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					                                            Agenda of the Meeting of the Committee for considering the
                                     cases of UMC Nov./Dec., 2007 Examination held on 31.01.08 and 01.02.08.

                                                                Subject Sem./                            Name of Centre
Sr. No.      Name & Address           Roll No.     Centre                          I.D. No.    Date                                Brief History of the case             Remarks
                                                                    Trade                                Supdt. Sh./Smt.

                                                                                                                           The student was in the possession of an
          Jitender Kumar S/o Sh.                                                                                           increminating material one page of the
                                                               App. Chemistry/                             Sh. Lalit
           Ujala Ram, Vill. Saral,                                                 030014     2/01/08                      book size 5"*7.5" & he has caught red-
   1                                  070504541   GP Jhajjar      1st Sem./                                 Verma/
            Teh. Tasham, VPO                                                        (EG)      Evening                         handed by the invigilator. But the
                                                                   Ceramic                                Ajay Kumar
          Dadam, Distt. Bhiwani                                                                                             student reported that this paper is not
                                                                                                                                        related to me.

           Ashish Khurana S/o
                                                               App. Chemistry/                           Sh. Bhoopendra Three photostate pages size 11"*8" with
          Sh. Brij Lal Khurana, #                                                             1/1/2008
  2                                   071536006   SJP Damla       1st Sem./        030014                     Singh/     both side written found from the back
            57/19, VisvaKarma                                                                 Morning
                                                                 Eltx. & Inst.                            Gaurav Bathla    pocket of the part of the student.
          Mohalla, Yamunanagar

                                                                                                                             The case was caught by Flying Squad
                                                                                                                           No.-IV. The invigilator of this center has
                                                                                                                           reported that all the students were asked
                                                                                                                            to search their pockets and surronding
          Sunil S/o Sh. Pardeep                                Strength of Mat./                            Sh. Lalit      before the start of paper. All the students
  3        Singh, VPO Bahu,           060517062   GP Jhajjar       3rd Sem./       031731                 Verma/ Ajay          wee checked with refused to any
                  Jhajjar                                         Mechanical                                 Kumar          incriminating material. This student in
                                                                                                                              ques had placed a copy beneath the
                                                                                                                           window which was opened & could not
                                                                                                                                           be noticed.
                                                                                                                             A slip size 2.5"*6.5" has been found
          Shekhar Yadav S/o sh.                                                                                            behind the seat of the student caught by
                                                                 Principles &                                Sh. Lalit
           Om Parkash Asiaki                                                                  15.12.07                       Flying Squad-IV but the student has
  4                                   050510047   GP Jhajjar   Comm./ 3rd Sem.     031033                    Verma/
          Gorawas, Distt. & Teh.                                                              Morning                                        denied.
                                                                Eltx. & Comm.                              Jagdish Rai
    Anand Ohlan S/o Sh.                                 Operating                               Sh. Lalit   The increminating material (one book
                                                                         030826   15.12.07
5    Roop Chand, VPO        040508007   GP Jhajjar   System/3rd Sem.                             Verma/    page size 9"*6.5" printed both side) was
                                                                         030831   Morning
    Garhi Sampla, Rohtak                              /Comp. Engg.                           Krishan Kumar   found under the table of the student.

     Vijay Dalal S/o Sh.
                                                       Principles &                             Sh. Lalit   The student was found throwing the slip
    Virender Singh, VPO                                                           15.12.07
6                           050510057   GP Jhajjar   Comm./ 3rd Sem.     031033              Verma/ Jagdish size 9"*4.5" out of the window caught
    Dabodha Kalan, Teh.                                                           Morning
                                                      Eltx. & Comm.                               Rai                by Flying Squad-IV.
    Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar

    Amit S/o Sh. Subhash
                                                     Material Sc./3rd                           Sh. Lalit       A silp is found in te bench of the
    Chand Verma, # 3405,                                                          15.12.07
7                           060504003   GP Jhajjar   Sem./Ceramic        030431               Verma/ Ajay      candidate by the Flying Squad. The
    SGM Nagar, Gali No.-                                                          Morning
                                                         Tech.                                   Kumar       candidate refused to give any statement.
     10, NIT, Faridabad

                                                                                                                One hand written both side slip size
    Sandeep Rathi S/o sh.
                                                     Material Sc./3rd                           Sh. Lalit      10.5"*6" was found under the table of
      Bhane Ram, VPO                                                              15.12.07
8                           050504052   GP Jhajjar   Sem./Ceramic        030431               Verma/ Ajay     the candidate caught by Flying Squad-
    Parnala, Bahadurgarh                                                          Morning
                                                         Tech.                                   Kumar         IV. The candidate refused to give any

    Manjeet Kumar S/o Sh.                            Strength of Mat./                          Sh. Lalit    The increminating material in chewed
9   Satbir, VPO Bhainswal   060517773   GP Jhajjar       3rd Sem./       031731               Verma/ Ajay   form was found in the table of student by
        Kalan, Sonipat                                  Mechanical                              Chopra                 Flying Squad-IV.
                                                                                                                Case was reported by internal Flying
                                                                                                                 Squad. A handwritten slip size 7.5"
     Sushil Kangar S/o Sh.                                                                                    under neeth of the table with the written
                                                        Principles &                           Sh. Bhoopendra
       Banarsi Das, Vill.                                                           13.12.07                    material relates to the paper and the
10                           061515706   SJP Damla    Comm./ 3rd Sem.      031534              Singh/ Rajan
     Bakipur, P.O. Bansal                                                           Morning                    hadwriting in the slip matched with the
                                                            I.C.                                   Pannur
         Distt. Karnal                                                                                           student's handwriting. The student
                                                                                                               denied that this slip does not relates to

