SAW by huanghengdong


									                                   SAW: Broken Heart
                                    A Short Story By
                          Travis Robinson aka MichaelVoorhees

Screen is black.

We open in a small and dirty room that looks very much like that from SAW. Sitting
against the right side of the room is a man, who looks to be in his late twenties, very good
looking. He is wearing very nice clothes that look like he had been somewhere important
before ending up here. His right leg has a metal bracelet around it which is hooked to a
chain which is around a pole against the wall.

To his right is a body that is tied to a chair, the hands behind the back of the seat. The
person has a bag over their head, keeping their identity hidden. Against the wall opposite
of the man is four more sitting on the ground with their hands behind their back and a bag
over their head. Their clothes are also filled with what seems like stuffing, which keeps
us from knowing whether they are male or female. Also, on each one is a heart that is
drawn on their clothing exactly where their real heart is. Each heart is a different color.

The man continues to lie on his face, his hands out in front of him. Finally, his eyes open
and he looks around the room, his vision a little blurry. He looks around seeing all of the
bodies that are in the room with him. He slowly pushes himself up, but his eyes are now
wide as he looks around, a million questions going through his mind. Next, he looks
down to where he was laying and sees two objects.

One of the objects is a tape player. The second is a gun. The man picked up the gun,
flipping open the chamber. Inside the chamber are five bullets. On the back of each
bullet there is a heart drawn on by what looks to be a black marker. The man closes the
gun, sets it back down on the ground and picks up the tape player. He looks close, seeing
that a tape is already inside. He holds it close to his head as he pushes play. A moment
later, a familiar voice comes out.

                   Mr. Duncan, I guess that you are now awake and I do
                   not mean from sleeping. You are probably wondering
                   what you are doing in this room. Who are those that are
                   in there with you? You know all of those in that room with
                   you and you are the reason why they are here. I have been
                   following you for some time Mr. Duncan. Three years ago
                   you married you high school sweet heart. One year later
                   you became bored with her. Did she not excite you anymore,
                   Mr. Duncan? What ever the case, you took that ring from
                   your finger when ever you went out alone. This lead to the
                   first affair, followed by the next. With each passing day
                   and each girl you made a secret, your love for your wife
                   dwindled. Today we are going to see if you wish to save your
                wife as well as yourself. The rules of the game are simple.
               The others in the room are just a few of the women that you have
               have had intimate encounters with. One of them is your wife, Shelly, the
               other four are those you cheated on her with. All forms of identification
               have been concealed, but I’m sure you are aware of the heart that has
               been placed on each one. With the gun that I have given you, you
               must shoot those that you don’t believe to be your wife in the heart,
               causing it to break, for that is what happened to your wife when I
               told her what you had been up to. You have broken her heart, but
               that is only metaphorically. Today it may be for real.

Duncan became angry as he looked down at the gun. He reached down and picked it up
with his left hand as he continued to listen to the tape.

              However, I am sure that you noticed that there are five bullets
              in the gun and you only need to kill four. This is where your
              options come in. Shoot all five of the girls and you go home
              alive. Or you can take the gun and shoot yourself through the
              mouth. The same mouth that you used to tell hundreds of lies
              to Shelly. Do this, and I will set Shelly free, but the others
              will be left with you in this room until they die. If you are so
              lucky to shoot the other four, I will release you and Shelly to
              where you will be more great full for what you have. Once you
              shoot one of them, a tape will drop into the tray next to you,
              which you must play to see who is no longer with us. You have
              your options and the tool to carry it out. You have ten minutes
              to complete your task. Fail to do this and I will leave you in this
              room forever. Let the game begin.

Duncan then looked up at the wall just above the person in the chair and sees that the
time is six. He stops the tape recorder and sets it down where he picked it up. Next he
picks up the gun, looking it over. His hand is trembling with fear as his face changes
from anger to that of being scared as he knows what he has to do. He looks away from
the gun at the girl that sits across from him.

