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					Since the Blog Talk Radio show is limited to 30 minutes, I think an agenda will be
good to stay on track. We definitely will be having a 2nd show about Willy
Lantigua, and maybe even a few more dedicated solely to Mr. Lantigua. But let's
hammer the:
(1) investigations,
(2) the suspected corruption,
(3) the nepotism,
(4) the selling/giving/gifting/delivering of equipment to the Dominican Republic by
a mayor in the USA,
(5) the questions on the campaign finance reports,
(6) the incompetent city staff, failure to properly process paperwork at city clerk’s
(7) the girlfriend, family, ex-wife, estranged wife, etc on city of Lawrence payroll,
(8) the intimate friend "amigo" elevated to deputy police chief Bonilla's and his
credentials and qualifications, civil service exam
(9) the Mayor's establishments as Patrick Blanchette is quoted in a police report,
(10) the DOUBLE dipping off of Massachusetts taxpayers by Lantigua (State
House and Mayor paychecks), Blanchette intimidating or interfering with a police
activity (hence the police report filed)
(11) the questionable expenses on Lantigua's campaign reports and missing
periods of time
(12) the extensive trips to Dominican Republic, the gifts to Tenares, D.R.
(13) the questions related to Lantigua's official residential address(es),
(14) Lantigua's FAILURE as the chairman of the Lawrence public school system,
(15) the cronies that hover around Lantigua,
(16) the nightclubs, bars and LIQUOR places that refer to Lantigua as a frequent
(17) the NUMEROUS people who call Lantigua when they are arrested,
(18) the “girlfriend”/city employee taking federal money for heat subsidies while
they both claim to earn over $ 140K,
(19) Josuè Hernández, exposed by Lantigua’s friends with malicious purposes
and politicians, including police assistance.
(20). Uses a policy of intimidation against City employees if they talk about things
they see and who violate the rules of the charter.
(21) Manipulates the media and Hispanic newspapers and has friends that
promote the mayor's misconduct distorting the truth
(22) Did Lantigua procure an occupational or occupancy permit for his campaign
(23) Did Lantigua appoint Mayra Lantigua to the Licensing Board, process?
(24) Why does Lantigua write recommendation letters, on official stationery, for
people arrested or investigated?

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