Financial Aid Basics here by KevinSapien


									                                                                                             University of Washington - All Campuses
                                                                       2007-08 Student Aid Disbursed by Student Level, Residency, Need, and Category of Aid

                                                                                         Undergraduate                         Graduate                           Professional                           Total
                                                                                            Non-                                Non-                                Non-                                 Non-
                                                                              Resident                   Total     Resident                Total      Resident                   Total      Resident                Total
                                                                                           Resident                            Resident                            Resident                             Resident

Total Number of Students                                                         28,650         4,500     33,150       6,970       4,480    11,450        1,250           590       1,840      36,870       9,570    46,440

Total Number of Students Demonstrating Need                                      10,050          840      10,890       2,310         860      3,170         980           340       1,320      13,340       2,040    15,380

Percentage of Students Demonstrating Need                                         35.1%        18.7%       32.9%      33.1%       19.2%      27.7%       78.4%         57.6%       71.7%       36.2%       21.3%      33.1%

Total Need                                                                       $133M          $17M      $149M        $43M        $19M       $62M        $31M          $11M        $42M       $207M        $47M     $254M

Financial Aid Meeting Need                                                        $71M           $3M        $73M       $10M         $9M       $19M         $6M           $6M        $12M        $87M        $18M     $104M

Financing Aid Meeting Need                                                        $35M           $8M        $42M       $24M         $7M       $31M        $20M           $4M        $25M        $79M        $19M       $98M

Unfunded Need                                                                     $27M           $6M        $33M        $9M         $3M       $12M         $5M           $1M         $5M        $41M        $10M       $51M

Percentage of Need That is Unfunded                                               20.4%        38.0%       22.4%      20.9%       17.5%      19.9%       14.8%           5.7%      12.4%       19.7%       22.0%      20.1%

Financial Aid in Excess of Need                                                    $4M           $1M         $5M        $1M         $3M        $4M         $0M           $1M         $2M         $5M         $5M       $11M

Financing Aid in Excess of Need                                                   $17M           $3M        $20M       $10M         $6M       $16M         $3M           $5M         $8M        $30M        $14M       $44M

Financial Aid to NonNeedy Students                                                $30M           $9M        $39M       $21M        $54M       $75M         $1M           $1M         $2M        $52M        $65M     $117M

Financing Aid to NonNeedy Students                                                $32M           $7M        $38M        $9M         $7M       $17M         $2M           $3M         $5M        $43M        $17M       $60M

Total Financial Aid                                                              $105M          $13M      $117M        $32M        $66M       $98M         $7M           $9M        $16M       $144M        $88M     $232M

Total Financing Aid                                                               $83M          $18M      $101M        $44M        $20M       $63M        $26M          $12M        $38M       $152M        $50M     $202M

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