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					                                                                     Revised 3-17-10

A.   A fair hit is a legally batted ball that:

       1.     Settles or is touched by any fielder
              on fair ground between home and first or third base.

       2.     After hitting fair territory passes first or third within fair territory.
       3.     First hits the ground beyond first or third bases on fair territory.
              The base line is always in fair territory.

B.   The batter is out:

       1. If a fair or foul fly is caught.
                    a. Foul tip is batted ball that goes directly to the catcher and is
       caught. It is ruled a strike if the ball travels higher than the batters head,
       and if caught, the batter is out.
       2. If a fielder catches a ground ball and throws to first before the batter
       3. If a batter fails to hit the ball within his three pitches
       4. If a batted ball strikes the pitcher or the pitcher intentionally interferes
       with the fielding of the ball.

C. Batter gets on base:

       1.     On a fair hit reaching first base before the ball
              (as many bases as he can make.)
       2.     Awarded first base if catcher interferes by touching bat during an
               attempt to hit the ball.
       3.      Awarded three (3) bases if a fielder’s thrown glove touches a
              batted ball.
       f      air ball. The ball does not become dead and the runner
              advances as far as he/she can.

D. Base runner can advance

1.     After fly ball is caught (includes foul fly, this is tagging up). Runner must
       be on base when ball is caught before advancing.
2.     On a fair hit.
3.    On an overthrow. (one base if ball leaves diamond, as many bases as
      runner can get if ball stays in play.)
4.    Awarded two (2) bases if fielder’s thrown glove touches a thrown ball.

E. Runner is out

      1.   If he/she is forced out.
      2.   If he/she leaves base before the ball is hit by the batter.
      3.   If he/she is tagged off base (runner can overrun first base on initial hit
           and turn in either direction provided runner does not make an
      4.    attempt to go to second base).Fielder must hold the ball in hand
           when tagging and maintain possession after tagging.
      5.    If runner is hit by a batted ball.
      6.    If ball reaches runner’s base before runner can return after a fly ball.
      7.    If runner interferes with fielder fielding a batted ball.
      8.    If runner runs out of the baseline to avoid being tagged.
      9.    If runner fails to touch each base in order.
     10.    If runner passes a preceding base runner, if two (2) runner occupy
           the same base. The runner originally occupying that base is
           entitled to it until legally touching the next base.
     11.   If runner maliciously runs into a fielder with possession of the ball
           who is waiting to tag out the runner.

F. Pitching
      1. Pitching is done by the team at bat. Any player on the hitting team may
      pitch to any batter on his team from behind a line at least 30 feet from
      home plate.

      2. Batter is out if pitcher interferes with a batted ball or is hit by a batted
      3. One of the nine (9) players in the field may play a position designated
      as fielding pitcher if the coach so chooses.

G.    Bases should be 60 Feet apart.

H.    Catching mask must be worn by catcher. Helmets must be worn by batter,
      base runner, and student coaches. NEW: cleats are optional.

I.    Games are seven (7) innining or one (1) hour long. No new innining after
      one (1) hour. Coaches may adjust this by mutual consent.

J.    No stealing of bases or running on dropped third strike.
K.      There are nine (9) players in the field at one time. There is free
substitution and reentry, All players hit in a batting order determined before the
        Example: If you have 15 on your team they all hit in a predetermined
         Any nine may play the field at one time. Teams must have 12 batters at
least in their batting order or outs are awarded to those positions, when they
would hit. After 3 outs the team on offense becomes the defensive team and vice

L. Mercy rule        (NEW RULE)
         1. If a team is up by 10 runs they may add additional players to the end of
their line-up. This allows developmental players not ready for competition a
chance to play and in the process make it easier for the team that’s down 10 runs
to get some easier outs. This is an option and not a requirement

M. Major differences between regular softball and this type: (new

     1. Teams have their own pitcher-- pitch to their batters.
     2. Batters get three (3) pitches only.
     3. No stealing.
     4. Runner can’t leave base until the ball is hit.

5. Dead ball: The ball is dead when it reaches the pitcher’s circle, if thrown by an
infielder. Runners who have advanced halfway between bases go to the next
base and stop. If they have not advanced halfway, the go back. This applies
whether the ball is fielded by the pitcher or not. When it reaches the pitcher’s
position, thrown by an infielder, it is dead.
      If it is thrown by an outfielder, the ball remains in play and runners may
continue to advance until it is retrieved by an infielder and thrown to the pitcher’s
position. These are judgment calls. Please have a competent umpire on hand to
make these calls.

 6. No swinging bunts---all batters must take a full swing at a pitch. If they do not,
they are OUT. No do-overs, no strikes, no warnings. They are OUT. If a batter
takes a full swing and the ball doesn’t go very far, it is a live ball. It should be
played as a regular grounder. There are no imaginary lines, no minimum

7. One base on an overthrow from an infielder.

N.     Infield fly rule will not be enforced.
Has your school ever won the Figarden Tournament?

      If you can check your trophy cases to see if your school has
won the Softball Figarden Tournament championship (first place),
I’d greatly appreciate it. I am trying to back date the tournament to
at least 1994, so I can produce a North Division perpetual winners

Year                        Girls                       Boys
1994                 ?                           ?
1995                 ?                           ?
1996                 ?                           ?
1997                 ?                           ?
1998                 ?                           ?
1999                 ?                           ?
2000                 ?                           ?
2001                 ?                           ?
2002                 ?                           ?
2003                 ?                           ?
2004                 ?                           ?
2005                 ?                           ?
2006                 ?                           ?
2007                 ?                           ?
2008                 ?                           ?
2009                 ?                           ?
2010                 Malloch                     Forkner

Note: Please email if you can add any
information. Thank you.
Has your school ever won the “Calwa Tournament” ?

     If you can check your trophy cases to see if your school has
won the Calwa Tournament championship (first place), I’d greatly
appreciate it. I am trying to back date the tournament to at least
1994, so I can produce a South Division perpetual winners trophy.

Year                       Girls                        Boys
1994                 Slater                       Slater
1995                 Slater                       Viking
1996                 Calwa                        Calwa
1997                 Hidalgo                      Jefferson
1998                 ?                            ?
1999                 ?                            ?
2000                 ?                            Lane
2001                 ?                            Lane
2002                 ?                            Lane
2003                 ?                            Lane
2004                 Leavenworth                  ?
2005                 ?                            ?
2006                 ?                            ?
2007                 ?                            Lane
2008                 Greenberg                    Ewing
2009                 Greenberg                    Lane
2010                 Easterby                     Jefferson

Note: Please email if you can add any
information. Thank you.

Possible winners: Ayer, Lane, Greenberg, Balderas, Storey, Aynesworth, Bakman,
Ewing, Turner, Burroughs, Leavonworth, Wishon, Mayfair, Hidalgo, Bethune, Kirk,
Lincoln, Sunset ,Columbia, Addams, Yokomi, Webster, Jefferson, Rowell, Lowell,
Winchell, Calwa, and Jackson. ---Southeast, Olmos, and Easterby are accounted for.

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