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                                                      Network List
                                                SFYS handover August 2009

                                                                            School Focused Youth Service Networks

LIST OF NETWORKS/COMMITTEES                     DESCRIPTION                              PARTICIPATION
Western Region Team Meetings        Monthly team meetings focusing on        Participation from all 4 regional Co-
                                    arranging regional events(brokerage      ordinators on a monthly basis.
                                    round/ roundtable), information          Contact Gail Jesson
                                    exchange, updates from each region       Ph: 9680 8238
                                    and peer support                         Future dates are:-
                                                                                  September 17th
                                                                                  October 15th
                                                                                  November 19th
Local Advisory Groups               Steering Committees for SFYS with        Convened by the SFYS Coordinator in
                                    representation from schools,             each local region on a bi-monthly
                                    community agencies and council           basis.
                                    discusses issues surrounding the SFYS    Future dates are:-
                                    program and oversees brokerage                September 11th
                                                                                  November 13th
Western Regional Advisory Group     Advisory committee overseeing SFYS       Participation from all 4 regional Co-
                                    program at a regional level. Members     ordinators on a bi-monthly basis.
                                    include: representatives from DHS,       Contact Carole Lanyon
                                    DEECD, CEO, SFYS coordinators &          Ph: 9275 7554
                                    program managers                         E:
                                                                             Future Dates
                                                                                  September 16th
                                                                                  November 18th
State-wide Coordinators Network     Meeting of SFYS Coordinators from        Participation from all 4 regional Co-
                                    across Victoria. Meeting involves        ordinators on a quarterly basis.
                                    departmental and state-wide              Future Dates
                                    updates, professional development             November 27th
                                    and feedback from working parties.

                                                                                                 Regional Networks

Western Region Youth          Ministerial Advisory Committee       Contact: Chris Soderiou
Affairs Network (RYAN)        advocating for greater service       Ph: 9364 3200
                              provision relating to issues that    E:
                              effect the health and wellbeing of   Future Dates
                              young people.                              August 25th
                                                                         October 20th
                                                                         December 15th
Multi-Intervention Response   SFYS co-ordinators form part of      Participation from all 4 regional Co-ordinators
Team (MIRT)                   MIRT team & called to participate    on a quarterly basis when required (if case
                              in case co-ordination depending on   presentation is from HB or Wyndham)
                              which school network the student     Contact: Madeline Pitcher
                              is from. MIRT explores the options   Ph: 9291 6509
                              available for young peoples who      E:
                              are highly at risk of educational
                                                                                                   Local Networks

