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					How Star Wars Was A Spectacular Saga With Spectacular Effects For
The Times. It is because of what we remember from the motion
picture Star Wars that makes games like Star Wars The Old Republic
So Awesome.
The Star Wars film series has made an impact on every part of western culture, having
presented the film industry and audiences around the world with something they had never
seen the likes of before. Hollywood's greatest producers take many lessons from the box
office smash hit, and fans are still able to purchase and involve themselves in new
incarnations of the series. It holds true to today that Star Wars an epic series continues to
leave its mark on every form of media and imagination.
George Lucas' goal in creating the Star Wars films was to turn a long-held story in his mind
into a visible form that could be shared with the public. Like many stories that arise purely out
of one person's imagination, and not from formulations of what audiences want to see, it was
a challenge to find support to make them. The first film, A New Hope, caught the industry by
surprise as theater-goers came to see it again and again, making the most successful film at
its time.
This victory propelled the support for the sequel films, whose creation promised the future
release of prequels. The original Star Wars trilogy created a larger demand for special effects
than had ever been demanded before, and multiple effect companies arose that still hold a
major part in film-making today. Industrial Light and Magic, and the THX sound system are
just a couple of such companies, all of which continue to make important innovations in the
technology of visuals and sounds.
The reason why fans love this series so much, however, is the unique story. Following the
journey of a young man to master the Force, an eternal power that is inherent in all living
things, the movie portrays a multitude of strange alien lands, their inhabitants, and their
technology. The lore's attention to detail and depth gives dedicated fans something to sink
their teeth into, since there are many details and character back-stories to be discovered that
were not included in the films.
This hero's journey is flanked by some of the most memorable characters and musical
themes in the world of popular culture. Darth Vader stood as a terrifying and convincing
villain, with an orchestral theme that is commonly recognized internationally. R2-D2's robotic
beeping and whirring sounds are also well known, and these sounds are frequently used in
jokes and spoofs due to the number of people who will understand.
Episodes I, II, and III complete the tale's incredible saga by following the journey of Anakin
Skywalker, the father of the earlier trilogy's main protagonist Luke Skywalker, as he also
learns to become a jedi, and inevitably becomes Darth Vader. These dramatic films pushed
the bar once again on the industry's special effects, and are a visually cinematic treat to
behold. This trilogy of prequels to the original films give the story a full circle, bringing life to
tales told by characters in the originals, and showing the history of their lives.
The entire collection is now available for anyone to own in the highest definition and
remastering. Lucas went back later to recreate certain scenes from the original trilogy's
theatrical version, replacing puppets with CGI animations, and scarcely inhabited rooms with
more people, robots, and aliens. Another addition to the old films after the creations of
Episode I, II, and III is the famous final scene of Episode VI, in which the spirit of old Darth
Vader is replaced with young Anakin Skywalker just before his transformation.
The thrilling adventure of Star Wars an epic series can take any audience off into a distant
galaxy, introducing them to creatures, devices and worlds unlike any other. Star Wars has
inspired many fields, not just in the arts, but science also, to see if the imagined technologies
are possible. Everyone should have the chance to experience this burst of imagination and
detail, in a grand tale any adventurous spirit can relate to.

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