Rhinoplasty– Taking Steps to Revision Rhinoplasty

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					                                 Rhinoplasty– Taking Steps to Revision Rhinoplasty

                                 Many people are critical of their noses. They may think
                                 it is too big, too pointy, too long, too short, too crooked
                                 or too twisted. Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, can offer a
                                 solution to all of these problems if done correctly.
                                 However, when a plastic surgeon messes up a nose job,
                                 the problems that result can affect more than just
                                 appearance. Collapsing cartilage can make breathing
                                 difficult, change the sound of your speaking or singing
                                 voice, or make you susceptible to infections. Revision
                                 rhinoplasty is plastic surgery to correct a nose job that
                                 has gone awry.

                                  Revision rhinoplasty should be done by plastic
                                  surgeons with a great deal of experience. Fixing a
                                  problematic rhinoplasty is often more difficult than the
original surgery. The problems must be diagnosed and dealt with, in addition to dealing
with scar tissue and other issues. Excellent plastic surgeons that specialize in nose jobs
can repair the noses of patients who have had multiple surgeries on their nose in the past.
Returning to an unqualified doctor for repair work will usually only compound the
problems a patient is experiencing. It is much wiser to find someone with better work
quality, credentials, certifications, and experience to fix problems caused by poor

To find the best plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty, ask the tough questions about
education, credentials, and experience (including how many revision surgeries are done
annually). It is also a good idea to ask for references from past clients. Call these people
up and ask how they were treated and if they were happy with the surgery. Look at the
doctor's before and after pictures. Also, discuss what types of rhinoplasty, open or
closed, they do most. The closed version of the procedure has no outer lines or scars
because the incisions are performed inside the nostrils. Open surgery requires a small
incision across the tissue between the nostrils.

Rhinoplasty is both an art and a science, since the ideal nose is a concept that is heavily
rooted in an individual's perception of beauty. However, a twisted nose or collapsed
bridge due to a surgeon taking more cartilage than is necessary is not pretty to anyone.
Revision rhinoplasty can help fix problems and make your nose look the way you want it
to. Many modern plastic surgeons will show you computer imaging software that help
you predict what your nose will look like after surgery.

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