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                                                  Guidance notes

Leeds is working toward no room sharing unless the children involved are related
and even then a room share assessment is necessary to ensure the share is

Our aim is to accommodate all our children safely and in comfort, to ensure they
have sufficient privacy and personal space and room for play or study

The following factors need to be considered as a minimum:
    The size of the room
    The intended duration of the placement ie holiday/respite or longer term
    The chronological ages and genders of the children
    The developmental stages of the children
    The known quality of existing relationship between the children
    The personal and background information provided about the children
      (minimum requirement here is CC6 and Risk assessments for fostering/ or
      essential information and pen picture for Family Placement) If    we    have
      information to suggest that any of the children in the room share assessment
      have been sexually abused, have been involved in any sexualised play or
      predatory behaviour, any bedwetting and soiling, have any significant
      behavioural issues or whether bullying has been identified as a concern.
      These issues will require full consideration and may represent a contra
      indication to approval of the room share.

Fostering policy states that children of differing genders may generally only share a
room up to the age of 5 years, unless they are siblings and this was the case at
home or will enable them to stay together. Children/Babies may only share the foster
carer’s room up to the age of one year.

Personal space and privacy: Single or ‘Box’ rooms are only suitable for room share
even by siblings for very short term stays - possibly only days or weeks (ie holiday

Health & Safety & Comfort: Bunk beds are more suitable for primary school age
children but may not appropriate for the under 5’s or for teenagers.

Who is responsible for the assessment
   The child’s Social Worker is responsible for providing a good quality referral
     and risk assessment.
   Room share assessments should be performed by the Placements Officer or
     Supervising Fostering Officer in consultation with the children’s Social
   The Placements Officer or Fostering Officer and the Carer need to discuss the
     issues and any necessary revision to the Carer’s Safe Care Policy
   The Placements Officer or Fostering Officer must present the assessment to
     the Duty Manager/or their Team Manager for counter signature/approval
                                                          ROOM SHARE ASSESSMENT

Names, ages and gender of the children to whom this room share assessment

Please confirm that the Social Worker has provided satisfactory CC6 and Risk
Assessments in respect of these children: YES these have been completed by Jon
Duffield social worker

Please Indicate whether there are any factors (in the information provided)
which suggests the room share is or may be inappropriate

Please identify names and job titles of those involved in the assessment:

Please confirm that the Carer’s Safe Care Policy has been discussed in the course
of this assessment and by whom:

                                     sign and date

This assessment should be kept on the carer’s file/a copy provided to the carer AND should be
reviewed regularly in Supervisory Visits by the Carer and Fostering Officer together.

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