     Ashish Mangal S/o Sh.
      Subhash Mangal, #                                Internet & Web.                            Sh. Lalit
                                                                                    12.12.07                      The candidate looked back at the
11    199/35, Naya Padav     050508011   GP Jhajjar    Designing/ 5th      030854                 Verma/
                                                                                    Morning                       candidate with Roll No. 050508012
       Aggersein Colony,                              Sem. Comp. Engg.                            Prashant

     Arun Kumar S/o Sh.
     Mahender Singh VPO                                Power System                              Sh. Rajesh   During internal Flying Squad member
                                         GP Loharu                                  19.12.07
12        Chulkana           042809006                 Protection/ 6th     030963                Chauhan/    found the written piece of paper size 3"
                                          Bhiwani                                   Evening
       Teh. Samalkan                                  Sem. Elct. Engg.                         Sanjeev Kumar    * 3.5" while he was attempting it.
        Distt. Panipat

      Ravi Kumar S/o Sh.                                                                                         Printed piece of paper of size 5" *3.5"
                                                      Microprocessor -II                         Sh. Rajesh
     Hari Kumar Bhardwaj,                                                           19.12.07                      found by invigilator during search of
13                           032808034   GP Loharu    6th Sem./ Comp.      030863                Chauhan/
      VPO Bapora, Distt.                                                            Evening                       candidate under his belt. The studet
                                                            Engg.                              Sanjeev Kumar
           Bhiwani                                                                                                   refused to give the statement.
                                                                                                                       The case was detected by
        Hitesh S/o Sh.                                                                                          Supdt.(Exam.). The total five slip hand
                                                               Clinical                           Sh. R.S.
     Mahipal Singh,     #                    SDIMLT                                 13.12.07                    written photostat both side of size 5" *
14                             063219008                   Microbiology/   031931                 Dahiya/
      1014, VPO Karala,                       Jhajjar                               Morning                    4" recovered under the answer sheet and
                                                          3rd Sem./DMLT                           Pramilla
             Delhi                                                                                                shocks during search. The student
                                                                                                                     refused to give the statement.

      Yogender Kumar S/o
     Sh. Braham Parkash, #                                Pharmacognosy/                                       The slip of size 5" * 4" was found under
                                             SDIMLT                                 19.12.07   Sh. R.S. Dahiya
15    376, Vill. Pochanpur     063221060                     1st Sem./      2113                               the answer book of the candidate & was
                                              Jhajjar                               Morning        Promila
     Near Dawarka, Sector-                                  D-Pharmacy                                                          copying.
         23, New Delhi

      Pardeep Kumar S/o                                     Principles &
                                                                                                Sh. Ramesh      3 book pages photostate size 1" * 3.5",
     Sh. Krishan Lal, VPO                                   Comm./ 3rd              15.12.07
16                             064410059   BITS Bhiwani                    031033                 Bansal/         3" * 3", 4" * 3" recovered from the
     Shamlo Kalan, Distt.                                  Sem./ Eltx. &            Morning
                                                                                                 Jai Singh              pocket of the candidate.
              Jind                                            Comm.

                                                                                                               One paper of book size 9" * 7" found in
     Parvesh Hooda S/o Sh.
                                                           Operating                            Sh. Ramesh         the room G.R.-3 from the student
       Suresh Kumar, Vill.                                                          15.12.07
17                             064408044   BITS Bhiwani System/3rd Sem.    030831                 Bansal/       detected by Sh. Jai Singh. Thje student
     Jindran, P.O. Khidwali,                                                        Morning
                                                         /Comp. Engg.                            Jai Singh        left the institute immediately after
          Distt. Rohtak
                                                                                                               founding the paper without permission.
                                                                                                                9 pages of photocopy of book size 5.5" *
     Sandeep S/oSh. Satbir                                                                                        4.4" were recovered from the answer
                                          Shri Sai Instt.   App. Chemistry/                          Sh. Kartar
     Yadav, Nand Rampur                                                                18.12.07                      book of the candidate during the
18                            064717047    of Engg. &         2nd Sem./       030024              Singh/ Rivesh
     Bas Road, Dharuhera,                                                              Evening                    physical search of the candidate. The
                                          Tech., Jhajjar     Mech. Engg.                              Kumar
            Rewari                                                                                                slips were signed by the candidate as
                                                                                                                       well as special Flying Squad.

      Joginder Pal S/o Sh.                                                                                         The handwritten slip of size 6.5" * 1.5"
                                                               Workshop                             Sh. M.S.
       Prem Chand, Vill.                                                               17.12.07                   written on both sides was recovered from
19                            030917025   GP Nilokheri      Tech./3rd Sem./   031733               Mehla/ S.K.
      Meoli, Teh. Dhand,                                                               Morning                     the candidate. He was holding this slip
                                                             Mech. Engg.                             Gejwal
      P.O. Pharal, Kaithal                                                                                              in hand & copying the same.

       Nisha D/o Sh. Sher                                                                                       2 pages of register size 11" * 6" written
                                                                                                    Sh. M.S.
     Singh, VPO Loharwala,                                  Data Structure/            17.12.07                  on both side was recovered from the
20                            060914027   GP Nilokheri                        030833              Mehla/ Deepak
       Teh. Charkhi Dadri,                                  3rd Sem./ I.T.             Morning                  candidate drawing desk. She was found
         Distt. Bhiwani                                                                                                copying from the pages.

     Himmat Singh S/o sh.                                                                                          The student had written on his hand on
                                                             Comm. Skill/                            Sh. Lalit
       Attar Singh, VPO                                                                22.12.07                    his own hand writing certain Tel Nos.
21                            070507030    GP Jhajjar          1st Sem./      030011               Verma/ Prem
      Baghpur, Teh. Beri,                                                              Morning                      which was not visible clear. The case
                                                              Civil Engg.                             Singh
         Distt. Jhajjar                                                                                                  was detected by invigilator.

