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Garage Door Openers
1.   Genie 37337R Revolution Series Close-Confirm Remote
2.   Chamberlain LiftMaster 387LM Universal Keyless Entry System
3.   Linear MultiCode 2-Channel 12V/24V Gate Receiver

                            Garage Door Openers
                     This Revolution Series Close-Confirm Remote
                     claims your door can be securely closed around
                     1/4-mile away from home. Audio/visual signals
                     show if the door is open or closed down, as well
                     as AAA batteries are involved.

Features -
1.   Works jointly with most of 2011 IntelliG as well as TriloG providers
2.   Huge range 2-way conversation informs you in case your door closed
3.   Audio and video signal alerts you when your door is closing
4.   Operates till 1/4 mile from home

                               Garage Door Openers
              1.   Made to work with a number of manufacturers of garage
                   door openers
              2.   Individual manufacturer/single frequency design - you pick
                   the maker and frequency for the garage door you want to

3.   Weatherproof, slide-up defensive cover
4.   1-year reasonably limited warranty
5.   Wi-fi - powered by one 9V battery (included)
6.   Backlit keypad

                               Garage Door Openers
1.   Dual frequency - Multi-Code or Stanley compatible;
     jumper selectable.
2.   12-24 volts AC or DC.
3.   Auto voltage sensing - no jumpers to set.
4.   Provided with whip aerial, three feet of coaxial cable and
     bulkhead connector.

                Garage Door Openers
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