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FitFlop Womens Freeway Slide


									       FitFlop Womens Freeway Slide

                                Amazing Shoes.

Shiny patent overlays add a little glitz and glamour to this casual slide from
FitFlop. The mesh fabric upper is padded for extra comfort and features
cutouts on the side for both style and added breathability . The sandals
contoured and cushioned footbed will ease stress while you walk, and the
grippy rubber bottom keeps you from slipping and sliding on wet surfaces.

Personal Review: FitFlop Womens Freeway Slide
I am just amazed at these shoes. I am a 66 year-old woman. I am
overweight and I have a moderate bunion on one foot. I am able to walk
everywhere in these shoes. I try to walk at least two miles a day on the
streets and at the high school track, and I can do it very comfortably in
these shoes. I was reluctant at first - just went about half a mile but it was
up and down hills -- and they were great. Now I am going two to two and a
half miles and have never had a problem. Dont know if they are doing
anything for my legs and butt, but they are so comfortable that I dont really
care. I live in the Midwest, so I need some that are enclosed for the winter

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