     Sandeep Gulia S/o sh.                                                                                         A silip of size 3" * 2.5 " was found near
                                                             App. Maths/                             Sh. Lalit
        Satyabir, VPO                                                                  20.12.07                   the foots of the candidate that may be in
22                            070517090    GP Jhajjar         1st Sem./       030012               Verma/ Prem
     Bamnola, Distt. & Teh.                                                            Morning                      his under garments found by Flying
                                                             Mech. Engg.                              Singh
            Jhajjar                                                                                                                  Squad.
                                                                                                                  A text book comm. Engg.-I, Ishan
                                                                                                                Publication was found in ther hand of
      Sandeep Dahiya S/o                                                                                         candidate, when outside invigilator
                                                          Comm. Engg./                         Sh. Ramesh
       Sh. Satbir Singh, #                                                         28.12.07                         during routing checking in the
23                             054410048   BITS Bhiwani      4th Sem./    031042                 Bansal/
     1426/30 Kamla Nagar,                                                          Evening                         bathroom. However, there was a
                                                          Eltx. & Comm.                         Jai Singh
             Rohtak                                                                                             provision of temprary bathroom in the
                                                                                                               corridor even then the candidate went to
                                                                                                                      main toilet of the institute.

     Tarsem Chand S/o Sh.
                                                           App. Mech./                                          A piece of App. Mech. Book paper of
      Nant Ram, Jai Maa                                                                       Sh. P.K. Soni/
                                                            2nd Sem./              29.12.07                      size 2" * 6" has been detected from
24   Colony, Laalrumandi,      060117422    GP Ambala                     030026               Birender Pal
                                                           Mech. Engg.             Evening                      question paper during checking when
     Teh. Dera Bassi, Distt.                                                                      Singh
                                                           (Part Time)                                               the came in hall from toilet.
        Mohali (Punjab)

     Sandip Kumar S/o Sh.                                                                                       The increminating material (5 pages
       Bhal Singh, VPO                                    App. Physics/                         Sh. Rajesh     printed & written 2 pages 8" *5" and 3
25    Kharak Punia, Teh.       072810093    GP Loharu        1st Sem./    030013              Singh/ Satish      pages 10" * 6") was found from the
           Barwala,                                       Eltx. & Comm.                           Pahal           student under the desk and in the
         Distt. Hisar                                                                                                          pocket.

       Ritu Saini D/o Sh.
         Sanpatt Saini,                                   App. Physics/                          Sh. Rajesh   The incriminating material (3 slips
26    Dinod Road, Brijwasi     072810059    GP Loharu        1st Sem./    030013              Singh/ Poonam printed both sides , size 8" *5" & 1"
       Colony, Gali No.-4,                                Eltx. & Comm.                            Mehla    *3") was found in the pocket of student.
     Shastri Nagar, Bhiwani
                                                                                                                    The invigilator checked the student.
                                                                                                                    There was slip size 7" *5" when the
      Mange Ram S/o Sh.                                     App. Physics/                                          student went for drinking water as he
                                            GP Nathusari                              28.12.07      Sh. M.S.
27     Amar Singh, VPO          072908037                     1st Sem./      030013                                came into the room & sit immediately
                                              Chopta                                  Morning     Komal/ Abnam
       Jamal, Distt. Sirsa                                  Comp. Engg.                                              Flying kept him with the slip. He
                                                                                                                     brought the slip when he went for
                                                                                                                              drinking water.

     Vishal S/o sh. Vinod
                                                             Theory of
       Kumar, Subhash                                                                               Sh. Lalit  2 pages size 9" *5.5" of book found from
                                                             Mechine/                 29.12.07
28   Chowk, Ward No.-14         040517063    GP Jhajjar                      031751               Verma/ Pooja    the pocket of the student caught by
                                                             5th Sem./                Morning
     Charkhi Dadri, Distt.                                                                           Sindhu                Flying Squad-IV.
                                                            Mech. Engg.

      Shiv Kumar S/o Sh.                                    Internet & Web
      Kishan Chand, Vill.                                     Designing/              12.12.07    Sh. Ajit Singh   Both side handwritten size 9" * 3" slip
29                              051408048   GP Uttawar                       030854
         Panhera Kala,                                     5th Sem./ Comp.            Morning     Dharmender       was found from the candidate's hand.
     Ballabgarh, Faridabad                                       Engg.

      Anoop Singh S/o Sh.
     Sube Singh, Vill. Gehli,                               App. Maths/                                            4 pages size (2 pages10" *6", 4.5" *6",
                                                                                      20.12.07    Sh. Mahender
30    P.O. Hamidpur, Teh.       070810011   GP Narnaul        1st Sem./      030012                                5" *3") caught by Flying Squad-VII in
                                                                                      Morning     Singh Panwar
         Narnaul, Distt.                                   Eltx. & Comm.                                                    the purse of student.

     Atam Parkash S/o Sh.                                                                                       A hadwritten slip size 2.5" * 4.5" written
      Rulia Ram, Village-                                      Comp.                                 Sh. V.S.      both side found on the candidate's
31       Dadupur, P.O.          040408006    GP Hisar       Graphics/6th     030862               Ahlawat/ Ajay answer sheet & he was attempting from
      Jallapur, Teh. Ratia,                                 /Comp. Engg.                              jindal     the slip. No. further remarks given by
           Fatehabad                                                                                                 Supdt./Dy. Supdt./Invigilator.
      Nisha Arora D/o Sh.                                                                                   The case was caught by Flying Squad-V.
                                                         App.                                  Sh. Jagdish
       Ghanshyam Dass,                                                           01.01.08                       the candidate has written some
32                           071108038   GP Sirsa    Chemistry/1st/    030014                   Chander
       Streets Bajaj Sweet                                                       Morning                    Chemical equations on the back side of
                                                      Comp. Engg.                            /Jaswant Singh
         Khairpur, Sirsa                                                                                          Roll No. slip(size 4" *7").

