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					                  1325 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE NW, SUITE 200 W ASHINGTON, DC 20005
            TEL: 202-393-1044 FAX: 202-393-7408 E-MAIL: INFO@JWJ.ORG WEBSITE: WWW .JWJ.ORG

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
   WHAT IS JOBS WITH JUSTICE?                                                                          3
   HOW TO START & BUILD A JwJ COALITION                                                                4
   WHAT IS A WORKERS' RIGHTS BOARD?                                                                    8
   WHAT IS THE STUDENT LABOR ACTION PROJECT?                                                           9

   SAMPLE MISSION STATEMENT                                                                           10
   SAMPLE STRUCTURE                                                                                   11
   SAMPLE ORGANIZATIONAL PLEDGE CARD                                                                  12
   SAMPLE KICK-OFF MEETING AGENDA                                                                     13
   SAMPLE RECRUITMENT LETTER FOR JwJ KICK-OFF MEETING                                                 14
   CENTRAL INDIANA JwJ PLEDGE RAP                                                                     15
        Eastern Massachusetts JwJ Member Organization List                                        16
        St. Louis JwJ Member Organization List                                                    17
        Portland JwJ Member Organization List                                                     18
        Chicago JwJ By-Laws                                                                           19
        DC JwJ By-Laws                                                                                22
        St. Louis Elected Leadership Job Descriptions                                                 24
        Chicago Executive Committee Officers                                                          26
        Cleveland Steering Committee Meeting Agenda                                                   27
        Kentucky Membership Agreement                                                                 28
        Request for Support from a Portland Jobs with Justice                                         30
        Cleveland JwJ Policy for Responding to Requests for "911" Assistance from                     34
        Unions or Other Organizations

   JwJ CHARTER PROCESS AND APPLICATION                                                                35
   JwJ NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                    40
   JwJ NATIONAL UNION CONTRIBUTORS                                                                    41
   JwJ NATIONAL STAFF                                                                                 42

 JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                               PAGE 1
   JwJ STRATEGIC PLAN 2003 - 2006

                   WEBSITE AT WWW.JWJ.ORG!!!

                  Take Action on current campaigns
                  Join the national e-action alert list
                  Read about JwJ victories
                  Find out where there are other JwJ coalitions

 JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                     PAGE 2
Jobs with Justice is a national campaign for workers’ rights. Working through local coalitions of labor
unions and faith-based, community, civil rights, women's, student, farm, organizations, Jobs with Justice
is fighting for workers’ rights and economic justice. While the work of Jobs with Justice varies from
community to community, there are commonalities that bind the work being done by over 40 local Jobs
with Justice coalitions and the national organization. Jobs with Justice coalitions create change by
fighting for the right to organize, mobilizing for global justice and organizing for social justice.

In the appendix you’ll find the most recent Annual Report on campaign that local JwJ coalitions have
been engaged in. You’ll see that just this year Jobs with Justice has supported thousands of workers in
bargaining fights and organizing drives, and has led or supported campaigns for living wage
legislation, farmworker justice, health care reform, contingent workers’ rights, immigrant rights,
criminal justice, and much more!

                             HOW DOES JOBS WITH JUSTICE WORK?
                           If we stand together, we’ll all start winning!

Broad Local Coalitions:
Local Jobs with Justice coalitions are at the heart of the Jobs with Justice network. Coalitions are made
up of member organizations that commit to work together to support each others’ struggles around
economic justice and workers’ rights. By bringing together unions, community and faith-based
organizations, civil rights groups and student activists, we’ve got more power to win concrete victories for
working people.
Local coalitions make all of their own decisions, establish a structure, and implement their own plans and

Individual Commitment
Individual Commitment is the cornerstone of Jobs with Justice. For ten years, we’ve been building that
personal commitment through the "I'll Be There," pledge cards. Organizations that join a local Jobs with
Justice coalition commit to getting their own members to sign pledge cards. Each local coalition also
distributes the cards at meetings rallies, demonstrations and other events. The pledge commits signers to
"be there," for at least five community/workplace-based actions in support of workers' rights and
economic justice. This provides the core of activists for a strong grassroots movement.

National Network
As part of the national Jobs with Justice network, your local coalition will gain strength through solidarity
by joining together with over 40 Jobs with Justice coalitions across the country that are also working for
economic and social justice.

National Board
The national Jobs with Justice Board meets twice annually to determine overall priorities for the network.
The Board is made up of representatives from national stakeholders and local coalitions.

   JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                  PAGE 3
There are four steps to putting together a local Jobs with Justice Coalition:

STEP 1.       Identify a core group of supporters.

STEP 2.       The JwJ Organizing Committee.

STEP 3.       Build the coalition through action.

STEP 4        Be strategic.


First, you need to identify a core group of institutions – unions, community groups and faith-based
organizations - which are potentially interested in building Jobs with Justice.

Make a list of all the possible organizations that might be interested in Jobs with Justice. Take a look at
the sample lists of member organizations and the members of the national board (see appendix) - they
might give you some ideas of local affiliates that you can approach.

Narrow down your list to those organizations and/or individuals who should be a part of the Jobs with
Justice movement from the start (the most prominent union locals, largest community organization, most
popular religious figure, etc.). Keep in mind that in any community there are certain organizations which,
if involved from the beginning, will lend your effort both credibility, staffing and other important resources.

You know your community better than anyone in the national JwJ office. However, there are a few things
we can do to help during this initial stage. For example, we can assist you in contacting the local affiliates
of unions, faith-based organizations or community groups that are members at the national level.
Contact the national office to find out who is the field organizer assigned to your region.

Have initial conversations with the leaders and/or key staff of each organization on your list to gauge their
interest. Explain what Jobs with Justice is and how a local Jobs with Justice coalition can strengthen the
work of each of its members. Examples of campaigns or victories from other cities may be helpful there.
Enclosed are newsletters and monthly updates full of stories of good work local JwJ coalitions are doing.

Once you have had these discussions and determined that sufficient interest exists to move forward -
then its time for a planning meeting!

   JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                   PAGE 4

Put together an organizing committee of a few organizations committed to building JwJ. Make sure
labor, community and faith-based groups are represented on this committee.         The organizing
committee’s first tasks are to:

•      Develop a proposed mission statement and structure that can be adopted by the local
              Take a look at the sample mission statement and structures attached to this kit. Amend it
              for your coalition or start from scratch. Jobs with Justice was never meant to be overly
              bureaucratic but it is a good idea to have a set of guiding principles of the coalition and
              some type of organizational structure.
•      Recruit organizations for a Jobs with Justice kickoff meeting.
              Each participant at the organizing committee meeting should agree to outreach to at least
              two other unions, community groups or faith-based organizations and try to recruit them to
              the Jobs with Justice kickoff meeting.
•      Begin gathering pledge card signers
              Make a plan for getting individual pledge card signers. Each organization already
              participating should look to its own membership for pledgers. Also think about community
              events where you can get cards signed. Decide who will maintain the database of
•      Help develop Jobs with Justice's issue agenda.
              This is the easy part. Organizations sent representatives to the meeting because there are
              issues that they want Jobs with Justice to address. Issues should reflect Jobs with Justice's
              national priorities, including fighting for the right to organize, demanding a decent standard
              of living, calling for social justice and mobilizing for global justice. If Jobs with Justice is in
              the process of conducting a national mobilization and that is what has brought the group
              together, we will be able to provide resource materials for planning event(s). If there is a
              pressing issue in the community you may ask representatives from organizations directly
              involved in the issue to develop a plan of action for the next meeting.
       Developing resources for your local coalition.
              One question that is bound to come up (you might want to raise it if others do not) is the
              question of money. A dues structure, determined by the group, will give you funds to pay
              for coalition activities (postage, printing, etc.). In some cases, a particular union local might
              agree to cover postage costs or donate staff. In any case, the inability of an organization to
              contribute monetarily should not mean that they cannot be a part of Jobs with Justice. But
              certainly, for many money demonstrates a commitment.

After the initial organizing committee meetings you should agree to hold a Jobs with Justice Kickoff
meeting where many more organizations are invited to participate in Jobs with Justice. Remember that
each participant at the initial planning meeting should agree to outreach to at least two other unions,
community groups or faith-based organizations and try to recruit them to the Jobs with Justice kickoff
meeting. The goal of a kickoff meeting is to involve more organizations in Jobs with Justice, approve a
mission statement and structure, and start planning the activities of the coalition.

A charter application is included in the appendix. This sets out the basic guidelines for becoming a
Jobs with Justice coalition. Work with your region’s field organizer to meet these goals and decide when
to submit an application to the national board.

    JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                    PAGE 5

A key part of the Jobs with Justice strategy is imaginative direct action. The Jobs with Justice coalition is
not built by holding meetings (though the initial meetings are critical) but in the street through
mobilization. Local Jobs with Justice coalitions have employed hundreds of different tactics to put
pressure on employers and organize for social & economic justice.

           Shop-ins  Sit-downs  Community picketing  Boycotts  Rallies 
                Teach-ins  Delegations to management  Call-in days 
            Workers’ Rights Board hearings  Sign-on letters  Candlelight vigils 
                                        Whatever it takes!

What ever you decide to do - Do It! The best way to build your coalition is to have people see it
 as an active, vibrant force in the community and not as another meeting they have to go to.

Also a very important part of building your coalition! There are many opportunities in the network for
leadership development and to learn from what other local JwJ coalitions are doing.

      Annual Meetings: Join with several hundred JwJ activists and leaders from around the country
       for skills workshops, inspiring speakers, music, and of course, a local ACTION!

      Cross-trains: If you are interested in visiting another local coalition to learn about how their
       steering committee makes an annual plan, or how they raise money from a fundraising dinner, or
       how they mobilize their activists using a phone tree—your national field organizer can help make it

      National trainings: Every year we hold national trainings for local staff and leaders. Topics for
       past trainings have been: Building JwJ (for new staff and leaders), Grassroots Fundraising,
       Strategic Campaigns for the Right to Organize, Women’s Retreat, Regional Workers’ Rights
       Board Gathering.

   JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                  PAGE 6

Local Coalition Priorities Checklist
Of course being there for other people’s struggles and creative direct action are the heart and soul of
Jobs with Justice. There is also a growing emphasis among local coalitions on strategic support for
organizing above and beyond being there. Because there are so any requests for help coalitions must
prioritize. And rather than always spreading ourselves so thin that we can be there but not be decisive,
some coalitions are looking more carefully at what to work on and really asking themselves, what can we
contribute here and how will this lead to a victory?

The Campaign:
    Is the action part of a strategic, industry wide, well resourced new organizing campaign?
    Do you have a say in the strategy?
    Is the campaign winnable?
    What is the unique contribution that JwJ can make? How will our participation be decisive?
    Does this campaign provide us with an opportunity to build any new relationships?
    Are there financial resources available for work on the campaign?

The Organization asking for help:
    Is the organization making the request a key stakeholder?
    Is the organization asking for help a financial contributor?
    Does this organization turn-out for other people’s fights?
    Is this organization getting pledge card signers from its own membership?
    Does the organization give credit to JwJ?

The Action:
    Do you have enough lead-time to do a great job?
    Is there a cut on these issues that draws in community and religious allies?
    How will you use this action to expand your activist and volunteer base?
    What is the union doing to help with this action?
    Are there financial resources available to help with this action?
    How much time will this really take?
    How will you get credit for your work?
    How will JwJ be better off after the action?
See more under “Deciding What To Work On” in Appendix I.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                              PAGE 7

Workers’ Rights Boards are a project of Jobs with Justice coalitions. They are committees made up
of local labor, religious, political and community leaders who lend strategic support to unorganized
workers fighting for justice. Over 20 local Jobs with Justice coalitions have organized Workers’
Rights Boards in their city or locality.
During a campaign for workers' rights, members of a WRB are called upon to exert moral and
political persuasion aimed at turning around an unfair employer. When initial efforts fail, the WRB
spearheads direct action, media blitzes and other highly visible and aggressive tactics to compel a
boss to meet protest demands -- or face widespread public exposure and scrutiny.

Obviously, the most important benefit of the various strategies used by the Workers’ Rights Board is
the community support and power it provides for workers in the midst of campaign struggles. But
there are many other benefits as well. The WRB can increase consciousness in the community
about the centrality of workers to their communities and the extent to which abuses of workers’ rights
impact on everyone in the community. It increases community awareness of the positive social role
played by unions, and contributes to the ability of unions and community groups to work together
toward common victories. It provides much-needed publicity for labor issues that are often under-
represented in the media. And it increases awareness on the part of everyone involved of the
profound long-term benefits of building solidarity.

The national Jobs with Justice staff can assist your local coalition in strategic planning to develop a
Workers’ Rights Board.

   JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                               PAGE 8

A new generation of student activism is on the rise. Whether supporting worker organizing on their
campuses and in their communities, standing up against corporate bailouts and increasing layoffs, or
fighting for living wages, immigrant rights, and an end to sweatshops, students everywhere are organizing
for social and economic justice with renewed vigor. In 1999, Jobs with Justice and the and the United
States Students Association joined together to create the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) to
support, advise, and solidify the student-labor work that is energizing campuses and communities across
the country. SLAP has maximized the depth and breadth of this new student movement by facilitating
networking, training, material development and technical assistance for student activists.

On April 4th, 2000, SLAP took the lead coordinating the first-ever National Student Labor Day of Action
to commemorate the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by organizing student labor actions on
59 campuses. Dr. King was assassinated while he was in Memphis supporting the 1968 Sanitation
Workers' strike. The Student Labor Day of Action links the wide range of student interests in worker
justice and organizes support for student actions from unions and local Jobs with Justice coalitions. In
2001, SLAP along with the United Students Against Sweatshops and the Prison Moratorium Project
worked together to help organize over 80 actions on and around April 4th. In 2002, the number of actions
has grown to over 100! The growth of this day of action signals the growth of the campus movement for
economic and social justice as students demand immigrant workers' rights, living wage jobs and the right
to organize, no more sweatshops, and an end to private prisons!

Join SLAP to:
                      Connect with students running anti-sweatshop, code of conduct, Living Wage,
                       "Boot Sodexho", and worker solidarity campaigns across the U.S.
                      Link-Up with student, labor, community, and faith-based activists fighting for
                       workers' rights and economic justice
                      Learn about organizing training, internship, and job opportunities.

The national SLAP coordinator can help you form a local SLAP group.

   JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                              PAGE 9

Jobs with Justice is a coalition of union and community organizations working together to build unity and
support for the struggles of working people.

Jobs with Justice is a campaign for economic justice and workers' rights. Our mission is to protect our
right to organize, to defend working peoples standard of living, fight for job security, and support contract
campaigns and strikes. Jobs with Justice is there in struggles for immigrant rights, against inhumane
workfare programs and demanding living wage jobs. Jobs with Justice opposes racism, sexism, classism,
homophobia and anti-Semitism and will actively support struggles against any form of discrimination.

Jobs with Justice is action oriented. During each year, member organizations take the Jobs with Justice
pledge "to be there" at least five times for someone else's fight as well as their own. That means joining
picket lines, attending contract rallies, demonstrating for living wage jobs and protesting against the out-
sourcing or downsizing of good jobs.

Jobs with Justice will not accept the political status quo. Too many elected politicians ignore the needs of
working people. The erosion of secure, stable jobs; the decline in living standards; cuts in wages and
benefits; and the deterioration of the right to organize and strike are political problems. We will work
together to hold all elected officials accountable.

Jobs with Justice believes that government should provide progressively financed public education and
services. State and national budget priorities should address the pressing needs of our communities and
put people to work rebuilding our communities. Jobs with Justice will defend public workers, the services
they provide and the people they serve.

Jobs with Justice is part of a national support network for workers' rights. (your state/locality) Jobs with
Justice will participate in nationally coordinated activities and support JwJ coalitions in other parts of the

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                   PAGE 10
                        JOBS WITH JUSTICE STRUCTURE

Unions as well as faith-based and community organizations that agree with the Jobs with Justice mission
statement are invited to join in Jobs with Justice campaigns. Coalition participants must respect the
diversity of political and social views held by coalition members, while uniting to defend and promote
workers rights and economic justice.

A (your state/locality) Jobs with Justice steering committee will meet quarterly--or more often if
necessary--to review and evaluate past work and plan for future activities. The steering committee may
establish ground-rules for participation in the coalition to ensure unity and orderly decision making.

The steering committee will include: Representatives from each participating union and organization.

The steering committee will organize ad-hoc committees to plan and carry-out the program goals,
strategies and specific tasks of the organization. Committee chairs will be drawn from members of the
steering committee.

An executive committee will be elected as a standing committee by the steering committee to oversee
the coalition between steering committee meetings. The executive committee will also regularly report to
the steering committee on coalition finances. Membership on the executive committee will be one-half
representatives from sponsoring unions and one-half representatives from participating organizations.