  Hobsons Bay/ Wyndham

Catholic and Independent       A Bi-monthly student wellbeing network with representation from all catholic and
Schools Network                independent schools in Hobsons Bay and Wyndham. Convened by SFYS who is
                               responsible for booking the room (corporate centre), arranging catering , setting
                               the agenda and arranging a guest speaker. It is to be held on the following dates:-
                                     October 21st
                                     End of year breakfast (TBC)
WynBay Workers with Young      A bi-monthly network of community agencies working with young people in
People Network                 Wyndham and Hobsons Bay with the purposes of networking, information sharing
                               and forming community links.
                               For information contact Nicole Battle/ Erin Clark Ph: 9742 8155 or Tracey Carson
                               Future dates : October 15th and November 26th
Wyndham Humanitarian           A monthly network of community agencies supporting recent arrivals in Wyndham.
Network                        Strong focus on settlement issues, education and health and wellbeing.
                               Contact Jennie Barrera Ph: 9742 4013
Wyndham Humanitarian           A monthly sub-committee that advocate for the educational requirements of newly
Network (Education Working     arrived communities in Wyndham. Contact Jennie Barrera Ph: 9742 4013
Wyndham Humanitarian           A sub committee that looks at the needs of newly arrived young people in
Network (Youth Working         Wyndham. The action plan for this group was recently written by CMY and SFYS.
Party)                         For information and future meeting dates, contact: Nick Butera Ph: 9340 3742
Festival For Healthy Living    Monthly participation in the FFHL Steering group which is a health promotion
                               initiative to be delivered between schools and agencies in Heathdale (Werribee). If
                               meeting clashes with HB staff meetings – Do not attend. Contact: Harry Gelber Ph:
                               9345 6011/ 0419 378 042
Wyndham Better Youth           Monthly participation in the steering group for the Better Youth Service Pilot. This
Services Pilot                 initiative sees the vulnerable youth framework in action by exploring early
                               identification, data collection and improvements to service delivery. Currently not
                               meeting but may in future. Contact: Erin Clark Ph: 9742 8155
SSSO/ SFYS Team Meeting        Attend team meeting once per term to provide an update on the SFYS program and
and School Forums              initiatives. To plan collaborative SFYS/ SSSO wellbeing forums which are held once
                               per term for schools in HB. Contact Kirsty
Catholic Student Wellbeing     A term based primary school network convened by the Catholic Education Office
Network                        which is a cluster approach to looking at issues of student wellbeing. Is chaired by
                               Catholic Ed representatives Cath Beehan and Helen Saddler (2 networks across
                               Wyndham and Hobsons Bay) Ph: 9267 0228
Student Welfare Coordinators   Monthly networking and information sharing re: student wellbeing issues with
Network (SWC Network)          representation from all government schools in Hobsons Bay and Wyndham.
                               Convened by SFYS and held at various schools, SFYS is responsible for setting the
                               agenda and arranging guest speakers. Remaining dates for this year are:-
                                     October 19th – Laverton P-12 College
                                     November 23rd – The Grange P-12 College
                                     December 7th – End of year breakfast (venue TBC)
Hobsons Bay Youth Strategy     A steering group made up of internal council officers to review and assist with the
Steering Group                 development of the Hobsons Bay Youth Strategy. Contact: Tracey Carson Ph: 9932
Grant Makers Network           A quarterly meeting of Hobsons Bay Council Staff who oversee grant programs to
                               share information and best practice. Contact: Lisa Travers Ph: 9932 1000

        SFYS                                     Brokerage Project List
                                                   SFYS handover August 2009

In total 17 applications received, 22 applications were anticipated (i.e. SFYS co-ordinator
had met with school and/ or agency in relation to possible application). The following
graphs demonstrate the number of applications received by LGA and school type.

                                            School Type

                              3              4

                                                              Primary Schools
                                                              Secondary Schools


                                  By Local Government Area

                                        1    3

                                                                  Hobsons Bay
                                                                  Both municipalities


Within the SFYS Guidelines 12 target groups exist that SFYS funded projects should
respond to. The breakdown of these target groups amongst the applications received are
as follows:-
Early School Leaving – 82%
Mental Health – 71%
Violence – 53%
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young People – 41%
Disability – 24%
Offending – 18%
Substance Abuse – 18%
Sexuality – 18%
Homeless – 12%
Self Harm - 6%
Koorie Young People – 6%
Rural Young People – 6%

                                                           Project Brokerage 2009 Applications
                                                                                   A Snapshot

                             Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                             SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project               Brave New World                                          Project #      1
Lead Partner                  Thomas Carr College,
                              Wyndham Legal Service, Wyndham Youth Services, Youth Transition Support
School/ Agency Partners       Initiative, Western Melbourne Headspace, Consumer Affairs Victoria, Victoria
                              Police and Open Family
Target Group                  Primary target is 10 VCAL students with secondary target 230 Year 12 students
  S     Students will spend three days at the Wyndham Youth Resource Centre participating in a range of
  U     interactive workshops and presentations providing in depth information about issues relating to
 M      transition. The information is intended to address a range of issues including workplace rights and
 M      responsibilities, unfair dismissal , access to centrelink benefits, mental health, public transport, living
  A     out of home, responsible driving, police powers, substance use and interview skills. Using this
  R     information the students will then work together to create a professionally printed, “survival kit”, as
  Y     part of the curriculum that will be distributed to all school leavers at Thomas Carr College. This
        process will encourage students to be reflective about the hopes for their journey beyond school,
        develop a greater sense of community and will increase their knowledge of the range of community
        supports available to them. Underpinning this project is the hope that students will be better
        prepared, enlightened and empowered to make informed decisions when they leave school.
                                                Co-ordinator Update
First phase of the project has been completed whereby the VCAL students have participated in 3 days of
workshops with service providers to gather information required for the resource. The students are
currently working on the resource development and printing which should be completed by the end of
October. For more information contact Geralyn McCarthy 8734 2447. Some of the students may be
available to discuss their experience of being involved at the SFYS Roundtable.