     OM Parkash S/o Sh.                                  App.                                  Sh. Jagdish    The candidate has written some
33     Mani Ram, Vill.       071107034   GP Sirsa    Chemistry/1st/    030014                   Chander/   chemical quotation on Roll No. slip (size
     Gangua, Distt. Hisar                             Civil Engg.                            Deepak Makkar     5" *4") caught by invigilator.

                                                                                                               Two pages (size 8.5" * 5" printed both
                                                    Health Education
     Davinder S/o      Sh.                                                                    B.D.Dhiman       side) from the book is picked up by the
                                         SDDB,       & Community                03.01.08/
34     Ramesh Chander,       053821010                                  2116                   /Poonam        pocket of the candidate by Flying Squad-
                                         Barwala     Pharmacy/1st/              Morning
     # 281/2 Shabad, KKR.                                                                       Kaushik           II. The candidate refused to write
                                                                                                                 anything regarding pages, he held.

      Mohinder Singh
      S/o Sh. Mahabir                                                                                   The student was damaged the
                                                    Instrumentati                            Dr. Ramesh
       Singh, # 458,                                                                                    answer sheet & Ques.Paper &
                                          BITS           on &                   03.01.08/      Bansal/
35     Wadhwa Ram     064410038                                   031036                                 run away from centre using
                                         Bhiwani    Measurement/                Morning          Nidhi
       Colony, Near                                                                                     abusicee language to internal
                                                     3rd/ Eltx. &                             Chauhan
     Shivam Complex,                                                                                       and outside invigilator.
                                                    Comm. Engg.

                                                                                                              Invigilator caught the student. He has
      Jai Bhagwan S/o Sh.                            Art Approx. in
                                                                                                              wriy=tten some material on the reverse
      Diwan Singh, VPO-                              Indian Textile             28.12.07/    Dr.V.S. Ahlawat
36                           070425081   GP Hisar                      032514                                side of his Roll no. slip (11.5" * 8") fully
     Jamawari, Teh. Hansi,                            Design/1st /              Morning      /Vikram Aditya
                                                                                                               written by pencil that is related to his
             Hisar                                   Textile Design
                                                                                                                 The case was detected by Flying Squad-
      Sandeep Rathee S/o
                                                                                                   Sh. S. N.     IV. A book paper size 8.5" * 5" printed
      Jagdish Singh, VPO                               App. Physics/1st/            28.12.07 /
37                            071710044   CRP Rohtak                       030013                 Manocha/       both sides was found in the possession
        Bhaproda, Distt.                                Eltx. & Comm.               Morning
                                                                                                 Satish Kumar      of the candidate & he was attempt
                                                                                                                   answer by copying from the same.

       Sandeep S/o sh.                                                                                            Two printed both pages (size 9" * 7")
     Raghuvir Singh, VPO                                                            14.12.07       Sh. Karan     recovered from the candidate's shoes by
38                            064009044   JP Butana      Physics/2nd/      030023
      Baghru Kalan, Teh.                                                            Evening      Singh/ Jasbir   invigilator. Candidate refused to record
                                                         Elect. Engg.
      Safidon, Distt. Jind                                                                                                    any statement.

      Meenu Devi D/o Sh.                                                                                    The case was detected by Flying Squad.
                                                        Eco. & Social                             Sh. Sunil
      Rajbir Singh, # 894-                                                          27.12.07/               A photocopy printed both sides (Size 11.5
39                            070333055   GPW, Frd.    Env./1st/ DBM       073313                Gupta/ Hem
     A/7, Jain Bagh Colony,                                                         Morning                      " *8 ") paper near the seat of
                                                          (Retail)                                  Lata
             Sonepat                                                                                               caandidaate was found.

      Anil kumar S/o Sh.                                                                                            The increminating material (hand
                                          GP Sonepat   Human Anatomy                               Sh. R.S.
      Huck Chand VPO                                                                31.12.07 /                     written slip size of 2.5"*2.5") which
40                            062421010     (HCP       & Physology/ 1st     2115                  Chauhan/
       Chhichrana Teh.                                                              Morning                        chewed belying near the seat of the
                                           Sonepat)     / Phaarmacy                               M.S.Malik
       Gohana Sonepat                                                                                                            candidate.
                                                                                                               In place of Sh. Partdeep Singh
                                                                                                                  some other candidate was
                                                                                                               seating who was outsider.The
      (Impersonation)                                                                                          outsider photo on Roll No. slip
       Pardeep singh                                                                                             as well as on duplicate slip
         S/o Sh. Raj                        GP           Applied                  12.12.07 /     Sh. Ajit       was same.The outsider was
41                           031417033                                   030022
      Krishan, Village                    Uttawar       Maths/ 2nd                 Evening       Singh             unknown, his case was
        Dehra Distt.                                                                                           detected with previous official
          Panipat.                                                                                                      record of the
                                                                                                                examinaation.Candidate left
                                                                                                                 the examination center. FIR
                                                                                                               has received from the institute.

      Vinod kumar S/o Sh.                                                                                         During search the increminating
      Bhoop . Singh VPO                   GP Mandi      Visual Basic /             14.12.07/                   material 9hand written slip size 4" * 6")
42                           030608042                                   030852                H.L.Godara/
     Chulikalan Teh. Mandi                Adampur        Vth/Comp.                 Morning                     was recovered from the left pocket of the
                                                                                               Navin Arora
           Adampur                                                                                                            candidate.

