Way the grilled chicken

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					                  Way the grilled chicken
                      Whole chicken washed
                 And cleaned with vinegar and salt
                     Flour and Ashan Alzfrh ..
           Large onion chopped and mixed with spices
   Metal Cardamom and turmeric and black pepper chicken and
                             spices ..
            Almost a clove of garlic and crushed Aktar
                   And also mixed with spices.
             . Mixed vegetables metal atom granules
               And Baby Corn (maize Aranis small)
Islands and peas and potatoes and mushrooms and two syllables
           Chopped tomato and soy sauce as possible
 And salt and of course your oven roasting bag the size of a large

 National job openings Badigajh knife (large holes or cracks) and
   sprinkle the cardamom and black pepper and cinnamon and
  turmeric and salt and pepper problem and little soy sauce and
Afrckah Jajeh them well from the inside and the outside holes and
 Ahaca cracks garlic chicken and try to think you are mixing the
                     garlic and so on Bthchiha
                             At the chest
                    And at the hips and thighs
  Agaha from the inside and chopped onions and spices Mufrok
My heart with some vegetables and put them a little salt and black
               Put a few vegetables in roasting bag
   Put the chicken on the vegetables and Spread the rest of the
                        vegetables around
     Shut the bag well and doctrinaire small opening the bag
 Edjlleha oven for about an hour and a text that equated Hamri
and then face possible add a little soy Sway to give color and her
           feet Cut and distributed with the vegetables

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