                             Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                             SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project               Performance Creation Program                             Project #      2
Lead Agency                   St Martin De Porres Primary School,
School/ Agency Partners       Stella Maris Primary School, Entertainment 5678
Target Group                     15 students from each school will be targeted by wellbeing staff
   S    This project aims to incorporate themes of student wellbeing using the arts to respond to issues of
  U     bullying and connection to school (i.e. increasing confidence, team building, enhanced social skills,
  M     building resilience, developing leadership skills, ). Students will work together in a creative non
  M     threatening environment to create a performance and deliver it to the broader school community.
  A     This will also assist in prepare students for the transition to secondary school. School staff will be
  R     involved by working alongside the artist to develop lesson plans, wellbeing themes and creating
   Y    parent involvement.
                                                Co-ordinator Update
Project has not started. Please contact Marianne Massarany ph:9369 1070. It was agreed by the LAG that
the SFYS Co-ordinator will meet with staff at St Martin De Porres to assist with mapping community school
links to enhance genuine partnerships in the school community.

                           Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                           SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project             The Games We Play                                    Project #     3
Lead Agency                 SpiritWest Services
School/ Agency Partners     Hoppers Crossing Secondary College and Feeder Primary Schools
                             CALD young people – 15 in training program, 180 secondary students, 145
Target Group
                             primary school students
  S    The aim of this project is to facilitate interactions between CALD young people, their families and
  U    their peers through the sharing of cultural games and activities. Phase 1 will see a select diverse
 M     group of students from years 7 and 8 participate in workshops whereby they consult community
 M     elders about traditional games. These workshops will also explore intergenerational conflict with
  A    information shared about effective communication strategies. Following the workshops students will
  R    be required to develop a resource manual about the games so that they can be played in the
  Y    broader community. Phase 2 sees the students conduct a ‘Traditional Sports Expo’ to grade 5/6
       students as part of the “Welcome to Hoppers” transition day utilising coaching and leadership skills
       learned from SpiritWest staff. The expo provides opportunity for the manual content to be fine
       tuned prior to printing and distribution. Additional outcomes include:-
            Increased connectedness between young people and their cultural community
            Increased cross cultural understanding within the school community
            Increased connectedness between newly arrived students and their peers and teachers
            Improved leadership and confidence of secondary school students
            Strengthened relationships between schools, agencies and CALD community leaders
            Relationship building between primary and secondary school students increasing respect
               and diminishes incidences of bullying
                                               Co-ordinator Update
Project partners have come together to design the program outline and are continuing to liaise with
agencies about the delivery of professional development to support the project. The project plan has been
completed and is attached with other paperwork in the brokerage project folder. At this stage they have
developed the expected outcomes and target group and sessions will start on the 12th of August with the
resource being printed at the end of the year. Contact is Kiemi Lai ph: 9680 6182. A great deal of interest
surrounds this program so it would be great to approach partners to present at a LAG meeting.

