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									            How to Get Followers on Twitter

                                                                           By: Matt Bacak
Having a large twitter following is something that really help a business to garner more sales,
get a larger audience for your messages and generally have better conversations. That being
said, there are a few things you could do to get followers on twitter. They include:

   1. Encourage retweeting
In order to get followers, you have to explain to what retweeting is to your existing followers
and encourage them to do it. This will allow your tweets to be seen by more people and
therefore increase the probability of getting more followers. You should also use services like
retweetist to see whether your efforts are paying off.

   2. Reveal details
You should reveal as much as possible on your twitter bio in order to get followers. A detailed
bio will cause people to follow you because they’ll be able to associate your tweets with a real
person. This is because people use social media for the conversation with other people
meaning that they won’t add a user with a black bio page.

   3. Market your account
You have to sensitize people on the existence of your twitter account in order to get followers.
For instance, if you are a public speaker, you can tell the audience that you are on Twitter,
display your twitter URL in your presentation, include it in your business card etc. You can also
market your account on other social media sites, blogs, forums etc. Another viable option is
buying followers from high traffic sites. This usually causes you to get followers interested in
you, your business etc.

   4. Join the conversation
You have to participate in all relevant conversations in order to get followers. Use the trending
topics section to find interesting conversations and get involved. Witty and intelligent
responses will get people to look at your profile and hopefully follow you. In order to get
followers in that topic, you should also incorporate hash tags in all your tweets. This allows you
to get followers looking for information, friendship etc.
   5. Use media
Another good way to get followers in twitter is to use media. You find that interesting pictures
get retweeted a lot because they offer a break from all the written content. This means that
you should have your smartphone with you at all times in order to take and upload interesting

   6. Contests
This is a very good way to get followers because it takes advantage of peoples’ need to acquire
free things. Holding a simple contest that asks people to retweet a link or suggest your twitter
page in return for a suitable prize will allow you to enjoy a sudden increase in followers. These
prizes can range from gift cards to computers.

   7. Follow other people
Look for people with many twitter followers and follow them. This will allow you to find out
why they have such a large following and incorporate this information into your own
endeavors. For instance, you can learn how to create conversation, stir controversy without
annoying people etc.

In a nutshell, getting a large twitter following may require you to invest a lot of time and money
but the benefits will be well worth the efforts.

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