                                                                                                               The case was detected by Flying Squad-
     Jitender S/o Sh. Ram                              Fundamental of
                                                                                                 Sh. Sunil     8. The increminated matrial written on
     Niwas, VPO-Singhwa                     SNIET,      Elect. Engg.               19.12.07/
43                           064609017                                   030932                  Kumar/         the reverse side of Roll No.-slip (size
      Ragho, Teh. Hansi,                 Ladwa (Hisar) /IIIrd/ Elect.              Morning
                                                                                               Ravinder Soni   8"*6") recovered from the student. The
             Hisar                                         Engg.
                                                                                                                  same was accept by the candidate.
                                                                                                                        The handwritten slip size 4"*2" was
      Paran Singh S/o Sh.
                                                            Machines                                                     found from candidate's hand by the
       Jagdish Parshad,                                                                  13.12.07/   Sh. Ajit Singh/
44                              031417035   GP Uttawar   Drg./Iind/ Mech.      031734                                   supervisior. The candidate refused to
     Ferozpur Jhirka, Ward                                                               Morning       Dharamvir
                                                              Engg.                                                       give atatements well as sign by the
      No.-13, Distt. Nuh.

      Anish S/o sh. Balbir                                                                                             A 3.5"*5" both side handwritten slip
                                                                Basic                                    Sh. V.S.
      Singh, Pig Breeding                                                                15.12.07/                       (photocopy) was caught from the
45                              050426004    GP Hisar    Chemistry/IIIrd/      032631                Ahlawat/ Balbir
       Form, Sirsa Road,                                                                 Morning                     student. The same was the accept by the
                                                         Textile Processing                               Singh
             Hisar                                                                                                                   student.

      Rajbir Singh S/o Sh.
                                                                                                                    The case caught by Flying Squad-VI. A
      Krishan, C/o Raghu
                                                         Pharmacology/1st                19.12.07/      Sh. Karan   handwritten slip printed both side size
46     Medical Hall, VPO        062121038   JCP Butana                          2113
                                                           / Pharmacy                    Morning     Singh/R. Malik   6" *4" found under the feet of the
     Shadipur, Julana, Distt.

     Arvind Kumar S/o Sh.
                                                                                                                        The case was caught by Flying Squad-
     Ved Parkash, Ashirwad                                                                            Sh. Vinod
                                                         Pharmacology/1st                19.12.07/                            III. The handwritten slip
47    Medical Store, Mela       062221020   GCP Karnal                          2113                 Kumar/ Hans
                                                           / Pharmacy                    Morning                           Size 6" *4" recovered from the
     Ram School, Shop No.                                                                                Raj
          -45, Karnal.

       Ramit Kumar S/o
                                                                                                                            The incriminating material was
     Sh. Ram Lubhaya, Vill.-                                                                            Sh. D.K.
                                                         App. Physics/1st/               28.12.07/                         recovered. A handwritten slip(size
48     Bapu Nagar, P.O.         070807033   GP Narnaul                         030013                 Rawat/ V.D.
                                                           Civil Engg.                   Morning                       10.5"*6") from his answer book detected
       Ballabgarh, Distt.                                                                                Gaur
                                                                                                                                by Flying Squad No.7.

       Deepak Kumar S/o                                                                                                The case was caught bu Internal Flying
     Sh.Madan Gopal, # 20,                                App. Chemistry-                              Sh. Rajesh        Squad. Two handwritten(both side is
                                                                              030024/    18.12.07/
49     Chandroop Nagar,         052808073   GP Loharu     II/3rd/ Comp.                               Chaudhary/       printed size 6"*4") material found in his
                                                                              031032-A   Evening
      Babyal Road, Ambala                                      Engg.                                  Satish Kumar     sweater. The student at the time seat on
             Cantt.                                                                                                                    his seat.
     Ashwani S/o Sh. Om
      Parkash,    VPO                       PDM                                                  Sh. P.K.      The case was caught by Flying Squad-
                                                     App. Physics/1st/            28.12.07/
50     Hasangarh. Teh.      072017008   Bahadurgarh,                     030013               Jhakkar/ Anita    IV. The candidate has written on left
                                                       Mech. Engg.                Morning
      Sampla,    Distt.                    Jhajjar                                              Chaudhary             hand wrist as reproduce.

                                                                                                           During routine check by the internal
                                                                                                                Flying Squad this case was
                                                                                                             detected at 10.00 a.m. on 20.12.07
                                                                                                           during checking when the candidte
                                                                                                              was asked to prove the identity.
                                                                                                            Instead of showing the identity the
        Prince S/o Sh.                               App. Maths/ 1st/                           Sh. R.S.
                                                                                  20.12.07/                candidate (impersonation) run away
51       Kanwal Singh    071318080      GP Sonepat    Mech. Engg.        030012                Chauhan/
                                                                                  Morning                    from the nearest gate. as per the
      VPO Hassangarh,                                     (T&D)                               Jasbir Singh
                                                                                                           report of Principal/Supdt. exam. the
     Teh. Sampla, Rohtak
                                                                                                              FIR has been lauged against the
                                                                                                               impersonator & impersonated
                                                                                                                candidate's at police station
                                                                                                            Sonepat. FIR has been received by
                                                                                                                       the institute.

     Ravinder Kumar S/o
                                                                                                  Dr. P.K.        A handwritten both side paper size
     Sh. Baljeet Singh, #                                 App.
                                        PDM Sarai                                 02.01.08/      Jhakkar/      10"*6" caught the student by invigilator
52     1228, Ward No. 3,    072017645                 Chemistry/1st/     030014
                                        Aurangabad                                Evening         Dinesh        with red handed when we was trying to
     Shanker Garden, Gali                              Mech. Engg.
                                                                                                Sanghwan                        copy.
      No.-5, Bahadurgarh
                                                                                                             The case was caught by invigilator. A
     Akhil Lohan S/o Sh.                                                                                     handwritten both side size 6" *3" the
                                                           App.                                 Sh. Anil
       Pardeep Lohan, #                                                          01.01.08/                   candidate copying from hand written
53                            070817003   GP Narnaul   Chemistry/1st/   030014               Kumar/ Pavitar
     23217, Narnaul, Distt.                                                      Morning                    external paper related to the concerned
                                                        Mech. Engg.                               Pal
             Hisar                                                                                            subject. It was found in candidate's
                                                                                                                          answer sheet.

