in Minnesota,
New York and Massachusetts. Then the great gold rush took easterners west
to gain riches and along with them they brought there sports, which
helped develop the west coasts teams.

Women’s softball was also developed in Chicago and West Division High was
the first to have a team in 1895.They played mostly indoors and were not
initially recognized as comparable to the men.It took the women’s leagues
much longer to gain credibility and the real crossover was the growth in
popularity of baseball.As baseball became much more popular the male
players shifted to it while the women began to make softball there
own.Now a day’s both men and women of all ages can enjoy the sport.

Throughout the 1900’s leagues and tournaments began to pop up
everywhere.The National Championship was first played in Chicago in 1933
and it included both male and female competitors.The sixties and
seventies saw professional leagues come and go for women.The slow pitch
game evolved on the international level with the Softball World
Championships in 1965.It ultimately set the platform for the Olympics
which greatly improved softball history. The game began to shift as
players became much bigger and stronger and less pitching and defense
were incorporated.The officials and high ranking decision makers of the
leagues around the world began to make a shift to fast pitch softball
beginning around the 1980’s and 90’s.At first the changes were met with
much resistance but the game has since embraced the changes.
Fast pitch has altered the appearance of the game dramatically.The sport
is much more a game of speed and defense rather than offense and power
and it has also produced much more media coverage and growth in the sport
than ever.

The game of softball is appealing to so many levels of our society.Young
men and women can enjoy the game on either a social or competitive
level.The thousands of softball leagues around the country provide for a
great social backdrop.College teams flourish and the international scene
is more popular than ever.Softball history has come such a long way in
the last hundred years from poles and boxing gloves to international
notoriety, so goes the history of softball.

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