The Camera by huanghengdong


									                                The Camera
You control two robots the big robot will be able to move, (jump optional) and shoot enemies, the other
robots will be floating around and the player can see the game throw is eyes.

The player can control both of the at the same time, giving and option for them to connect when in that
case the robot combine with the big robot (first person perspective).

Each robot will have special ability when the small robot connect with the big robots his power will
affect both of them, for example shield will protect the small both when connected both of them get the

Both robots will have life and the player needs to make sure both of them are safe

The big robot can shoot the small robots making the shot reflect from him to the view target, as long the
big robot has a clear view with the small robot

Small robot will have zoom and other option for view, and will be able to press some buttons, one both
join the big both the big both get healed

Input scheme
Tab – inventory (pause game)
        W, a, s, d – movement
        E – Power up
        Q – (Release button) Connect
        R – fire from camera
        Q – (Release button during connection) disconnect
        E – (Near an object) use
        Left mouse button – rotate left
        Right mouse button – rotate right
        Both mouse buttons – move forward
        Space – fire
        Mouse wheel – power up
        Mouse wheel – (near an object) use
        W, a, s, d – movement
        E – Camera power up
        Mouse wheel – body power up
         Mouse wheel – (near an object) use
         Left mouse button – fire from camera (only if not laser beam)
         Right mouse button – camera power up
         Space – body shoot
         Q – Disconnect

         Stick to floor (force will push everything up the body won’t be affected, also use for space)
         Different Laser beam (one for hacking, and different ones for cutting different things)
         Different vision (with this vision thing will appear that were not visible in normal mode)
         Invisible (could be some kind of shield that prevent security from seeing you)


        Make different color of attack that either do specific stuff or can attack only stuff with the same
        Make the small robot connect with security cameras change the view to them, some camera will
         be able to move on rail, some will be broken and body will need to fix them, and some will be
         broken causing to see in a weird perspective like a camera on the floor
        Having two small robots each one for each eye letting you control both of them
        Making a section that the camera can’t see and need to use sound to know how to move
        Make distorted perspective like tunnel vision, fish eye, and special vision like night vision, heath
        Some area the small robot won’t be able to go and the big robot will have to go through them
         while finding a different path for the small robot that will let him see the big robot, for example
         outside terrain
        The boss will take over the small robot making the player fight from ever perspective the boss
        Make enemies that prevent the player from connecting both parts together
        Start the game controlling only the camera and make a puzzle that introduce the body when you
         need to use the body to free the camera
        Create security checkout that will trigger when the camera pass through them, attacking the
         player or preventing the camera from passing completely
   Create computer board that can active switches disable security checkout, the body need to
    connect to it in one side and the camera in the other side. The puzzle will be moving the laser
    with mouse in a maze without getting out of the lines (also maybe time limit)

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