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									What is BPA???
  Business Professionals of America
• Business Professionals of America is a
  national organization for all high school and
  Post secondary students enrolled in a
  Computer Technology program.
• Being involved in BPA will provide
  opportunities for you to develop leadership
  skills, civic and personal responsibilities,
  communication skills, and good relationships
  with other, which are all very important in
  the workplace.
         How do I join BPA?
• BPA dues are $14.00 per year.
• As a student of Canadian Valley
  Technology Center, your dues are paid
  by the technology center.
             Mission of BPA
• The mission of Business Professionals of
  America is to contribute to the
  preparation of a world-class workforce
  through the advancement of
  citizenship, academic, and
  technological skills.
             History of BPA
• Founded in 1966 as the Office
  Education Association
• Reincorporated in 1988 as BPA
• One of ten official Career and Technical
  Student Organizations sanctioned by
  the U.S. Department of Education
              BPA Pledge
• We are met in a spirit of friendship and
  goodwill as we prepare for productive
  lives in business and office careers. We
  work together to develop
  professionalism and leadership through
  Business Professionals of America and
  pledge our loyalty to our nation.
           Official BPA Colors
• Navy blue
  – Signifies the success achieved through
    leadership and professionalism
• Tan
  – Represents the bountiful fields of
    opportunity in America
• Red
  – Symbolizes the friendship obtained
    through teamwork in our organization
            Divisions of BPA
• Secondary
  – Traditional students in grades 9-12
    attending high school or as defined by
    individual states.
• Post-Secondary
  – Students attending school beyond the
    Secondary level.
        What can I do in BPA?
• Attend regular meetings (monthly)
• Engage in BPA fundraisers or activities
• Enter a competitive event
• Become a local or state officer
     What offices are available?
• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary
• Reporter
• Historian
          About the President
• The president is the key to the whole
• The president must have good qualities
  of leadership
• The president must be vitally interested
  in the organization
• The president must preside over all
        Duties of the President
• Ensure meetings begin on time and
  proceed in an orderly fashion
• Have a complete understanding of the
  matters under discussion and the
  possible effect of any recommendations
• Fully understand the function of a
  presiding officer and never interjects
  personal opinions
• Bring issues to satisfactory conclusions
      Role of the Vice President
• Preside at meetings in absence of the
• Be well informed of issues
• Take care of program planning
• Assist the president at all meetings
• Coordinate committees
• Ensure completion of scrapbook
        Duties of the Secretary
• Keep all records of the club
• Create agenda before meetings
• Obtain membership list
• Read all communication and in charge
  of all correspondence
• Prepare necessary news releases and
  distribute them to local papers
• Keeps up with bulletin boards
• Provides assistance to president
• Keeps the history of the chapter
• Takes photos
• Shoots video
• Creates scrapbook
        What about Contests?
• Competitive events provide students
  the opportunity to demonstrate
  workplace skills learned through
  business education curriculum.
     What contests can you enter?
• Each secondary student my participate in one
  individual event and one team event.
• Each post-secondary student may compete in
  three events, with one being a team event.
• All students can participate in any open
• Some events are online tests
• Some events are completely hands-on
          Contest Categories
• Assessment areas
  – Financial Services
  – Administrative Support
  – Information Technology
  – Management/Marketing/Human Resources
            Financial Services
• Fundamental Accounting
• Managerial Accounting
• Advanced Accounting
• Computerized Accounting
• Payroll Accounting
• Spreadsheet Applications and Analysis
• Advanced Spreadsheets
• Banking and Finance
• Financial Analyst Team
• Financial Math and Analysis
           Administrative Support
•   Keyboarding Production
•   Fundamental Word Processing
•   Advanced Word Processing
•   Integrated Office Applications
•   Desktop Publishing
•   Basic Office Systems and Procedures
•   Advanced Office Systems and Procedures
•   Legal Office Procedures
•   Medical Office Procedures
•   Medical Transcription
•   Database Applications
•   Administrative Support
      Information Technology
• Web Site Development Team
• E-Commerce Team
• Digital Media Production
• Video Production Team
• Computer Security
• Fundamentals of XHTML
• Information Technology Concepts
      Management / Marketing /
          Human Resources
• Global Marketing Team
• Entrepreneurship
• Small Business Management Team
• Graphic Design Promotion
• Interview Skills
• Extemporaneous Speech
• Human Resource Management
     Management / Marketing /
         Human Resources
• Prepared Speech
• Presentation Management
• Parliamentary Procedure Team
• Management/Marketing/HR Concepts
• Parliamentary Procedure Concepts
           More about contest
• Students materials are pre-judged
• The top 12 entries compete at state
• If you place 1st at state, you go on to
• This year nationals is in NEW YORK
            What else in BPA?
• Torch Awards
  – The Torch Awards program recognizes
    outstanding and actively involved
    members on the local, regional, state and
    national levels.
  – Students participate in activities in which
    they are awarded points.
              Torch Awards
• Award Areas
  – Leadership
  – Service
  – Cooperation
  – Knowledge
  – Friendship
  – Love, Hope, Faith
  – Patriotism
             The BPA Pin
• Students design the lapel pin that is
  used at Spring Leadership Conference
• Entries must be submitted by the end of
• This year’s theme is “Destination

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