                           Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                           SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project             Peer Mediation                                       Project #     8
Lead Partner                Little River Primary School
School/ Agency Partners     Stride Foundation
                             Primary target group (20 year 5 and 6 students) Secondary target (future
Target Group
  S    This project aims to implement a peer mediation program that will improve school culture and
  U    respond to the schools concerns around student conflict, self esteem, poor social skills and
 M     aggressive behaviour. All year 5 and 6 students will be trained with the following as expected
 M     outcomes:-
  A         Students will develop conflict management and communication skills
  R         Students will be better equipped to transition to secondary school
  Y         Student will train year 4 students so that the program is ongoing
            Wellbeing staff will attend and participate in the workshops and then train other staff
                                            Co-ordinator Update
Partnership with Stride is complete (2 workshops have been delivered). The school will need to complete
the evaluation and may require a further meeting with the SFYS co-ordinator to look at how they can
continue the peer mediation model within their school. Contact is Judy Hall ph: 5283 1214.
                            Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                            SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project              Ease the Transition                                     Project #      6
Lead Partner                 Galvin Park Secondary College
School/ Agency Partners      Werribee Football Club, Wyndham Youth Services
                                 Year 7 students who have experienced difficulty with transition and future
Target Group
                                 students from feeder primary schools.
   S     This project aims to support current students to actively deal with the difficulties they have
  U      encountered during their primary to secondary transition, and to use this experience to assist future
  M      students from feeder primary schools. This is turn will assist both groups to feel more connected to
  M      school, increase self esteem and build relationships. The project will begin as 15 students are invited
  A      to attend lunchtime workshops to explore issues with transitioning to secondary school. Throughout
   R     term 3, these sessions will encourage peer support, build resilience and increase conflict
   Y     management skills through a range of sporting, drama and art activities. During term 4 students will
         then utilise leadership skills and confidence to visit feeder primary schools talking to students about
         going to high school. In term 1 and 2 the lunchtime activities will continue with the original group of
         students supporting any new year 7 student who may like to attend. This will assist the school to
         identify bullying as it arises and assist students who may experience difficulties making new friends.
                                                 Co-ordinator Update
SFYS Co-ordinator brought project partners together to complete further planning on this project late July.
It will run for 4 terms and will require assistance and monitoring from SFYS. Contact person is Trish
Worthington ph: 9741 4911.

                            Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                            SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project              Lets Party!                                             Project #      16
Lead Partner                 Altona College
School/ Agency Partners      Laverton P-12 College, Hobsons Bay Youth Services, DASWest
Target Group                 Year 9 students
  S    Combining year nine classes from both schools, a full day workshop will be held focusing on the
 U     consequences and negative impact of drug and alcohol use at parties, with a particular focus on
 M     decision making. Included in the days activities will be a performance by the ‘love drunk’ comedians,
 M     group work, student activities and guest speakers. After the workshops are completed students will
  A    work in small groups to exchange knowledge about the main points that they have learnt on the day.
  R    This information will be used to create a poster about partying safe for distribution within the
  Y    school, community and broader school networks.
                                             Co-ordinator Update
The SFYS co-ordinator has been working alongside the partner agencies to plan this project which will be
delivered in October. Please contact Chantal Maloney ph: 0418392226 for further information and to
arrange to assist with further planning and to attend on the day.

                          Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                          SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project             FLEX Program                                          Project #      9
Lead Partner                Thomas Carr College
School/ Agency Partners     Wyndham Youth Services
Target Group                   A targeted group of 20 year 8 and 9 boys
  S    Based on a model used in Tasmanian schools the aims of the Flex program include:-
 U            To support disengaged boys in developing life skills including communication skills,
 M               social responsibility and goal setting
 M            To provide positive male role models
 A            To improve connectedness to their school community
  R           To improve participants attitudes and perceptions towards schooling and themselves
  Y           To support participants to recognise their individual strengths and build confidence
       The program will be facilitated by a member of teaching staff and a youth worker from
       Wyndham Youth Services and will include activities such as grounds maintenance, class work
       assistance, group & individual mentoring, peer support and community service. Throughout the
       deliver of the program further community links will be made with parents and local businesses.
       It is also anticipated that this will be evaluated as a pilot model with ongoing inclusion in the
       school curriculum if successful.
                                              Co-ordinator Update
Follow up email send to Drew Oliver at Thomas Carr to check how the program is going. SFYS Co-
ordinator will need to make a time to meet Drew and see the program.

