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									You may find it helpful to start on one of the general careers
websites such as then
look at the more specialised information on these pages

Administration and Business – Business and administration skills – Human Resources/Personnel - Civil Service Jobs

Animals, Plants – animal inspection work - vet and vet nursing - gardening / horticulture – agriculture / horticulture / gamekeeping – horses, farriery

Armed Forces

Art & Design – may be helpful to see what jobs are available - info on careers in art, design, fashion,
advertising and much more – industry insights to creative careers

Building & Construction – construction careers and apprenticeships info – but check Careers Scotland website for Scottish
entry qualifications – electrical apprenticeship training - professional construction careers

Buying, Selling and Related Work - Sector Skills Council for Retail - Trading Standards Officer

Care Work – careers in social services – nursery nurse training

Catering, Hospitality & Tourism – promoting careers in catering, leisure
and tourism - Institute of Travel & Tourism
Computing and IT – leaflets on careers in IT - careers in IT and Telecoms

Education, Teaching & Training – details about entry requirements etc – useful case studies about jobs in local
government as well as job vacancies eg for classroom assistants

Emergency Services - check ambulance details in career leaflet – Prison Officer work

Engineering & Manufacturing - great website on engineering
careers and routes into them – Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and
Manufacturing Engineering Institutions gives information on breadth of job roles in the Energy and
Utility Sector

Environmental Work and ‘Green’ Jobs - Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment - sector skills council for Renewable Energy

Financial Work
Accountant and Accounting Technician –
Actuary –
Banks & Building Societies – ;

Garage Services – good job descriptions of job roles in motor vehicle work – offers training at Skillseeker and Modern Apprentice level - online application for apprenticeships – apprenticeship training

Hairdressing & Beauty – national training organisation for hair and beauty
Health & Medical – info on a huge range of jobs in the health sector,
and links to specialist and professional websites.

Languages – Institute of Linguists - interesting website showing the huge range of
jobs where languages could be useful

Law & Politics - Law Society of Scotland – Faculty of Advocates

Libraries, Museums - Chartered Institute of Library and
Information Professionals – info on careers and getting a job in

Manufacturing – Sector Skills Council for Process Manufacturing
Industries - Institute of Operations Management - Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and
Manufacturing Technologies

Media, Marketing & Advertising - Sector Skills Council for Creative Media,
including radio and TV - Institute of Practitioners in
Advertising, information on career paths - National Council for the Training of Journalists – Careers
Advice section, and vacancy adverts for trainee journalists

Performing Arts sections on music, performing arts and dance – industry insights to creative careers - Info on courses, funding and careers in drama - look at ‘policy advice/article/careers with music – general
information’. Incorporated Society of Musicians. - music technology / sound recording

Science & Maths – careers in maths, science, technology with career
case studies and a bright, cheerful layout - Institute of Physics - Royal Society of Chemistry - Life Science careers - job roles in Forensics – excellent website with case studies showing
maths applications in many career areas

Social Science and Psychology - British Psychological Society - careers in social research

Sport & Leisure – for information on jobs in the sports industry - general website with coaching qualification
details – look at ‘special entry requirements’ for
entry to PE Teaching - careers in sports science

Transport & Logistics - Air Traffic Control website - very useful website covering all
passenger transport

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