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									Get That Strike in Bowling

Many bowlers aspire to have consistent strikes in bowling but their
schedules may not allow them to practice in a bowling alley as frequently
as they would like. There are many ways bowlers can practice and improve
their performance even if they are away from the bowling lanes. Visualize
the performance of consistent strikes that every bowler dreams of making.
Here are some helpful tips on how to get the strikes even when not in the

The home can be a suitable venue to practice in place of the bowling
lanes. Find a place in the house where the floor is vinyl, hardwood, tile
or any flooring that is similar to the texture of the bowling lanes.

Make a "T" shape using a tape or any marker to mark the place as the
starting position. The player may then put his toes on the top of the "T"
that he improvised. He will then be able to figure out his ideal step and
mark the exact spot where he can make his first step.

He can then proceed practicing by visualizing the bowling action and
getting the strike. Repeat the first step several times to become
consistent with the move. It is important not to look down at the marker
he made each time he takes that step. He should be able to master the
exact location of the ideal step he has assigned in the marker. The
repetition will allow him to perfect his step.

He may also perform his moves on the imaginary lane that he made. He can
do the moves even without a ball or he can improvise with any round
object that can roll and has the same weight as a standard bowling ball.
He can imagine the lane, focus at the center of the imaginary lane, and
think that there are pins standing on it. Practice the backswing and hook
techniques by imagining throwing a ball at a specific target.

Practicing at home is a great way to master the skills and get consistent
strikes when bowling. Bowling requires focus and imagination and
practicing at home using the improvised lane is one good way to stay
focused and be imaginative.

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