                          Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                          SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham

Name of Project             Your Choice, Your Future                              Project #      14
Lead Partner                Thomas Carr College
School/ Agency Partners     Wyndham Youth Services, Full on Theatre Company and Pinnacle of
Target Group                 Year 8 students
  S    The focus of this program is to educate students on the process of making positive choices and
  U    equip them with skills to make informed decisions. Being run at the Wyndham Youth Resource
 M     Centre, the program will consist of a key note speaker (TBC), interactive small group activities
 M     and a theatrical performance. Current school data and increasing demand on the wellbeing
  A    team has indicated that the target group are exhibiting increasing levels of school refusal,
  R    behavioural issues and risk taking behaviours, which is why the school have developed this
  Y    model as a wellbeing response. Further anticipated outcomes include:-
            Students are equipped to make positive choices
            Students feel a sense of responsibility for their actions
            Students treat each other and staff with respect and dignity
            Students access the Wyndham Youth Resource Centre
                                          Co-ordinator Update
Project has commenced and SFYS Co-ord attended on the first day. We are currently awaiting
evaluation. Please contact Tracey Ashton at Thomas Carr to look at ways SFYS can continue to assist if
required Ph 9734 2432

                          Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                          SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham

Name of Project               Mentoring Program                                        Project #      10
Lead Partner                  Hobsons Bay Youth Services
School/ Agency Partners       Bayside College – Altona North Campus
Target Group                    A targeted group of 20 students from years 8, 9 and 10
  S     The aim of the mentoring pilot program is to provide one-on-one mentoring support to
  U     students who have been assessed by wellbeing staff as being at risk of school disengagement.
 M      This would be achieved through the matching of youth services staff (mentors) to offer the
 M      provision of positive role modelling, skill development, social, emotional & recreational support,
  A     and/ or building community links. The intention is that SFYS brokerage will be used as seed
  R     funding to pilot the model over two terms and then further funds will be sought. The program
  Y     will be managed by a central intake point (Youth and Family Counsellor) where an assessment
        process will occur and then suitably matched to a mentor. The school and agency staff will
        continue to work together with the young person to set goals and plan how they will work
        together towards these. Other aims of this program are to:-
              Respond to the unmet need of mentoring service provision in Hobsons Bay
              Respond to themes identified the attitudes to school survey
              Support transition between the junior and senior school campus
              Respond to indicators of vulnerability of individual students
              Bring young people together to form relationships and peer support
              Provide positive experiences for vulnerable young people through direct support from
                  youth services staff
                                             Co-ordinator Update
Program has started and SFYS co-ordinator attended mentoring team meeting with youth services
staff. Best to link with Carla to look at any assistance that may be required (This could include exploring
other funding options to sustain the program). Would be good to request that this program is
presented to the LAG in early 2010.

                          Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                          SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project               Bayside MAT program                                      Project #      17
Lead Partner                  Bayside College (Williamstown Campus)
School/ Agency Partners       Marital Arts Therapy Program
Target Group                    20 year 8 boys
  S    The purpose of this program is to engage year 8 boys who have been identified by school staff
 U     as, ‘at risk’ in a therapeutic martial arts program. It is anticipated that that this intervention will
 M     improve connectedness and behaviour, resulting in improved school retention. The sessions will
 M     be run twice a week for 50 minutes by MAT staff, combining the basics behaviour management
 A     with the principals of traditional martial arts. Students will transfer these skills to other classes
  R    and behaviour in the schoolyard, home and broader community. This program has seen
  Y    successful outcomes when funded by SFYS at Croydon Community School (alternative setting)
                                            Co-ordinator Update
Program has commenced and will require support from SFYS to look at how it can become sustainable
and attract further support within the school. Partners may also need assistance with evaluation and
measuring outcomes. Jenny Russo has been approached to present at the next LAG meeting, she will
need confirmation of this.