There is no way he can tell which one it is, even their clothes are all the same. Looking
around the room, he stops at the one that is sitting in the chair. Next, he looks back at the
chain that is connecting his foot to the pole. He aims the gun at the chain, gently pulling
the trigger.


His body shakes uncontrollably as electricity goes through it. He does manage to hang
on to the gun for the few seconds that this goes on. Once it finally stops, he is breathing
heavily and still shaking. After a few seconds he slowly pushed himself up into a sitting
position. He looked at the girls in front of him, raised the gun so that it was aiming at the
second one. He lined it up with the black heart that was drawn on her chest. His body
becomes still as he begins to pull back on the trigger.


The bullet tears through the black heart, causing the body to jerk. The girl falls back
against the wall, where there is a button. The body hits the button, and then becomes
motionless. A tear goes down Duncan’s face as he lowers the gun. Next, he turns to look
at the tray, waiting for the tape. His facial expression showing that he is being very
impatient. He can’t wait much longer as his anxiety level goes up with each second.

Finally, the tape comes out of the shoot, lands in the tray, where he quickly picks it up,
setting the gun down and grabbing the tape recorder. He opens the case, pulls out the
first tape and slaps in the new one. Closing it, he pushes play and holds it close so he can
hear everything clearly. First there is only static, but soon, Jigsaw’s voice can be heard.

                 Congratulations, Mr. Duncan. You have just killed Betty
                 Freeman, which means that there is one less person to play
                 in the game.

Duncan showed a sign of relief as he listened to the tape. Once it was done, he stopped
it, opened the recorder and took the tape out, setting it on the ground, next to the first one.
Duncan then seemed to daze off as he looked at the now dead body that had blood going
down the chest and onto the stomach.

FLASHBACK: Betty Freeman stands in front of a restaurant, wearing a fancy dress that
looks dark in the lack of light as she was leaning against the wall, just by the door during
the middle of the night. She looks like she is in her early twenties and very good looking.
A smile spreads on her face as she looks left seeing Duncan walking towards her, a smile
on his face as well. He walks up to her pulling something out from behind his back. It is
a jewelry box, which he holds out in front of him as he now stands in front of Betty. She
smiles with glee, as Duncan opens the box revealing a diamond necklace. She looks up
from the necklace at Duncan, her facial expression showing that she is completely
surprised. She then quickly wraps her arms around him holding him tight, a small tear in
her right eye.

BACK TO PRESENT: Duncan looks away from the dead body up at the clock on the
wall. Two minutes has passed. He looks around the room once more, studying each of
the remaining women, trying to decide which one to choose. He finally stops on one of
them, picking the first girl, who has a green heart painted on her clothes. Duncan looks
back down at the objects in front of him, staring at the gun.

He reaches out with a shaky right hand, grabbing the gun, now causing the gun to shake
as well. He raised it so that it was aiming at the heart, but his hand was getting to be too
shaky. The clock continued to tick away as he stabled his hand. Finally, his hand was
under control, his trigger finger wrapping its self around the tiny lever of the gun. Slowly
he pulled it back. The clock ticks to 6:03. Duncan jumps when Jigsaw’s voice comes
from hidden speakers in the room.

            Time is running out Mr. Duncan. Moving at this speed will only
            make the end of the game much more difficult.

Duncan gritted his teeth as if to say, shut the hell up. However, once the voice was gone,
he took aim once again, steady and breathing very slowly.


The bullet ripped through the clothing, taking off the top part of the green heart. Blood
shot out almost as quickly going onto the clothes and a little on the floor. Duncan
lowered the gun, breathing heavily, staring at the dead body as its head tilted to the right
as it leaned against the wall. The tape could be heard coming down the shoot and landing
in the tray. Duncan finally looked away, leaving the gun on the floor to grab the tape.
He put it in the player, hitting play as he held it close.

               Well, looks like Shelly has a few more moments to continue
               her life, as she does not have a bullet pierced in her heart.