     Naresh Kumar S/o Sh.                                                                       Dr. V.S.   Roll no. slip was caught by Sh. Subhash
      Balraj Singh V&PO                                                          08.01.08/     Ahlawat/    Bhuria in the line of Sh. Satinder, Lect.
54                            070417049    GP Hisar    Drawing/1st /    030015
       Dhandheri, Distt.                                                         Morning     Sanjeev kumar G.P. Hisar few lines are drawn by the
                                                       Mech. Engg.
              Hisar                                                                               Gera     candidate on the back of Roll No. slip.
                                   List of UMC Nov./Dec., 2007 Exam.
Sr.                                                                             Subject Sem./
            Name & Address                       Roll No.       Centre                                     I.D. No.
No.                                                                                Trade
      Jitender Kumar S/o Sh. Ujala Ram, Vill.
                                                                               App. Chemistry/1st Sem.
 1    Saral, Teh. Tasham, VPO Dadam, Distt.      070504541      GP Jhajjar                             030014             (EG)

         Ashish Khurana S/o Sh. Brij Lal
                                                                               App. Chemistry/1st Sem.
 2    Khurana, # 57/19, VisvaKarma Mohalla,      071536006      SJP Damla                                       030014
                                                                                    / Eltx. & Inst.

        Sunil S/o Sh. Pardeep Singh, VPO                                          Strength of Mat./
 3                                               060517062      GP Jhajjar                                      031731
                   Bahu, Jhajjar                                                3rd Sem./Mechanical

                                                                                Principles & Comm./
        Shekhar Yadav S/o sh. Om Parkash
 4                                               050510047      GP Jhajjar        3rd Sem./ Eltx. &             031033
       Asiaki Gorawas, Distt. & Teh. Rewari

        Anand Ohlan S/o Sh. Roop Chand,                                          Operating System/
 5                                               040508007      GP Jhajjar                          030826               030831
           VPO Garhi Sampla, Rohtak                                            3rd Sem./Comp. Engg.

        Vijay Dalal S/o Sh. Virender Singh,
                                                                                Principles & Comm./
 6          VPO Dabodha Kalan, Teh.              050510057      GP Jhajjar                                      031033
                                                                               3rd Sem. Eltx. & Comm.
               Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar
      Amit S/o Sh. Subhash Chand Verma, #
                                                                                  Material Sc./3rd
 7     3405, SGM Nagar, Gali No.-10, NIT,        060504003      GP Jhajjar                                      030431
                                                                                Sem./Ceramic Tech.

        Sandeep Rathi S/o Sh. Bhane Ram,                                             Material Sc./
 8                                               050504052      GP Jhajjar                                      030431
        VPO Parnala, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar                                      3rd Sem./Ceramic Tech.

        Manjeet Kumar S/o Sh. Satbir, VPO                                         Strength of Mat./
 9                                               060517773      GP Jhajjar                                      031731
            Bhainswal Kalan, Sonipat                                            3rd Sem./Mechanical

      Sushil Kangar S/o Sh. Banarsi Das, Vill.                                 Principles & Comm./3rd
10                                                061515706     SJP Damla                                       031534
        Bakipur, P.O. Bansal Distt. Karnal                                            Sem./ I.C.

          Ashish Mangal S/o Sh. Subhash                                          Internet & Web.
 11       Mangal, # 199/35, Naya Padav            050508011     GP Jhajjar      Designing/ 5th Sem.             030854
            Aggersein Colony, Rohtak                                               Comp. Engg.

      Arun Kumar S/o Sh. Mahender Singh,                                           Power System
12    VPO Chulkana Teh. Samalkan Distt.          042809006      GP Loharu       Protection/ 6th Sem.            030963
                   Panipat                                                          Elct. Engg.

        Ravi Kumar S/o Sh. Hari Kumar                           GP Loharu       Microprocessor -II 6th
13                                               032808034                                                      030863
      Bhardwaj, VPO Bapora, Distt. Bhiwani                       Bhiwani         Sem./ Comp. Engg.

       Hitesh S/o Sh. Mahipal Singh, # 1014,                                   Clinical Microbiology/
14                                               063219008    SDIMLT Jhajjar                                    031931
                VPO Karala, Delhi                                                 3rd Sem./DMLT
       Yogender Kumar S/o Sh. Braham
15    Parkash, # 376, Vill. Pochanpur Near     063221060   SDIMLT Jhajjar                                 2113
                                                                                1st Sem./D-Pharmacy
        Dawarka, Sector-23, New Delhi

                                                                                 Principles & Comm./
      Pardeep Kumar S/o Sh. Krishan Lal,
16                                             064410059   BITS Bhiwani            3rd Sem./ Eltx. &     031033
        VPO Shamlo Kalan, Distt. Jind

     Parvesh Hooda S/o Sh. Suresh Kumar,
                                                                                  Operating System/
17     Vill. Jindran, P.O. Khidwali, Distt.    064408044   BITS Bhiwani                                  030831
                                                                                3rd Sem. /Comp. Engg.

                                                           Shri Sai Instt. of
      Sandeep S/oSh. Satbir Yadav, Nand                                            App. Chemistry/
18                                             064717047   Engg. & Tech.,                                030024
     Rampur Bas Road, Dharuhera, Rewari                                         2nd Sem./ Mech. Engg.

     Joginder Pal S/o Sh. Prem Chand, Vill.                                        Workshop Tech./
19                                             030917025    GP Nilokheri                                 031733
     Meoli, Teh. Dhand, P.O. Pharal, Kaithal                                    3rd Sem./ Mech. Engg.