Other standing committees can be created by the steering committee as needed.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                              PAGE 11
                        ORGANIZATIONAL PLEDGE CARD

Jobs with Justice Organizational Pledge

      Our Organization wants to be a part of the (your state/locality) Jobs with Justice Coalition.

      We support the mission statement for the (your state/locality) Jobs with Justice Coalition.

   We Pledge to mobilize our members/constituents to support Jobs with Justice Actions.
Name of Organization: _____________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________ Fax: ____________ E-mail: ___________________________

Steering Committee Representative (name and title):


Prefer to receive reminders of meetings by:
Phone        Fax         E-mail

(You may want to include a space regarding levels of dues.)

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                               PAGE 12

I.       Why we are here

II.      Introduction to Jobs with Justice - JwJ Video

III.     National JwJ Activities

IV.      Proposed Structure

V.       Proposed Mission Statement

VI.      Issues/Activities (have representatives directly involved in these campaigns attend and present)

VII.     Outreach

VII.     Next Meeting

IX.      Announcements

      JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                           PAGE 13
                        KICK-OFF MEETING

Dear Community Leader:

We invite you to participate in an exciting new initiative in location.

                                       Coalition Founding Meeting
                                               Date & Time

Labor and community organizations in the location area have a good history of working together
around common interests. Let's build on that track record and form a permanent coalition to fight for
workers' rights and economic justice.

In over 40 communities around the country, Jobs with Justice coalitions bring together labor, faith-
based, community, civil rights, and student organizations to work on workplace justice campaigns.
These campaigns have included:

      Standing in solidarity with workers who want to organize a union
      Organizing to pass community living wage ordinances
      Defending access to affordable health care
      Supporting an effective public safety net
      Mobilizing support for striking workers
      Saying no to global trade agreements that put profit before people
      Supporting increased rights and protections for immigrant workers

JwJ coalitions are made up of member organizations and individual activists who sign the Jobs with
Justice pledge to be there five times a year for someone else's struggle as well as their own.
By standing together we increase our community power to win concrete victories for our members
and neighborhoods. With broad participation, coalitions are an effective moral voice for justice.

JwJ coalitions focus on issues of concern to member organizations. Being non-profit and non-
partisan, coalitions do not endorse candidates or get involved in political races.

JwJ coalitions are locally autonomous, but have the advantage and support of being part of a
national network and movement.

We expect broad participation from labor, community, and faith-based organizations. Your
leadership and dedication to the interests of working people would greatly strengthen this effort.

Please RSVP to name, phone, e-mail.


Union Leader                 Community Leader

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                              PAGE 14
                       RECRUITMENT RAP

(Distribute Pledge Cards)
Jobs With Justice
1. Central Indiana Jobs With Justice is an COALITION of labor organizations, community
   organizations, and individuals to build a broad and long-term coalition to support worker rights
   and social justice.
2. The overall GOALS of the Central Indiana Jobs With Justice include:
    Support workers in the right to organize and collective bargaining, and in achieving a viable
       and healthy standard of living, dignity and freedom from discrimination and oppression, and
       the ability to be productive and contributing members of society locally, nationally, and
    Support social and economic justice for all workers locally, nationally, and globally.
    MOBILIZE COMMUNITY SUPPORT for social and economic justice for all workers locally, nationally,
       and globally.
3. General operating PRINCIPLES for the coalition include:
        Solidarity in standing together for worker and social justice.
        Reciprocity in building mutually beneficial relationships.
        Social, political, economic, and other actions in support of worker rights
       For example...

Jobs with Justice Pledge (Pledge Card)
1. I'll Be There… by signing the JwJ Pledge, you promise to:
        Turn out at least FIVE TIMES A YEAR for JwJ actions
2. These actions include:
    Rallies and demonstrations
        For example...
    Letter and email campaigns
        For example...
3. How the Pledge actions work:
    Your CONTACT INFORMATION will be entered into a database
        This information will not be shared with anyone else, except:
         National JwJ
           For only occasional newsletters and notices
         Your own organization/union
           If they wish this information
           And if they are a JwJ member organization
    When an ACTION has been approved by JwJ
         You will be emailed or called and asked to participate
         You are asked to commit to participate or indicate this is not possible
   Your rights and others' rights
   Together we can do it!
(Collect Pledge cards)

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                           PAGE 15
Thank you... we look forward to seeing you at JwJ actions!
                        EASTERN MASSACHUSETTS JwJ
                         MEMBER ORGANIZATION LIST

ACORN                                                IUE-CWA Local 201
AEEF                                                 IUOE Local 877
AFGE Local 1164                                      LCLAA
AFGE Local 948/NCFLL                                 Labor Guild Archdiocese of Boston
AFSCME Local 1153                                    Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee
AFSCME Local 1730                                          Advocacy Coalition
AFSCME Local 1736                                    Massachusetts Senior Action Council
APWU Local 4553                                      Museum Independent Security Union
American Friends Service Committee                   Massachusetts Nurses Association
Association of Haitian Women                         Massachusetts Teachers Assocication
Brazilian Immigrant Center                           Nationa1 Association of Social Workers
Campaign on Contingent Work                          National Lawyers Guild
Carpenters Local 40                                  National Organization of Women
Central Mass. Central Labor Council                  North Shore Central Labor Council
Centro Presente                                      Painters District Council 35
Chinese Progressive Association                      Pressmens Local 3
CIR/SEIU House Officers                              SEIU Local 509
CISPES                                               SEIU Local 615
City Life/Vida Urbana                                SEIU Local 2020
Community Church of Boston                           Somerville Living Wage Campaign
CWA District 1                                       STEP
CWA Local 1051                                       T Riders Union / Alternatives for Community
CWA Local 1365                                             and Environment
CWA Local 1400                                       Teamsters Local 25
Democratic Socialists of America                     Teamsters Local 42
Dorchester/Roxbury Labor Committee                   Teamsters Local 122
East Boston Ecumenical Council                       UAW Local 1596
GALLAN                                               UAW Local 2324
Greater Southeastern Massachusetts Labor             UE District Council 2
        Council                                      UE Local 204
Green-Rainbow Party                                  UE Local 223
HERE Local 26                                        UE Local 262
HUCTW                                                UE Local 271
IAM Local 1271                                       UFCW Local 791
IATSE Local 182                                      UFCW Local 1445
IBEW Local 2222                                      Union of Minority Neighorhoods
IBEW Local 2322                                      UNITE New England Joint Board
Italian American Labor Council                       United for a Fair Economy

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                         PAGE 16

ACEE - Association of Catcholic Elementary               IUOE - International Union of Operating
Educators Local 1312-Carpenters District Council                 Engineers Local 148
ACORN - Asociation of Community                          IUPAT - International Union of Painters and
         Organizations for Reform Now                            Allied Trades District Council 2
AFGE - American Federation of Government                 Jews United for Justice
         Employees Local 3354                            LCLAA - Labor Council for Latin American
AFGE Local 96                                                    Advancement
AFSC - American Friends Service Committee                Manos Unidas
AFSCME - American Federation of State,                   Missouri AFL-CIO
         County and Municipal Employees                  Missouri Coalition on Budget and Policy Priorities
         District Council 72                             Missouri Rural Crisis Center
AFT - American Federation of Teacher Local               Missourians for Tax Justice
         420                                             Missourians for Single Payer Health Care
Alliance for Democracy-St Louis                          National Farm Worker Ministry
APWU - American Postal Workers Union                     National Organization for Women, St. Louis
         Gateway District Local                          Organization for Black Struggle
BCTGM - Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco                   Peace Economy Project
         Workers and Grain Millers Local 4               SEIU - Service Employees International Union
APRI - A. Phillip Randolph Institute                             Local 2000
CAPCR - Coalition Against Police Crimes and              SEIU 1 - Missouri Division
         Repression                                      SEIU 880
Catholic Action Network                                  Sheet Metal Workers Local 36
CBTU - Coalition of Black Trade Unionists                Show Me Equality
CLUW - Coalition of Labor Union Women                    Southern IL Central Labor Council
CWA - Communications Workers of America                  Southwestern IL Central Labor Council
         Local 4217                                      St. Louis Area Nurses Coalition
CWA 6310                                                 SWA - Student Worker Alliance at Washington
CWA 6320                                                         University
CWA 6350                                                 Teamster Local 600
CWA 6355                                                 Teamster Local 610
CWA 6377                                                 The St. Louis Newspaper Guild
CWA District 6                                           UFCW - Meatcutters 88
CUCA - Churches United for Community Action              UFCW - United Food and Commercial Workers
Ethical Society Social Action Committee                          Local 655
Feed My People                                           UFCW 881
Friends of the People's Weekly World                     UHCW - United Health Care Workers
Gateway Green Alliance                                   UNITE-HERE St. Louis - Union of
GCIU - Graphic Communication International                       Needletrades, Industrial and Textile
         Union Local 505                                         Employees - Hotel Employees and
Greater Madison County Federation of Labor                       Restaurant Employees
GRO - Grass Roots Organizing in Missouri                 USWA - United Steelworkers of America Local
Healthcare Justice Education Fund                                9014
Human Rights Action Service                              USWA District 7, Subdistrict 2
IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical           UWUA - Utility Workers Union of America Local
         Workers Local 1                                         335
IBEW Local 2                                             Veterans for Peace
Immigration Project                                      Women's International League for Peace and
Interfaith Committee on Latin America                            Freedom

