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									Haemodialysis at home: A life beyond dialysis

Denny, 58, has been a haemodialysis patient for over nine years. Until earlier this year, she was visiting a
centre for dialysis. Now she is dialysing at home and says it has changed her life.                            “Patients don’t realise that there is life
                                                                                                               above and beyond dialysing. If they
Transferring to home haemodialysis
                                                                                                               were dialysing at home, because they
Denny decided to move to home dialysis after it was made available to clinically eligible patients in her
renal unit. Within a week of visiting the team responsible for home haemodialysis she was set up and           would be so much more in control, they
ready to go. A dialysis machine was installed in her conservatory and she and her husband, who is her          would find dialysis not so intimidating.”
main carer, were trained how to operate the machine and deal with any problems.
                                                                                                               “I feel so much better. My blood
Denny was already accomplished at self-needling, having received training while dialysing in centre. She       pressure is still a bit low, but am not
received further self care training and nurses were also present for her first few home dialysis sessions.     crashing on the machine since I have
                                                                                                               been home, which is phenomenal.”
The Renal Patient View website has been invaluable for Denny. It is a secure site through which she can
view details of her diagnosis, upload self-measured data, understand her latest test results and receive       “I upload my own information to Renal
information on medicine management. She has found the discussion forum on Renal Patient View a great
                                                                                                               Patient View now I’m at home; my
way for home dialysis patients to get support and advice from others going through similar experiences.
                                                                                                               weight and blood pressure. It means I
The benefits                                                                                                   can spot any trends and better manage
Denny feels much better both physically and                      Key outcomes                                  myself.”
psychologically. In centre, she would dialyse for four            Patient feels much better
hours, three or four times a week. Now, in the comfort of          physically and psychologically
her own home, she dialyses for five hours, five times a
week. Denny soon noticed significant improvements in her          Improved quality of life from
general wellbeing from the increased frequency of dialysis.        being able to dialyse at home

Because she dialyses for longer, she can use a lower
                                                                  Slower pump speed means
pump speed. Her blood pressure does not drop as it did in          blood pressure does not drop as
centre, where she would often need additional oxygen.              it used to in centre
                                                                  Renal Patient View website
With the support of Renal Patient View, Denny also feels           empowers patient to feel more in
more empowered to manage her own care and also feels
                                                                   control of her own care
better prepared for clinical appointments.

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