Duncan stopped the tape, slowly setting the player back on the ground. Next, he looked
back up at the two dead girls, whose faces he could only imagine in his head. That tear
was still on his face, so he wiped it away with the back of his right arm. Next, he looked
away from the two girls and up at the clock, the time now 6:05.

He slowly looked back over at the gun, which continued to lie on the cold, damp floor.
With his left hand, he reached over, grabbed the gun and pulled it closer to him. He
looked at the final three, stopping on the girl in the chair. He then looked at the ground,
seeing that he might be able to reach her. He made his way towards that direction,
followed by laying flat on his stomach. Then with his right hand he reached out, trying to
grab the left leg of the girl.


All of the sudden large metal spikes came shooting out of the ground just in front of the
chair, one of them cutting Duncan’s right hand. He pulled it away, giving small cries of
pain as he held the bloody hand against his stomach. The spikes then slowly lowered
back into the ground. Jigsaw’s voice came through the speakers again.
               I forgot to mention a few censor traps are set up in the room.
               You might just want to stay put.

Duncan looked down at his hand, seeing that he was now missing his trigger finger. He
quickly looked away, stuffing the hand deeper into his stomach, wrapping it up in his
shirt. The clock continued to tick as he looked around the room, just trying to avoid
looking at his hand. He finally looked back over at the girls against the wall, going back
and forth between the two. He lifted the gun, which was shaky in his left hand, wobbling
all around.

He went from the third to the fourth and back. He finally stopped on one of the girls.
The fourth girl is where he stopped. She had a sky blue heart pasted on her clothing. He
couldn’t keep his hand still as he tried to take aim. Sweat ran down his face as he
continued to blink trying to focus on the target. Finally his hand became still as he closed
his right eye, looking down the barrel of the gun with his left.


The bullet tore through the bottom corner of the heart, entering the body of the person
beyond the clothing. A moment later, blood came out of the wound. The body shook
when the bullet entered, but went back to its normal sitting position, a split second later.
Duncan lowered the gun, bowing his head as he began breathing normally. The small
tape made its way down the shoot, landing safely in the tray.

With his right hand still held against his stomach, he used his left to pull himself back
around with the help of his legs. He set the gun down in front of him, reached over,
grabbing the tape out of the tray, setting it down next to the player. Next, he opened the
player, pulled out the tape, replacing it with the new one. Slamming it shut, he pushed
play, waiting for the voice.

                                I’m sorry Mr. Duncan……

Duncan’s eyes went wide at the thought of what he had just done.

               But Jill Lyons is no longer with us. Then again, maybe it is
               for the best, as she was the one who started pulling you away
               from your wife. She was the first temptation. Your first

Duncan stopped the player, once Jigsaw was done talking.
FLASHBACK: Duncan walks through a busy office building, looking at some papers.
He finally gets to his office, where he closes the door, moves around the desk and sits in
his comfortable chair. He continues to read the papers, even when the door opens, in
walking Jill, a very good looking redhead in a bright blue suit. She shut the door behind
her, with a smile on her face that she had something planned. In her hands are a few
folders, which she sets down on the desk as she speaks.

             Here are the plans you asked for Mr. Duncan. Is there anything
             else I can get you?

She smiled and winked at him as he looked away from the papers he was reading. He
smiled as well. A moment later she made her way around the desk, unbuttoning the top
of her suit as she did.

BACK TO PRESENT: Duncan had that look on his face again that he was day
dreaming. The clock ticked to 6:08 and Jigsaw’s voice came through the speakers once

                I’m afraid that I left out one important detail Mr. Duncan.
                As I was putting your wife in her place, she shared with me
                a secret, and that was she is pregnant. That may change how
                you think of your options, for one bullet in her is the death
                of two.

Duncan had a shocked look on his face. He looked at the clock as it ticked away, his
time running low. Next, he was looking from the girl in the chair, to the girl against the
wall. Which one could she be? He began to panic. Things seemed to slow down as he
looked from one to the other. Finally he looked down at the tool that he would have to do
the job with.

