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MBT Womens Sport Walking Shoe


									   MBT Womens Sport Walking Shoe

                                Worth The Price

This walking shoe from MBT is like no other sneaker youve ever worn.
While its upper gives it the appearance of an ordinary shoe, theres magic
happening underfoot: The thick rubber sole is specially designed to
increase the muscle activity required for each step while also ensuring a
natural, comfortable, posture-enhancing gait.

Personal Review: MBT Womens Sport Walking Shoe
Ive been wearing these shoes for 2 1/2 years. I bought them because I
hoped it would help me with my daily back pain (I was taking
antiinflamatories on a daily basis). Let me also tell you that Im active. Im
used to aerobic exercise, and Im fit. Running is my passion and I didnt
want to give it up. It was like this, I would wake up pain free, would run on
the treadmil and stretch, run some errands and there she was the back
pain. Then shell visit with me till the end of the day. Of course it kept
getting worse, till the point I would get out of bed pain free and after
walking around the house a little bit there she was the back pain waiting on
me to keep me company for the rest of the day.
I was researching on the internet when I bumped into these shoes.
Actually I was looking for some Birkenstocks when I found MBTs. I was so
desperate to come up with a solution for my back pain that I made my
husband drive me to Texas, about 70 miles far from where I live, to Frisco
so that I could get them that very same day. I didnt want having to wait for
the MTBs being shipped and stuff.

They advise you to get started little by little and there is a DVD and a
pamphlet that cames along with instructions. Anyway, I put MBTs on and
got out of the store, did grocery shoppi ng and the relief was so big I wore
the shoes for the rest of the day. Next day I put them on when I woke up
(literally) and ever since Ive wore it for 2 years straight. Sandals in the
summer and sneakers in the winter. I like the sandals best. No more pain,
no more pills. Although I am fit, my legs got a little bit tired during the first
week or so because you start using muscles that might have never been
requested before. In the past 6 months I havent been wearing them as
often, I just walk on them when I exercise on the treadmil (running on them
is pretty tough, its like running on very soft sand) and I also make sure I
have them on when cleanning the house and traveling. These sandals are
just perfect for traveling. Im brazilian married to an american, so I visit my
country often and a 10 hour flight can get your feet pretty swollen. Studies
show that you still maintain your good posture for 2 or 3 days when not
wearing the MBTs.

Bottom line, they took my back pain away for good. I was told they might
loose their cushioning after a year but no. Good quality shoes, Im still
wearing the first pair of sandals and sneakers I bought. As far as muscular
improvement I havent noticed much since I was already fit when I started
wearing them. Ive seen websites that would advertise the fact that these
shoes improve your celulite and things like that. MBT Company is very
serious and doesnt mention anything like that. I know that some fancy
spas do sell them. MBTs are bulky and heavier than normal shoes but
nevertheless very comfortable.
When you find something that takes your pain away like I found relief in
these pair of shoes, you stick with it.

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