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                   PAGE 17

A Philip Randolph Institute                        NW RAGE
AFSCME local 88                                    Oregon Action
AFSCME local 189                                   Oregon Education Association
AFSCME local 328                                   Oregon Farm Worker Ministry
AFSCME local 3336                                  Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health
AFSCME local 3580                                  Professionals
AFT local 2277                                     Oregon Health Action Campaign
AFT local 3922                                     Oregon Human Rights Coalition
Alliance for Democracy                             Oregon Nurses Association
Allies: People to People                           Oregon School Employees Assoc.
American Association of University Professors      ORTech
American Federation of Musicians local 99          Pacific Green Party - Portland Metro Chapter
American Postal Workers Union                      Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters
AWPPW                                              Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
Basic Rights Oregon                                Pena Cultural
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers                Portland Association of Teachers
Campaign for Peace with Cuba                       Portland Federation of Teachers & Classified
Carpenters local 247                                       Employees local 111
Cascadia Forest Alliance                           Portland Firefighters Association local 43
Community Alliance of Tenants                      Portland Rainbow Coalition
CWA local 7901                                     Portland State University Faculty Association
Environmental Justice Action Group                 Reed Student Labor Action
Firebrand                                          SEIU local 140
Franklin High Student Union                        SEIU local 49
IAM Lodge 1005                                     SEIU local 503, OPEU
IAM Lodge 63                                       SEIU State Council
ILWU local 4                                       Sisters in Action for Power
ILWU local 5                                       street roots
ILWU local 8                                       Students for Unity
Industrial Workers of the World 670                Teamsters local 162
Industrial Workers of the World — IDC              Teamsters local 206
Inland Boatmens Union                              Tualatin Valley Firefighters Union local 1660
Int. Assoc. of Theatre Screen Employees            UNITE
Jews for Global Justice                            United Auto Workers local 492
Laborers Int Union, local 483                      United Food and Commercial Workers, local
Lake Oswego Education Association                  555
Laughing Horse Books                               VOZ
Metanoia Peace Community                           Washington County Uniserve Council
National Association of Letter Carriers branch     Women's International League for Peace and
        82                                         Freedom
National Writers Union, UAW dist 65

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                       PAGE 18


                                       CHICAGO JOBS WITH JUSTICE

                                                ARTICLE I
                                           NAME AND PURPOSES

Section 1.01. Name. The name of the Organization is CHICAGO JOBS WITH JUSTICE.

Section 1.02. Purpose. Chicago Jobs with Justice is a non-profit coalition of unions, community organizations,
religious and student groups working to promote workers’ rights and support workers’ struggles.

                                             ARTICLE II
                                  STEERING COMMITTEE AND MEMBERS

Section 2.01. Steering Committee and Membership. There shall be one class of members: Organizational.
All Members shall have a seat on the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will function as a body to
oversee the general direction of the organization, hear about and enlist support for campaigns, elect the
Executive Committee, and take such other actions as it deems necessary.

Section 2.02. Qualifications. Membership may be granted to any union, community organization, religious or
student group that supports the mission and purposes of the Organization, and who pays the annual dues.
New memberships are effective upon approval of the next regular Steering Committee meeting.

Section 2.03. Termination of Membership. The Steering Committee may, by a majority vote or those present
at any regularly constituted meeting, terminate the membership of any Member who becomes ineligible for
membership, or suspend or expel any Member who shall be in default in the payment of dues.

Section 2.04. Resignation. Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary;
however, such resignation shall not relieve the member so resigning of the obligation to pay any dues or other
charges theretofore accrued and unpaid.

Section 2.05. Dues. Minimum annual dues are set at:
       Unions:                       $200
       Other Organizations:          $100
       Sustainer level:              $2,500
Members are encouraged to pay dues at as high a level as possible. The Executive Committee may waive or
reduce dues in case of financial hardship.

Section 2.06. Meetings. Steering Committee meetings will be held four (4) times each year. Meeting dates
will be determined at the beginning of the calendar year, and a reminder notice sent at least fifteen (15) days
before the meeting date. A minimum of 10% of the members present in person shall constitute a quorum for
transaction of business at a Steering Committee meeting. Meetings may be called by the Officers or at the
request of at least 10% of the members by notice mailed, telephone, or emailed to each member not less than
thirty (30) days before such meeting. Program Committee Chairs and staff of the Organization shall be invited
to attend meetings of the Steering Committee.

                                           ARTICLE III

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                     PAGE 19
Section 3.01. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the policy-making body and may exercise
all the powers and authority granted to the Organization by law. It will make necessary decisions on campaign
and financial strategy and oversee the staff and Program Committees to ensure that the strategic plans of the
organization are carried out.

Section 3.02. Number, Selection, and Tenure. The Executive Committee shall consist of the five (5)
Officers and five (5) At-Large Executive Committee Members. Elections for the Executive Committee will be
held once a year at a regular meeting of the Steering Committee. The outgoing Executive Committee shall
propose to the Steering Committee at the election meeting a slate for the incoming Executive Committee that
represents the breadth and diversity of the membership of the organization. However, any representative of a
member organization shall be eligible to run for Executive Committee positions. Vacancies existing by reason
of resignation, death, incapacity or removal before the expiration of his/her term shall be filled by vote of the
Steering Committee.

Section 3.03. Resignation. Resignations are effective upon receipt by the Secretary of the Organization (or by
any other Officer in the case of the Secretary’s resignation) of written notification.

Section 3.04. Removal. An Executive Committee member may be removed by a two-thirds vote at a Steering
Committee meeting whenever in the Steering Committee’s judgment the best interests of the Organization will
be served thereby. Any such removal shall be without prejudice to the contract rights, if any, of the person so

Section 3.05. Regular Meetings. The Executive Committee shall meet regularly between meetings of the
Steering Committee. Meetings shall be determined quarterly, and a reminder notice shall be given at least
fifteen (15) days before the scheduled meeting.

Section 3.06. Special Meetings. Special meetings shall be at such dates, times and places as the Officers
shall determine with notice emailed or telephoned to each member of the Committee not less than forty-eight
(48) hours before such meeting.

Section 3.07. Quorum. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Committee attending in person or through
teleconferencing. All decisions will be by majority vote of those present at a meeting at which a quorum is
present. If less than a majority of the Committee is present at said meeting, a majority of members of the
Committee present may adjourn the meeting without further notice.

Section 3.08. Action Without a Meeting. Any action required or permitted to be taken at a meeting of the
Executive Committee may be taken without a meeting if all the members of the Executive Committee consent in
writing to taking the action without a meeting and to approving the specific action. Such consents shall have the
same force and effect as a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee as the case may be.

Section 3.09. Participation in Meeting by Conference Telephone. Members of the Executive Committee
may participate in a meeting through use of conference telephone or similar communications equipment, so
long as members participating in such meeting can hear one another.

Section 3.10. Program Committees. The Executive Committee may, by resolution adopted by a majority of
the elected Committee members, establish Program Committees of the Organization composed of at least two
(2) persons which, except for an Executive Committee, may include non-Members. The Executive Committee
may make such provisions for appointment of the chair of such committees, establish such procedures to
govern their activities, and delegate thereto such authority as may be necessary or desirable for the efficient
management of the property, affairs, business, activities of the Organization.