                          Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                          SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project             Wyndham Festival for Healthy Living                   Project #     12
Lead Partner                Heathdale Neighbourhood Renewal
School/ Agency Partners     Warringa Park School, Glen Orden Primary School, Woodville Primary
                            School, Royal Children’s Hospital Integrated Mental Health Program,
                            DEECD SSSO team, Isis Community Health Service, Anglicare Victoria,
                            Wyndham City Council, School Focused Youth Service
Target Group                300 students from across 3 schools, 450 participants in total
  S    The aim of the Festival for Healthy Living is to build the capacity of schools and communities to
 U     promote the mental health and well being of their children and young people through the
 M     performing and visual arts. Artists work in partnership with teachers and health professionals to
 M     facilitate exploration of mental health issues and strategies for enhancing wellbeing,
 A     culminating in community based performances and exhibitions over 2 years. Opportunities are
  R    also explored for parent engagement. The activities enable a sustainable approach because they
  Y    support core teaching & learning and build on existing initiatives (i.e. School wide Positive
       Behavioural Initiative) and group activities (circus, drumming and choir). For the three schools
       and their communities clustered around the Heathdale Neighbourhood Renewal Area the
       following direct benefits are anticipated:-
             Opportunity to promote a positive sense of mental health and help seeking
             Development of skills, confidence and individual’s strengths
             Strengthening of relationships and teamwork
             Increased sense of connectedness to school and community
             Increased empathy and acceptance of diversity and difference
             Supporting the wellbeing of teachers and families
                                           Co-ordinator Update
Performances will occur on the 5th September. SFYS has committed to participating in steering group
meetings (not working in classrooms or health professional team meetings as first requested), monthly
on a Wednesday morning (please note you are not always able to attend as they clash with HB staff
meetings). More information about the FHL is in a blue/ green folder on the top bookshelf titled
“Guidelines for Professional Learning”. This is a great resource that will assist in understanding the
broader aims of the program outside of the SFYS application. For more information contact Harry
Gelber ph: 9345 6011/ 0419 378 042

                          Project Brokerage 2009 Application - Summary
                          SCHOOL FOCUSED YOUTH SERVICE - Hobsons Bay / Wyndham
Name of Project             Boot Camp for Boys                                    Project #     7
Lead Partner                Al – Taqwa College (Werribee Islamic School)
School/ Agency Partners     Extreme Edge, Wyndham Youth Services
Target Group                 A targeted group of 20 year 10 males
  S    This project aims to engage and motivate year 10 males using a boot camp methodology. The
 U     targeted students have been identified by wellbeing staff of being vulnerable to school
 M     disengagement. Project partners have also indicated the need to use this program to respond to
 M     concerns around violence and mental health. A youth services staff member will attend each
 A     session and at the conclusion of the program facilitate an, “amazing race” day. This event will
  R    conclude at the Wyndham Youth Resource Centre with a tour, celebration and lunch. It is the
  Y    intention of project partners that students will then link with the Youth Resource Centre in an
       ongoing capacity.
                                          Co-ordinator Update
Project has not yet commenced. Follow up is required with Lucy Verwey Ph: 9269 5030

            SFYS                Previous Projects Requiring Follow Up
                                                SFYS handover August 2009

Reducing Anxiety Amongst VCE Students
Evaluation is still outstanding from Headspace. This will then need to be reported to DEECD
in the ¼ report.

Leading the Way
Information about this project is in SFYS project 2008. Both schools are still yet to spend the
funds so will continue the program until the end of 2009. It will then be evaluated and the
schools may then apply for funds through Wyndham City Council Community Grants.

R U Tech Savvy
Project was completed in 2008 by staff on the Catholic and Independent Schools Network. It
was a response to Cyber bullying that saw students from 5 schools develop posters and
information resource for their peers that were distributed throughout each of the schools.
Stride Foundation is now in the final stages of reproducing the posters for distribution in
schools nationally. Please contact mike Lanyon on 9489 1611 to obtain a final copy to
display and show to the LAG and Catholic and Independent Schools Network.

Making The Change
This project was completed at the end of last year by Corpus Christi Primary school and St
Andrews Primary school. The evaluation is outstanding and further follow up is required to
obtain this.

                                                   Local initiatives
            SFYS                               SFYS handover August 2009

Mental Health forums
A sub committee of LAG members plus other interested agencies are working together to
facilitate 2 forums to raise community awareness about mental health on the 13 th and 14th
of October.

All graphic art and design has been completed for the e-newsletter. Meetings occurred
between the SFYS co-ordinator and Jules Jamison (Hobsons Bay City Council –
Communications team) earlier in the year and it was agreed that an e-bulletin will be
distributed on a quarterly basis with assistance from Jules. SFYS co-ordinator will have to
develop content. This could include information about brokerage programs, new wellbeing
resources, network meeting updates, local community agency profile etc.

