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					                                                         Loving Lyrics
Robbie Williams
1        Here I stand victorious
2        The only man who made you come
3        When you cried, you cried for us
4        And when we died, you died alone
5        Gravity's calling
6        Don't go home
7        Where are we
9        Did what I could
10       For one of us
11       I always thought it was for you
12       And when I lied
13       Oh I lied for us
14       Because you never heard the truth
15       I am lying alone tonight
16       Don't go home
17       Where are we
19       If we are ghosts
20       (A long long time ago)
21       It looks like we could have made it baby
22       We are ghosts
23       (A long long time)
24       Me and you
25       We are ghosts
26       (A long long time ago)
27       We could have made it
28       We are ghosts
29       (A long long time)
30       Me and you
31       (Ago)
33       Look at the time its taken me
34       To get away from what was said
35       I'll never leave
36       I'll always love
37       You know that all those words are dead
38       Buried in yours tonight
39       Move aside
40       I'm taking you home

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                                                    Loving Lyrics
42   On the radio
43   She was that summer song
44   Packing them in
45   Making them dance
46   A law of her own
47   Taking the time to sing it
48   I don't need you
49   But I'm lost
50   I'm lost without you tonight
51   Have you no heart
52   Where are we
53   (Everybody sing it)
55   Ghosts
56   We love like ghosts
57   We are ghosts
58   They're taking down our satellite
59   We are ghosts
60   Josephine
61   I'll follow your star tonight
62   We are ghosts
63   If not tonight
64   Then when will she say
65   (Everybody sing it)
66   We're not ghosts

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