Section 3.11. Meeting Participation. The Executive Committee may invite staff, Program Committee Chairs,
or others to participate with voice but not vote at meetings of the Executive Committee as appropriate.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                       PAGE 20
                                              ARTICLE IV
                                   AUTHORITY AND DUTIES OF OFFICERS

Section 4.01. Officers. The officers of the Corporation shall be a Labor Co-Chair, a Community Co-Chair, a
Religious Co-Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Section 4.02. Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs shall be members of the Executive Committee and will have the
option of presiding at all meetings of the Executive Committee. The Co-Chairs shall perform all duties
attendant to that office, and shall perform such other duties as on occasion shall be assigned by the Executive

Section 4.03. Secretary. The Secretary shall be a member of the Executive Committee and shall keep the
minutes of all meetings of the Executive and Steering Committees, or choose a representative to do so, in the
books proper for that purpose. The Secretary shall work closely with any paid staff of the Organization as
appropriate and shall perform such other duties as occasionally may be assigned by the Executive Committee.

Section 4.04. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Executive Committee and shall also report
to the Executive Committee at each regular meeting on the status of the Organization’s finances, or choose a
representative to do so. The Treasurer shall work closely with paid staff of the Organization to ascertain that
appropriate procedures are being followed in the financial affairs of the Organization, and shall perform such
other duties as occasionally may be assigned by the Executive Committee.

Section 4.05. Paid Staff. The Executive Committee may hire such paid staff as they deem proper and
necessary for the operations of the Organization. The powers and duties of the paid staff shall be as assigned
or as delegated to be assigned by the Executive Committee and Officers. The Executive Director shall
regularly report to the Officers and the Executive Committee.

                                                 ARTICLE V
                                         FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION

Section 5.01. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Corporation shall be January 1 – December 31.

Section 5.02. Checks, Drafts, Etc. All checks, orders for the payment of money, and any other money, goods
or services to be paid out by the Organization shall be signed or endorsed by such officer or officers or agent or
agents of the Organization and in such manner as shall from time to time be determined by resolution of the
Executive Committee or of any committee to which such authority has been delegated by the Executive

                                                ARTICLE VI
                                            BOOKS AND RECORDS

Correct books of account of the activities and transactions of the Organization shall be kept at the office of the
Organization. These shall include a minute book, which shall contain a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation,
a copy of these Bylaws, and all minutes of meetings of the Executive and Steering Committees.

                                               ARTICLE VII
                                          AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS

These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Steering Committee, provided prior notice is given of
the proposed amendment in the notice of the meeting at which such action is taken.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                        PAGE 21

Washington DC Jobs with Justice By-Laws

Name: Washington DC Jobs with Justice

Purpose: The purpose of the Jobs with Justice is to work as a coalition of labor unions, community
organizations and faith based organizations to protect the rights of working people and support community
struggles to build a more just society. We are committed to the creation of living wage jobs, supporting
organizing here and abroad, and maintaining pressure to demand corporate accountability in our communities.
We are committed to creating an organization that is fully inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

Membership: The membership shall be open to all labor unions, community groups and faith based
organizations that promote social justice. All member organizations shall be membership or constituency
based. An organization shall become a member of the Washington DC Jobs with Justice Coalition upon an
affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee: Decisions of the Coalition shall be made by the Steering Committee. Each member
organization shall have one vote on the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall give final approval
on programs/speakers at events, location and times of events, and issues to promote. The Steering Committee
shall make final approval of the annual budget, set annual priorities, make strategic plans and elect Coalition
officers. The Steering Committee shall meet at least four times a year.

Coalition Committees: The Coalition shall have these committees, and each committee shall make a report
at each Steering Committee meeting. Membership in committees is open to volunteers and members of the
Steering Committee, and each Coalition Committee shall elect a representative for the Executive Committee.
The committees include:
     A.        Student Labor Action - This committee shall be responsible for student based outreach,
               mobilization and campaign development.
     B.        Finance and Fundraising - This committee shall be responsible for developing and organizing
               regular coalition fundraising activities.
     C.        Workers Rights Board - This committee shall have primary responsibility in organizing Workers
               Rights Board activities and developing WRB programs.
     D.        Outreach - This committee shall take primary responsibility in identifying additional coalition
               partners and developing recruitment strategies.
     E.        Other - Additional standing or ad hoc committees can be created by the Steering Committee at
               any regular meeting.

Executive Committee: Decisions between Steering Committee meetings shall be made by the Executive
Committee. The Executive Committee shall be composed of: 2 representatives from labor organizations, 1 from
a community organization, and 1 from a faith based organization, all of whom shall be elected from the Steering
Committee on an annual basis. Additional representatives shall be elected by each of the standing committees
and each representative must be a member of an affiliated organization. The executive Committee shall be
responsible for developing agendas and providing leadership for Steering Committee meetings. For decisions
between meetings, the Executive Committee may be polled by phone or e-mail. The Executive Committee shall
recommend to the Steering Committee annually, two co-chairs, a secretary and a treasurer, to be voted on by
the full Steering Committee. The Executive shall approve all expenditures in excess of $100. The treasurer
shall have authority to approve expenditures under $100. The Executive Committee shall meet once a month or
more often if necessary.

Decision-Making: Decisions by the various committees shall be done on a rough consensus basis, with loose
Roberts Rules of Order and Majority (50% + 1) voting employed for official decisions relating to principled

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                    PAGE 22
positions of the organization and campaigns. Individuals who do not belong to an affiliated organization may
participate in the work of the Coalition Committees, but may not vote at the Steering Committee or Executive

Dues: The Steering Committee will set policies regarding membership dues at regular meetings.

Adoption and Amendment

     A.        These Bylaws and Organizational Structure shall be adopted upon approval of two-thirds of the
               Steering Committee.
     B.        Amendments to these Bylaws can be made by a two-thirds majority vote at a Steering
               Committee meeting called for that purpose, after discussion at two consecutive meetings.
               These Bylaws shall be reviewed at least every three years.

Union Label: All Jobs with Justice literature and promotional materials shall bear a union bug and be
manufactured by union shops.

                                               Contributions Policy

An annual contribution will be paid each year by each organization that is a member of Washington DC Jobs
with Justice. Each member organization gets to participate on the Steering Committee and gets one vote.

Suggested minimum dues are based on the following guidelines:
   1. Regional entities of national unions or denominations (e.g. SEIU District 1199 or Catholic Diocese) and
      Locals with over 10,000 members = $2,000 per year

   2. Local unions with 5,000-9,999 members and annual budgets of $250,000 or greater = $1,000 per year

   3. Local unions with memberships between 2,000 and 4,999 and annual budgets of $250,000 or greater;
      and local churches and community organizations with annual budgets of $250,000 or greater = $400
      per year

   4. Local unions with memberships between 2,000 and 4,999 and annual budgets under $250,000 = $250
      per year

   5. Local unions with memberships under 2,000 or annual budgets under $250,000; and local churches
      and community organizations with annual budgets under $250,000 = $100 per year

Organizations can choose to contribute on an annual basis (by January 30 of each year) or on a quarterly
basis. Organizations can also submit proposals to the Steering Committee to replace dues with an in-kind
contribution (i.e. office labor or other volunteer contribution). Individual contributions to Jobs with Justice are
also gladly accepted.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                           PAGE 23

Organizing Committee Chair
    All JwJ Pledgers are eligible to be Organizing Committee Chair and may self-nominate.
    Elected by majority vote of the Organizing Committee, on odd years, for a term of two years
    Prepares agenda for OC assemblies in collaboration with JwJ staff and runs those meetings
    Complete two one-on-ones a month to build and strengthen an Organizing Committee with strong reps
      from very member organization
    Participates in other JwJ-related meeting and activities as needed
    Time commitment: 8 hours a month

    All JwJ Pledgers are eligible to be Treasurer and may self-nominate.
    Elected by majority vote of the Organizing Committee, on odd years, for a term of two years
    The Treasurer is chair of the Fundraising Committee
    Handles the finances for the organization; Reports on them quarterly to Org Cmtee & Leadership Team
    Complete two one-on ones a month to build and strengthen the Fundraising Committee
    Participates in other Jwj-related meetings and activities as needed
    Time commitment: 8 hours a month

    All JwJ Pledgers are eligible to be Secretary and may self-nominate.
    Elected by majority vote of the Organizing Committee, on odd years, for a term of two years
    Responsible for recording and distributing the minutes of the JwJ Organizing Committee and
      Leadership Team
    Participates in other JwJ-related meetings and activities as needed, and as time permits
    Complete two one-on-ones a month to build and strengthen an Organizing Committee with strong reps
      from every member organization
    Time Commitment: 8 hours a month

Workers Rights Board Co-Chairs
   All WRB Core Committee members are eligible and may self-nominate
   Elected by mafority vote of the WRB Core Committee
   Is a member of the Leadership Team and Organizing Committee
   Prepares agendas for WRB Core Committee meetings in collaboration with JwJ staff and runs those
   Complete two one-on –ones a monthe to recruit and develop WRB & WRB Core Committee members
   Participates in other JwJ-related meeting and activities as needed
   Time Commitmenr: 8 hours a month

