The functioning of Albanian Alibovtic and Chicks by mahmoud.2005


The functioning of Albanian Alibovtic and Chicks

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									     The functioning of Albanian Alibovtic and Chicks

1 - half a kilo of chicken breast sliced thin slices or steaks
            2 - the 2 century pepper turkey is hot
                 3 - Number of medium onion
                     4 - pack a small yogurt
                  5 - four spoons mealy large
                       6 - Number 3 eggs
   7 - half a kilo crackers (can be dispensed with bread
crumbs sense Ntahn Vyalkhlat dried bread, French bread)
           8 - Mixed Spices tablespoon salt small
 Pepper to preach a very promising high (the easiest way
   to do this is to leave the peppers in the freezer to the
refrigerator for a day and then preaches a freezer and will
                          be very easy)
            Preach the bulb also promising high
 Put the yogurt, eggs, flour, salt, spices, grated onion and
   pepper in a bowl and then grated Nkhvqh (Palmalqh
       racket or eggs) until a homogeneous mixture
 Ngams then cut pieces of meat or chicken in the mixture
and then in the breadcrumbs Ngmesha and push the palm
                       so stick with Rusks
  Chinese put on the fire and put the amount of oil rising
                     about 2 cm in Chinese
       Leave the oil on fire 5-8 minutes until heated
   Put the chicken pieces Alibovtic or Albanian in China
Important: to be to cover China so as not to burn Alibovtic
                 must Lyon on the backburner
Note: You can work with this pasta meal for the formation
                        of Vedh

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