Training and conferences
SFYS co-ordinator was registered for the following 2 conferences:-
Thursday September 3rd – Australian Research Alliance National Conference at the
Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre

Tuesday November 10th – Young People Finding Their Way in a New Era – Policy Forum
Melbourne Park Function Room

Quarterly Report/ SFYS database
SFYS co-ordinators have to report to DEECD on a quarterly basis. The training notes to use
this system can be found in the handover folder. You may need assistance from IT to unzip
the file when the blank database is sent from Carole Lanyon at DEECD. At the moment this
system is being updated and the report template for the April – June quarter has not been
received, to make this easier the data from this period has been recorded and is in the
handover folder. Previous reports can be found in the filing draw and within the vault.

Mindmatters training
MindMatters and SFYS are working in partnership to arrange that MindMatters training be
delivered locally at the end of this year. The Level One, 2 day training will be run for all
Hobson’s Bay and Wyndham schools in Werribee on the 9th and 10th December. So far 20
staff have registered and further promotion will occur to attract teams of staff from each

Implementing new guidelines
SFYS state-wide are waiting for new guidelines to be published by DEECD. It is anticipated
that the will need to be rolled out ASAP but will not consist of any major changes. It is the
role of the LAG to assist with this. In the meantime a copy of the current SFYS guidelines are
in the handover folder.

                                               Regional initiatives
            SFYS                               SFYS handover August 2009

Cyberbullying resource
Cyberbullying directory is still in the process of being completed. Sections have been divided
up by SFYS Co-ordinators to complete and then collated. There is still a great deal of work to
be completed on this before it will be ready for distribution.

Regional Advisory Group Strategic Plan
Is currently being developed between Carole Lanyon and SFYS Western Co-ords (SFYS HB
and Wyn have fed into this). This will be discussed at the next RAG meeting and the SFYS co-
ordinators will need to implement over the next 12 months.

SFYS Roundtable
Will be held on the 22nd October and is planned and facilitated by all Western Region SFYS
co-ordinators. It is the opportunity for schools and agencies to showcase the SFYS projects
that have been funded throughout the financial year. This planning will occur in Western
Region SFYS team meetings. A template list of tasks has been developed over the years that
indicates what needs to be done to complete this that the Co-ord’s will use.

List of workshops in schools
SFYS Western Region are also in the process of developing a resource for schools that list
service providers that run free workshops in schools on a variety of health and wellbeing
topics. Hobsons bay and Wyndham Co-ordinator continued to this and it is being collated by
Sally Beattie (SFYS co-ord Keilor/ Melton)

Good Stuff Guide
Will be written and published next year as it is produced every second year. The
contributions from last years projects (that were collated from the 2008 Roundtable) are
saved in the vault under Good Stuff Guide and have been sent to Sally Beattie so that they
are all together from across the region.

Orygen MH promotion forum
SFYS Western Region are working alongside Orygen Youth Health to run a one day forum
that showcases best practice in mental health promotion in schools. This will be run in late
February 2010. The contact person that SFYS has been working with is cassie Redlich at
orygen Youth health (Health Promotion Worker). Gail is currently following up with Cassie.

            SFYS                                          Key contacts
                                                   SFYS handover August 2009
     Strengthening links
    between schools and

Greg Woolford
DEECD Senior Program and Service Advisor (School Focused Youth Service)
Ph: 9096 7558

Carole Lanyon
DEECD Program and Service Advisor
Ph:9275 7297

Judy McGuire
DEECD Western Region – Student Wellbeing Manager
Ph: 9291 6533

SFYS Co-ordinators
Gail Jessen (Footscray/ Sunshine)
Ph: 9680 8238

Danny Shavitsy (Melbourne/ Moonee Valley)
Ph: 9680 8463

Sally Beattie/ Mark Favier (Job Share – Kielor/ Melton)
Ph: 9634 3200

Key documents
Local Advisory Information Kit
Is with the SFYS handover. Contains all information developed for the LAG. Also contains the
Local Advisory Group contact list. Email contact list in the handover folder

Schools list
Has been updated and located in the handover folder

SFYS Guidelines
Is included in the handover folder

DEECD Blueprint
Located on the resource shelf in State Government folder

Vulnerable Youth Framework
Located on the resource shelf in State Government folder


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