Mobilization Chair
   All Jwj Mobilization Committee members are eligible to be its chair and may self-nominate
   Elected by majority vote of the Mobilization Committee annually
   Member of the Leadership Team and Organizing Committee
   Responsible for tracking and reporting on the development of the Be There base-including pledgers,
       phone steward, and action captains.
   Complete two one-on-ones/month to develop a committee to carry out the broadening and
       strengthening of the mobilization network.
   Time commitment: 8 hours a month

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                               PAGE 24
Sector Chairs
    There will be two (2) chairs elected for each sector JwJ draws from: community, labor, religion and
    Candidates must be JwJ Pledgers and may self-nominate
    Elected by majority vote by Member organization in their sector, on even years, for a term of two years.
    The vote of each Member Organization is cast by their Organizing Committee representative. Member
       Organizations choose which sector they consider themselves part of.
    Sector chairs are members of the Organizing Committee and Leadership team.
    Play a key role in facilitating JwJ support for the campaigns of member organizations in their sector,
       they will be part of developing solidarity plans for campaigns from their sector.
    Responsible within their sector for coordination on-going plans for outreach to new member
       organizations, and inreach within current member organizations for new JwJ Pledgers. They will report
       to the Organizing Cmtee periodically on outreach and recruitment.
    Turn out their bases for the Organizing Committee Assemblies
    Two one-on-ones month to build the base of organizations and activists, and the campaigns in their
    Participate in other JwJ-related meetings and activities as needed
    Time commitment: 8 hours a month

Organizing Committee members (Reps from Member Organization)
    Represent the interests and views of their organization
    Bringing solidarity work back into their base
    Builds the ―Be There‖ pledge base in their organization
    One-on-ones with members of their home organization about he importance of movement building,
      solidarity work
    Time Commitmenr: 4 hours a month, not including joining other JwJ committees, which is encouraged

Worker Right Board Core Committee Members
   Develop Strategic contributions WRB members can make to member organizations’ campaigns
   Complete two one-on-ones a month with WRB members, current and prospective to get/keep them
      engaged in current campaigns
   Time commitment: 4 hours a month

Fundraising Committee
Oversee the development of execution of the JwJ Annual Fundraising Plan, including
    Collection of Member Organization Dues
    Fundraising from individual pledgers, including Phone a Thon
    Ad Campaign
    Grant writing
    Special Events, including Grinch and Bread & Roses
    Time commitment: 4 hours a month

Mobilization Committee
Oversee the expansion and improvement of JwJ’s mobilization capacity, including
    Recruiting, training Phone Stewards
    Recruiting, training Action Captains
    Building the base of ―Be There‖ Pledgers
    On-going evaluation and strategizing around how effective our mobilizations are in support of campaign
    Time Commitment: 4 hours a month

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                   PAGE 25

Chicago Jobs with Justice Executive Committee 2004-2005

Labor Co-Chair:     Tom Balanoff
                    President, SEIU Local 1

Religious Co-chair: Rev. Calvin Morris
                    Executive Director, Community Renewal Society

Community Co-chair:     Ed Shurna,
                  Executive Director, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Secretary:          Carl Rosen
                    President, UE District Council 11

Treasurer:          Cynthia Rodriguez
                    Vice President, SEIU Local 73

Steve McCullough
Chief Operations Officer, Bethel New Life Inc.

Ron Powell
President, UFCW Local 881

Jorge Ramirez
Executive Director, UFCW Local 1546

Tom Stiede
IBT Local 703

Lynn Talbot
International Vice President, UNITE

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                            PAGE 26


          Kentucky Jobs with Justice Membership Agreement
          Please fill out this form and return it to KY JwJ at 3330 Pinecroft Dr. Louisville, KY 40219; fax 502-625-
          3724; We will return a copy to you.

As a JwJ Member Organization, ____________________________________________ commits to
the following:
    Attending Quarterly JwJ Coalition Membership meetings
    Paying $_______ in Annual Dues
    Promoting and Publicizing JwJ events (In newsletters, emails, etc.)
           o Newsletter deadline: _______________________________________________
    Building JwJ activist base through soliciting pledge cards from members

In addition, _______________________________________ will
     Co-sponsor an event with JwJ
     Make In-kind contributions (photo copying, staff time, host a phone bank, etc.)
     Recruit members to join JwJ Working Groups and Committees
     Recruit members to be JwJ volunteers
     Invite JwJ to do a presentation to membership

Organization: _________________________________________________________________

DELEGATE NAME: ___________________________TITLE________________________________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________State: ____________Zip: _____________

Phone 1: _________________________________Phone 2: ___________________________

Email: ___________________________________Fax: _______________________________

Kentucky Jobs with Justice commits to:
  - Promote member organizations’ events and activities through monthly Solidarity Calendar
     (deadline: last Friday of each month); quarterly newsletter, called Action Lines (2003 deadlines
     are Apr 11; Jul 18; Oct 24.); and email updates (by request).
  - Mobilize activists to support member organizations’ campaigns (submit request for support to
     JwJ by the second Monday of each month or as soon as possible).
  - Hold Quarterly Membership meetings where member organizations can share information on
     campaigns and events and learn about JwJ issues and campaigns.
  - Build a Workers’ Rights Board to bring strategic support to workers’ campaigns
  - Hold periodic workshops on specific topics (living wage, globalization, etc.)
  - List member organizations in publications, including the Annual Economic Justice Journal.


  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                        PAGE 28
(for JwJ)                                                                               (for member organization)
                                            Kentucky Jobs with Justice

1. An annual contribution will be paid each year by each organization that is a member of Kentucky Jobs with
   Justice. Annual dues contributions are due on July 1 of each year.

2. Suggested minimum dues for labor organizations are based on the following schedule:

    a. Regional or statewide entities of national unions, and local unions with over 10,000 members
            …...................................................................................................................................$2000 per year

    b. Local unions with 5,000 – 9,999 members and annual budgets of $250,000 or greater
             …...................................................................................................................................$1000 per year

    c. Local unions with memberships between 1,000 – 4,999 and annual budgets of $250, 000 or greater
             …...................................................................................................................................$400 per year

    d. Local unions with memberships between 1,000 – 4,999 and annual budgets under $250,000
             …...................................................................................................................................$250 per year

    e. Local unions with memberships under 1,000 members and annual budgets under $100,000
             …...................................................................................................................................$100 per year

3. Suggested minimum dues for community and religious organizations are based on the following schedule:

            a. Regional entities of denominations..........................................................................$2000 per year

            b. Local religious and community organizations with annual budgets of $250,000 or greater
               …..............................................................................................................................$400 per year

            c. Local religious organizations and community organizations with annual budgets over $100,000
               …...............................................................................................................................$100 per year

            d. Local religious and community organizations with annual budgets below $100,000
               …...............................................................................................................................$50-100 per year

     JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                                                                PAGE 29

Request for support from Portland Jobs with Justice

Name of requesting organization _______________________________________________

Contact person ________________________________________                Phone _______________

Nature of the workers’ rights or community struggle and how it fits with JwJ criteria
(criteria are printed on the back of this sheet)

What are you requesting?
(see accompanying brochure for details)

___ Endorsement/Sponsorship
                                                                                        Rini Templeton
___ Announcement/Sign-up sheet to recruit volunteers
     Make announcement and circulate sign-up sheet at meeting

___ Hot list turnout
Phone and mailing lists are available for our 200 most active members. Your organization is
responsible for doing the mailing or making the calls
(maximum of 4 approved per month)

___ Full mobilization/Phone bank
Mailing and activation of the phone tree lists of more than a thousand members. You must provide
some volunteers for mailing and defray mailing expenses when possible.
(maximum of 1 approved per month)

___ Strategic planning
JwJ has extensive experience in planning campaigns and actions, including theater and the use of
giant puppets. If you would like help in designing an event or a campaign, call the office at 236-5573.

 Requests must be returned to the JwJ by the Wednesday before the Steering Committee meeting
  where decisions are made. Requests can also be faxed to 239-9441, or the request form can be
 filled out over the phone by calling the office at 503 236-5573. Requests that come in later will be
  considered on an emergency basis. Groups are expected to mobilize their own members for the
                 event and provide volunteers to help with mailings or phone-banking.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                               PAGE 30
What can your organization provide?
___ volunteers to help with a full-mobilization mailing. How many?