        Nisha D/o Sh. Sher Singh, VPO
                                                                                   Data Structure/
20    Loharwala, Teh. Charkhi Dadri, Distt.    060914027    GP Nilokheri                                 030833
                                                                                   3rd Sem./ I.T.

      Himmat Singh S/o sh. Attar Singh,                                            Comm. Skill/1st
21                                             070507030      GP Jhajjar                                 030011
     VPO Baghpur, Teh. Beri, Distt. Jhajjar                                       Sem./Civil Engg.

                                                                                App. Maths/      1st
      Sandeep Gulia S/o sh. Satyabir, VPO
22                                             070517090      GP Jhajjar         Sem./       Mech.       030012
         Bamnola, Distt. & Teh. Jhajjar

                                                                                Comm. Engg./     4th
     Sandeep Dahiya S/o Sh. Satbir Singh, #
23                                             054410048   BITS Bhiwani         Sem./       Eltx. &      031042
         1426/30 Kamla Nagar, Rohtak

      Tarsem Chand S/o Sh. Nant Ram, Jai                                         App. Mech./   2nd
      Maa Colony, Laalrumandi, Teh. Dera                                         Sem./       Mech.
24                                             060117422     GP Ambala                                   030026
     Bassi,                 Distt. Mohali                                       Engg.         (Part
                   (Punjab)                                                            Time)

     Sandip Kumar S/o Sh. Bhal Singh, VPO
                                                                                App. Physics/1st Sem./
25        Kharak Punia, Teh. Barwala,          072810093     GP Loharu                                   030013
                                                                                   Eltx. & Comm.
                 Distt. Hisar

     Ritu Saini D/o Sh. Sanpatt Saini, Dinod                                    App. Physics/     1st
26      Road, Brijwasi Colony, Gali No.-       072810059     GP Loharu           Sem./      Eltx. &      030013
            4,Shastri Nagar, Bhiwani                                                  Comm.

     Mange Ram S/o Sh. Amar Singh, VPO                      GP Nathusari          App. Physics/1st
27                                             072908037                                                 030013
             Jamal, Distt. Sirsa                              Chopta             Sem./Comp. Engg.

      Vishal S/o Sh. Vinod Kumar, Subhash
                                                                                 Theory of Mechine/
28    Chowk, Ward No.-14 Charkhi Dadri,        040517063      GP Jhajjar                                 031751
                                                                                5th Sem./Mech. Engg.
                  Distt. Bhiwani

                                                                                   Internet & Web
     Shiv Kumar S/o Sh. Kishan Chand, Vill.
29                                             051408048     GP Uttawar          Designing/5th Sem./     030854
      Panhera Kala, Ballabgarh, Faridabad
                                                                                    Comp. Engg.
      Anoop Singh S/o Sh. Sube Singh, Vill.                                       App. Maths/       1st
30    Gehli, P.O. Hamidpur, Teh. Narnaul,       070810011      GP Narnaul         Sem./        Eltx. &      030012
               Distt. Mohindergarh                                                       Comm.

       Atam Parkash S/o Sh. Rulia Ram,
                                                                                   Comp. Graphics/6th
31    Village-Dadupur, P.O. Jallapur, Teh.      040408006       GP Hisar                                    030862
                                                                                     /Comp. Engg.
               Ratia, Fatehabad

     Nisha Arora D/o Sh. Ghanshyam Dass,                                           App. Chemistry/1st/
32                                              071108038        GP Sirsa                                   030014
       Street Bajaj Sweets Khairpur, Sirsa                                            Comp. Engg.

      OM Parkash S/o Sh. Mani Ram, Vill.                                           App. Chemistry/1st/
33                                              071107034        GP Sirsa                                   030014
            Gangua, Distt. Hisar                                                       Civil Engg.

                                                                                   Health Education &
      Davinder S/o Sh. Ramesh Chander, #                                              Community
34                                              053821010    SDDB, Barwala                                   2116
              281/2 Shabad, KKR.                                                    Pharmacy/1st/

     Mohinder Singh S/o Sh. Mahabir
                                                                                  Eltx. Instrumentation
       Singh, # 458, Wadhwa Ram
35                                             064410038     BITS Bhiwani         & Measurement/3rd/        031036
     Colony, Near Shivam Complex,
                                                                                  Eltx. & Comm. Engg.

                                                                                   Art Approx. in Indian
     Jai Bhagwan S/o Sh. Diwan Singh, VPO-
36                                              070425081       GP Hisar           Textile Design/1st /     032514
           Jamawari, Teh. Hansi, Hisar
                                                                                      Textile Design

                                                                                  App. Physics/      1st
       Sandeep Rathee S/o Jagdish Singh,
37                                              071710044      CRP Rohtak         Sem./         Eltx. &     030013
          VPO Bhaproda, Distt. Jhajjar

     Sandeep S/o sh. Raghuvir Singh, VPO                                            App. Physics/2nd/
38                                              064009044   Janta Poly., Butana                             030023
     Baghru Kalan, Teh. Safidon, Distt. Jind                                          Elect. Engg.