___ money to defray the cost of the mailing. How much?

___ volunteers to make signs. How many?

___ volunteers to build puppets or work on theater pieces. How many?

___ someone to distribute JwJ pledge cards to your members?

Criteria for choosing actions
      How the action fits into JwJ’s organizational priorities
      Impact of JwJ’s support on the campaign
      Impact on building JwJ and local coalitions
      Amount of rank and file participation

In its work JwJ gives priority to struggles involving the most vulnerable workers in our community.

      low wage workers
      immigrants
      people of color
      women
      youth

Who we are
Portland Jobs with Justice is a coalition of 56 labor organizations and community groups dedicated to
protecting the rights of working people and supporting community struggles to build a more just
society. We are committed to:

the creation of family wage jobs
support for organizing both here and abroad
support for community economic and civil rights struggles
maintain pressure to demand corporate accountability in our communities

We are also committed to creating an organization that is anti-racist and fully inclusive and
welcoming to everyone.

Jobs with Justice
123 NE 3rd Avenue  Suite 505
Portland, OR 97232
 (503) 236-5573 • (503) 239-9441 fax

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                 PAGE 31
Other considerations
                                                                                               Jobs with Justice

                                                                                                                                                               PAGE 32
In addition to the criteria for supporting actions, JwJ also takes into
consideration what the staff and organization can realistically do. Jobs with
Justice has extremely limited resources. We have a small budget with one
full-time and one part-time staff member. For that reason, and to avoid
pledger burn-out, no more than one major mobilization can be approved per
month. Because the increasing number of requests is greater than our ability
to respond, Jobs with Justice also gives priority to the requests of member
organizations and on-going campaigns that we are participating in.
In making decisions about endorsements, how closely the action or position
endorsed corresponds to our organizational mission to protect workers’ rights
will be taken into account. There are many things that the majority of people
in Jobs with Justice may support, but because we are a coalition of
organizations, it is not always possible to endorse them. We prefer to endorse
actions and campaigns that will build ongoing relationships with JwJ because                  How to Get Support
building connections that go beyond a single action are critical to building a
movement to protect workers rights and build a just society.
                                                                                  Organizations seeking support from JwJ should make requests by the
How Jobs with Justice works                                                       Wednesday prior to the Steering Committee meeting where the decisions
                                                                                  about what actions to support will be made. Requests made to JwJ after
Jobs with Justice is currently a coalition of 56 labor organizations and          this time will be considered on an emergency basis. Requests should
community groups dedicated to protecting the rights of working people and         indicate what level of support you are requesting and what resources your
supporting community struggles to build a just society. There are more than       organization will provide. Materials explaining the issues of your action
40 Jobs with Justice chapters nationwide. JwJ mobilizes support for labor and     or campaign should be provided to the staff and to the Steering
community struggles at rallies, on picket lines, in educational settings and at   Committees. Decisions will be based on our criteria for supporting
meetings and hearings. The basic building block of JwJ is a pledge that           actions and our organizational resources. Our criteria (full set attached)
people sign agreeing to turn out in support other people’s struggles 5 times a    include:

                                                                                                                                                               JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT
                                                                                         How the action fits into JwJ’s organizational priorities
Jobs with Justice is governed by a Steering Committee that meets on the first
                                                                                         Impact of JwJ’s support on the campaign
Monday of the month. The committee is composed of officers, committee
chairs, staff, representatives of each member organization, and seven at-large           Impact on building JwJ and local coalitions
members elected annually. The Steering Committee meets each month and                    Amount of rank and file participation
makes decisions about what actions to support. Meetings are open, but only
Steering Committee members are eligible to vote. Pledgers are mobilized                                      Jobs with Justice
through mailings, e-mail, and a phone tree. An Executive Committee made                               123 NE 3rd Avenue  Suite 502
up of officers and committee chairs meets on the third Monday of the month.                                Portland, OR 97232
These meetings are also open with Steering Committee members having a                                        (503) 236-5573
right to vote. The Executive Committee and staff sometimes make
recommendations about which actions to support.                                                  Please return the enclosed request form to
                                                                                                    Jobs with Justice as soon as possible.
Levels of Support from Jobs with Justice                                               Full Mobilization/Phone Banking

                                                                                                                                                                               PAGE 33
Jobs with Justice is currently has more requests for assistance than it can            Full mobilization involves a mailing to the full roster of pledgers (currently 1500)
respond to with our limited resources. The best way to assure getting our              and the activation of the e-mail and phone trees. Phone tree stewards will contact
support is to provide us with good supporting information well in advance of           individual pledgers prior to the action. Full mobilizations are expensive
when you want our support. Another way to gain our support is to take your             (approximately $500 a mailing) and time consuming. You will need to provide
request to the appropriate JwJ Committee first. The Committee for Sustainable          volunteers to help with the mailing and in some cases Jobs with Justice may ask
Jobs and the Economy is a good entry point for support on living wage or local         the requesting organization to contribute to the cost of the mailing as well.
corporate accountability campaigns. The Cross Border Labor Organizing                  Generally, it takes two weeks lead time to do a full mobilization. Full
Coalition deals with international organizing efforts, including sweatshop             mobilizations are usually done for significant on-going campaigns or important
issues.                                                                                one time events that directly affect workers rights.
Endorsement or Co-Sponsorship                                                          In the case of emergencies when two weeks notice is not possible, phone banks can
                                                                                       be used to reach pledgers. The requesting organization will be asked to provide
Jobs with Justice endorses, and sometimes co-sponsors, calls for meetings,             people to do the phone banking with the help of Jobs with Justice. As with the use
demonstrations, hearings and educational events. The decision to endorse               of the hot list, having actual workers involved in campaigns do the calling
something is based on whether or not it is consistent with our mission and             increases the turnout and helps build the connection between the campaign and
criteria. To get an endorsement , it is important to ask well in advance and to        Jobs with Justice and its pledgers.
provide us with information about the event, campaign, or initiative. If the
committee doesn’t feel it has enough information, the endorsement may be               Strategic Planning
                                                                                       To build a powerful social justice movement, Jobs with Justice believes that
Announcement/Sign-up Sheet                                                             developing ongoing relationships with its member organizations and with major
                                                                                       campaigns is critical. The goal is to use our resources to be proactive, rather than
It is also possible to get on the Steering Committee agenda to report on a current     reactive, in helping campaigns for worker and community rights. In addition to
campaign and to circulate a sign-up sheet to get volunteers to work on a               mobilization support, JwJ can also help develop campaigns and plan actions that
particular activity.                                                                   are effective, educational, and fun.

                                                                                                                                                                               JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT
Use of the Hot List                                                                    Our staff and Steering Committee have a lot of experience from the union hall and
                                                                                       the community to the legislature and the streets. We have worked with organizing
In addition to its full phone tree, Jobs with Justice also has a hot list of the 200   committees, strike committees, locals negotiating their first contract, and in
most active pledgers. These are people who have agreed to be contacted, within         statewide minimum wage and tax justice campaigns. It is sometimes possible to
reason, more often than once a month. You may request the mailing list and/or          have someone from Jobs with Justice work with the campaign as a liaison to help
the phone list. You are responsible for doing the mailing and phoning,                 develop campaign strategy and make actions more fun and more effective.
including the cost of the mailing. Having people from the campaign do the
calling increases turnout and helps build connection to Jobs with Justice and its      We also work closely with a group called Art and Revolution who will work with
pledgers. In some cases, Jobs with Justice will help with the mailing or               you to add street theater and giant puppets to your actions to make them more
phoning.                                                                               entertaining and memorable for participants and the general public. For more
                                                                                       information on our strategic planning resources, call the Jobs with Justice office at
The hot list is a good option if the action or event is taking place during the day,   236-5573.
when most pledgers are at work, or outside the immediate Portland area.

            Approved by the Cleveland JwJ Steering Committee on October 20, 1999

"911" assistance is defined as appeals by JwJ to our constituency to act on behalf of a union or other
organization that is involved in an organizing campaign, contract struggle, or other campaign in which
activities like mobilizations, letter-writing, etc. would be of material assistance. These are one-shot,
short-term projects, as opposed to larger, ongoing strategic partnerships.

911 has been an important part of our activity. It will continue to be one of our important areas of
work, and it should be. It allows us to mobilize support for struggles of various kinds, to make
connections among our members and constituents, and to raise our visibility in the movement and in
the community.

Cleveland Jobs with Justice handles these requests in the following way:

   1. Whenever time allows, 911 requests, just like requests for more strategic relationships, should
      be brought to the Steering Committee for approval. Sometimes this may be an approval in
      principle, long before the specifics of a projected action are known.

       If there is not enough time to wait for a Steering Committee meeting, the Executive Committee
       should be consulted. If time is too short, Co-Chairs should be consulted.

   2. When a member organization needs 911 help, the procedure will be:

        The organization will call the office to give us all the pertinent information, including when
         they will be available to do the physical work of doing the mailing
        Our staff will design and produce the mail piece/handbill. Our staff will also produce a set
         of mailing labels and make sure we have sufficient postage.
        At the agreed upon time, the volunteers or staff from the member organization will
         assemble the leaflet and attach the labels and stamps (ie) prepare the mailing. If this is
         done at the JwJ office, we can take responsibility for getting it to the post office if

   3. If the group asking for the 911 is not a member organization, the procedure is the same,
      except that the group will provide their own postage by bringing stamps with them, bringing
      payment for the stamps, or taking the mailing to run through on their own postage meter, etc.

This procedure allows for some flexibility, If the organization requesting the 911 prefers to do a
mailing to the entire mailing list, rather than the key list, they can do so, providing the necessary
volunteer help and if they are not members, the postage. If they would like a set of labels according
to a certain criteria (e.g. everyone in certain zip codes, or living wage supporters), that can be done
as well. Staff will look into the possibility of setting up a relationship with a mailing house in the area,
to allow the work to be done more expeditiously, especially for larger mailings.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                  PAGE 34

Process of Application for Charter

   1) Before you send in a charter application for a new coalition, the leadership of your group must
      meet with a Jobs with Justice field staff person.

   2) Applications for charter are reviewed at national board meetings of Jobs with Justice.

   3) The board votes to accept or reject applications for charter by a majority vote.

   4) Every coalition will be expected to renew their charter with this same application process every
      2 years.

   5) If a charter application is rejected, the group has 6 months to improve the application and re-

   6) While in the organizing stages, before official charter has been approved, a group can use the
      name ―Jobs with Justice Organizing Committee.‖

   7) Groups who don’t meet the criteria for a chartered coalition, but would like to be part of the
      network to participate in the annual meeting and get information about national days of action
      are welcome to.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                             PAGE 35
Criteria for Jobs with Justice Charter

Local Jobs with Justice coalitions are made up of member organizations that work together to play a
major role in building community power for working people. Local coalitions are autonomous and
have their own structure, leadership, funding, and culture.

However, Jobs with Justice is also a national network, and as such asks that groups wishing to
become a Jobs with Justice coalition agree to the following:

   1) Support the principles on the Jobs with Justice pledge card in your mission statement.

   2) Commit to using the Jobs with Justice name, both internally and externally (this can be in
      addition to an already existing name).

   3) Have at least 10 member organizations total, including 5 labor unions and 5 community, faith-
      based and student groups. Please attach your member organization list to this application.

   4) Because we are non-profit and non-partisan, we do not endorse candidates or engage in
      electoral politics.

   5) Commit to using the JwJ pledge card, and have at least 100 pledge cards signed.

   6) Periodically share the coalition’s individual pledge database with the national office. Please
      send an electronic copy of your database with your application. The national database will be
      used only for the national JwJ newsletter and notices regarding the Annual Meeting. The
      database is never shared with or sold to other organizations nor is it used for fundraising.

   7) Have passed a set of by-laws or decision-making structure. Please attach a copy with your

   8) Take part in the Annual Meeting and national days of action, where possible.

   9) Regularly communicate activities and press coverage to the national office.

   10) Participate in twice-yearly reporting of activities, campaigns, organizational growth and budget.
       Sample forms are attached to this application.

   11) Communicate and coordinate with the national office regarding foundation and national union
       fundraising efforts.
   12) The local coalition is solely responsible for its finances and any financial obligations it incurs.
       The national organization does not assume financial responsibility for the chartered coalition’s
       debts, liabilities, or other financial obligations, unless expressly authorized in advance and in

   13) Participation in activities with the national organization or other chartered coalitions is
       voluntary. Therefore, the chartered local coalition is solely responsible for activities or
       statements, or commitments made in furtherance of its activities or statements. The national
       organization does not assume responsibility for local coalition efforts because of its
       relationship and contact with, or recommendations to, chartered coalitions. The national

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                PAGE 36
      organization does not assume responsibility or liability for any chartered local coalition activity
      or statements, unless expressly authorized in advance and in writing by the national

As part of the national Jobs with Justice network, your coalition can:

   1) Participate in national trainings (some past trainings have included: Building JwJ, Fighting for
      the Right to Organize, Grassroots Fundraising, the JwJ Women’s Retreat, and coalition-to-
      coalition cross-trainings);

   2) Receive support and technical assistance from national staff for campaign strategy, coalition
      outreach and building, fundraising, and long range planning;

   3) Receive JwJ signs, pledge cards, and other materials; the national office provides multi-
      lingual materials where possible;

   4) Participate in the national network through the monthly mailing, periodic conference calls, e-
      mail list serve, and the newsletter;

   5) Be listed as a local JwJ coalition in the National Workers’ Rights Directory and on our

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                                PAGE 37
Charter Application

We agree to the charter criteria and apply for recognition as a local Jobs with Justice coalition.
Name of Coalition:

The following contact information should be listed in the directory:

Staff/ Leader:              ______________________________________

Address:                    ______________________________________


Phone: ____________________                Fax: _____________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________

Additional Leader:          ______________________________________
(if necessary)
Address:                    ______________________________________


Phone: ____________________                Fax: _____________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________

Checklist of attachments:

      Mission Statement
      List of member organizations (see form)
      List of current officers and their contact information
      By-laws, including dues policy
      Pledge database (on a disk)          Total on database:     ________
                                            Total active pledgers: ________
      List of member organization financial contributions and Budget

_________________________                 ________________________
Co-chair Signature                        Co-chair Signature

_________________________                 ________________________
Date                                      Date

Date approved by National JwJ Board:

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                               PAGE 38
Member Organization                  Category
1.                                   Labor

2.                                   Labor

3.                                   Labor

4.                                   Labor

5.                                   Labor

6.                                   Comm/Faith/Student

7.                                   Comm/Faith/Student

8.                                   Comm/Faith/Student

9.                                   Comm/Faith/Student

10.                                  Comm/Faith/Student

     JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                        PAGE 39
                        AS OF FEBRUARY 2005

      Fred Azcarate, JwJ Executive Director
      Paul Booth, AFSCME International Union
      Margaret Butler, Portland JwJ staff
      Larry Cohen, CWA International Union
      Russ Davis, E. Massachusetts JwJ staff
      Mary Finger, UFCW International Union
      Michael Guererro, Grassroots Global Justice
      Sara Mersha, DARE and Rhode Island JwJ Executive Cmte.
      Rev. Calvin Morris, Community Renewal Society and Chicago JwJ Co-chair
      Njoki Njehu, 50 Years is Enough Network
      Allie Robbins, United Students Against Sweatshops
      Monica Russo, SEIU 1199 Florida and S. Florida JwJ Co-chair
      John Ryan, Cleveland Labor Council and Cleveland JwJ Co-chair
      Chris Sanders, Kentucky State AFL-CIO and KY JwJ Executive Cmte.
      Stewart Acuff, AFL-CIO Director of Organizing
      Ajita Talwalker, US Student Association
      Tim Waters, USWA International Union
      Tom Woodruff, SEIU International Union
      Carin Zelenko, IBT International Union

Currently there are three unfilled board positions.

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                                 PAGE 40


                         (all staff is based in DC unless otherwise noted)

National Office
1325 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
tel: 202.393.1044  fax: 202.393.7408

Allison Fletcher Acosta
Communications & Technology Coordinator - 202.393.1044 x224

Fred Azcarate
Executive Director - 202.393.1044 x230

Laura Bogle
Midwest Regional Field Organizer - 202.393.1044 x222

Treston Faulkner
Southern Regional Field Organizer - 202.393.1044 x226

Sarita Gupta
Field Director - 202.393.1044 x227

Nancy Haque
Western Regional Field Organizer - 202.393.1044 x225

Scarlet Jimenez
Office Coordinator - 202.393.1044 x229

Carl Lipscombe
Student Labor Action Project Coordinator - 202.393.1044 x221

Laura McSpedon
Northeast Field Organizer (based in W. Mass.) - (413) 534-4407

Analia Penchaszadeh
Associate Director - 202.393.1044 x228

Erica Smiley
Media & National Workers' Rights Board Coordinator - 202.393.1044 x231

  JOBS WITH JUSTICE STARTER KIT                                              PAGE 42

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