      Meenu Devi D/o Sh. Rajbir Singh, #                                          Eco. & Social Env./1st/
39                                              070333055       GPW, Frd.                                   073313
      894-A/7, Jain Bagh Colony, Sonepat                                               DBM (Retail)

     Anil kumar S/o Sh. Huck Chand VPO                                              Human Anatomy &
                                                               GP Sonepat
40   Chhichrana,              Teh. Gohana,      062421010                            Physology/ 1st /        2115
                                                             (HCP, Sonepat)
                 Distt. Sonepat                                                        Phaarmacy

       Pardeep singh S/o Sh. Raj
41                                             031417033      GP Uttawar           Applied Maths/ 2nd       030022
        Krishan, Village Dehra
            Distt. Panipat.
     Vinod kumar S/o Sh. Bhoop Singh VPO
                                                                                      Visual Basic /
42   Chulikalan                      Teh.       030608042   GP Mandi Adampur                                030852
                Mandi Adampur
                                                                                  Fundamental of Elect.
       Jitender S/o Sh. Ram Niwas, VPO-                      SNIET, Ladwa
43                                              064609017                          Engg. /IIIrd/ Elect.     030932
       Singhwa Ragho, Teh. Hansi, Hisar                         (Hisar)

      Paran Singh S/o Sh. Jagdish Parshad,
                                                                                   Machines Drg./Iind/
44    Ferozpur Jhirka, Ward No.-13, Distt.      031417035      GP Uttawar                                   031734
                                                                                      Mech. Engg.
        Anish S/o sh. Balbir Singh, Pig                                     Basic Chemistry/IIIrd/
45                                            050426004      GP Hisar                                 032631
       Breeding Form, Sirsa Road, Hisar                                       Textile Processing

       Rajbir Singh S/o Sh. Krishan, C/o
              Raghu Medical Hall,                                             Pharmacology/1st/
46                                            062121038     JCP Butana                                 2113
             VPO Shadipur, Julana,                                                Pharmacy
                   Distt. Jind

      Arvind Kumar S/o Sh. Ved Parkash,
47    Ashirwad Medical Store, Mela Ram        062221020     GCP Karnal                                 2113
         School, Shop No. -45, Karnal.

      Ramit Kumar S/o Sh. Ram Lubhaya,
                                                                              App. Physics/1st/
48    Vill.- Bapu Nagar, P.O. Ballabgarh,     070807033     GP Narnaul                                030013
                                                                                Civil Engg.
                Distt. Faridabad

     Deepak Kumar S/o Sh.Madan Gopal, #
                                                                            App. Chemistry-II/3rd/   030024/
49    20, Chandroop Nagar, Babyal Road,       052808073      GP Loharu
                                                                                 Comp. Engg.         031032-A
                Ambala Cantt.

         Ashwani S/o Sh. Om Parkash,
                                                                              App. Physics/1st/
50       VPO Hasangarh. Teh. Sampla,          072017008   PDM Bahadurgarh                             030013
                                                                                Mech. Engg.
                Distt. Rohtak

         Prince S/o Sh. Kanwal                                                App. Maths/1st/
51                                           071318080     GP Sonepat        Mech. Engg. (T&D)
        Singh,VPO Hassangarh,
          Teh. Sampla, Rohtak

     Ravinder Kumar S/o Sh. Baljeet Singh,
                                                            PDM Sarai        App. Chemistry/1st/
52    # 1228, Ward No. 3, Shanker Garden,     072017645                                               030014
                                                            Aurangabad          Mech. Engg.
            Gali No.-5, Bahadurgarh

     Akhil Lohan S/o Sh. Pardeep Lohan, #                                    App. Chemistry/1st/
53                                            070817003     GP Narnaul                                030014
           23217, Narnaul, Distt. Hisar                                         Mech. Engg.

       Naresh Kumar S/o Sh. Balraj Singh                                     Engg. Drawing/1st /
54                                            070417049      GP Hisar                                 030015
        V&PO Dhandheri, Distt. Hisar                                            Mech. Engg.
           No. of UMC (Institute Wise)
S.No.                Name of Instt.                  No. of UMCs
  1     GP Jhajjar                                          12

  2     GP Loharu                                           5

  3     BITS Bhiwani                                        4

  4     GP Hisar                                            4

  5     GP Narnaul                                          3

  6     GP Uttawar                                          3
                                                    (one Impersonation)
  7     SDIMLT Jhajjar                                      2

  8     SJP Damla                                           2

  9     GP Nilokheri                                        2

 10     GP Sirsa                                            2

 11     PDM Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar                            2

 12     GP Ambala                                           1

 13     GP Nathusari Chopta                                 1

 14     GP Sonepat                                          1
                                                    (one Impersonation)
 15     * HCP Sonepat                                       1

 16     CRP Rohtak                                          1

 17     GPW Faridabad                                       1

 18     JP Butana                                           1

 19     * JCP Butana                                        1

 20     SDDB, Barwala                                       1

 21     GCP Karnal                                          1

 22     Shri Sai Instt. of Engg. & Tech., Jhajjar           1

 23     GP Mandi Adampur                                    1

 24     SNIET, Ladwa (Hisar)                                1

          No. of UMC (Semester Wise)
S.No.                    Semester                    No. of UMCs
  1                      1st Semester                       24
  2                      2nd Semester                        6
  3                      3rd Semester                       16
  4                      4th Semester                        1
  5                      5th Semester                        4
  6                      6th Semester                        3
                     No. of UMC (District Wise)
Name of District                   Name of Institute           Total No. of UMCs
    Ambala         GP Ambala                                           1

                   GP Jhajjar                                         12

                   SDIMLT Jhajjar                                      2
                   PDM Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar                            2

                   Shri Sai Instt. of Engg. & Tech., Jhajjar           1

                   GP Loharu                                           5
                   BITS Bhiwani                                        4

                   GP Hisar                                            4

     Hisar         SNIET, Ladwa (Hisar)                                1

                   GP Mandi Adampur (Hisar)                            1

                   GP Sonepat (one impersonation)                      1

                   * HCP Sonepat                                       1
                   JP Butana                                           1

                   * JCP Butana                                        1

    Narnaul        GP Narnaul                                          3

    Mewat          GP Uttawar (one impersonation)                      3

 Yamunanagar       SJP Damla                                           2

                   GP Nilokheri                                        2
                   GCP Karnal                                          1

                   GP Sirsa                                            2
                   GP Nathusari Chopta                                 1

    Rohtak         CRP Rohtak                                          1

   Faridabad       GPW Faridabad                                       1

  Panchkula        SDDB, Barwala                                       1

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