His eyes were now fixed on it as an idea popped in his head. His facial expression
showed that he was serious with what he was going to do. Duncan raised the gun,
slowly, opening his mouth just as slow. He closed his eyes as he placed the barrel of the
gun in his mouth. He closed his mouth around it, his head shaking with fear at what he
was going to do. His finger tight on the trigger but, not moving. The clock ticked to

Duncan stopped breathing. A moment of silence filled the room. He then pulled the gun
out of his mouth, gasping for air, a tear going down the side of his face. He looked up at
the third girl that sat right across from him. He raised the gun so that it was aiming at the
white heart that was outlined in black. The clock continued to tick, twenty seconds away
from 6:10.
As his finger squeezed the trigger, his eyes darted over to the girl in the chair, then back
to where his gun was aimed. Fifteens seconds left. He looked back at the girl in the
chair, swinging his gun around, so that it was aiming at the red heart on her clothing. Ten
seconds remained. He was breathing heavily, now looking at the girl against the wall.
He was certainly frantic as he tried to make up his mind. Five seconds left.

Duncan swung the gun back around, aiming at the white heart, closing his right eye to
make sure he was dead on. His finger pulled back on the trigger. Two seconds left. He
finally pulled the trigger all the way back.


The bullet screamed towards and through the fourth victim, blood shooting from the
wound, the body jumping. However, just as he fired, the body in the chair moved,
causing him to quickly look at her. However the body was now motionless, while the
dead girl bounced off the wall, followed by falling forward. Duncan turned to the tray,
his right hand still against his stomach. Duncan set the gun down then opened the player
just as the tape landed on the tray. He grabbed it with lightning speed, placing it in the
player, slamming it shut and pushing play.

                    Mr. Duncan, I’m afraid it is game over for Shelly.

Duncan began to yell in rage shoving the player away from him. He was also slamming
his left hand on the ground.

                But, an offer still stands. Shoot any remaining girls in the
                room and you shall go free.

The tape then went to static. Duncan looked up at it, as if it was a person with an answer
to his question. He had tears in his eyes, but was certainly taking the plan into
consideration. He looked at the gun, which he picked up once again. Turning so he
could face the final girl in the room, he aimed the gun at the red heart. His hand was
shaky, his forehead covered in sweat and he was fighting back small cries of anger and


The bullet punctured the heart, causing the blood to spill out on to the clothing. The body
shook with force, and then slumped forward, the head tilting forwards as if they were
trying to tuck their head between their legs. Duncan dropped the gun, then looked back
at the tray, waiting for the tape to come out, but it didn’t there was no sound of it even
coming down the shoot. Duncan looked confused, but looked back over at the tape
player as Jigsaw’s voice came through once again.
             I just remembered Mr. Duncan. The heart painted on the clothes
             are the same color of clothing that each girl always wore on special
             occasions. I figured you knew this, but I guess I was wrong.

Duncan’s face was filled with shock again. He looked back at the girl in the chair. The
sack on her head fell off, allowing blonde hair to fall out, but not in the way of her face.
Not in the face of, Shelly. An image then flashed on the screen of Shelly wearing a red
dress as the two were at a fancy restaurant. Behind the chair, where her hands were tied
was a button like those on the wall, but on a small remote.

FLASHBACK: Shelly opened her eyes, seeing that Duncan was pointing the gun at her.
He then moved it away and at the sight of him pulling the trigger she jumped, pushing the
button, which sent her tape down the shoot.

BACK TO PRESENT: Duncan looked at the girls against the wall. The white heart,
showed a beautiful brunet wearing a white T-shirt and shorts at the zoo. Then he looked
at Jill with the sky blue heart. Another flash on the screen went back to Jill in the office
with the blue suit. Then, going to Betty, with the black heart. Flashing back we see that
her dress was black as she stood outside waiting for Duncan. Finally, the first girl, with
the green heart. Duncan got a confused look on his face as he continued to mouth the
words green over and over. Apparently there wasn’t a girl that wore green all the time.

The head on the first body then moved back to where it was originally. The arms then
came out from behind the person’s back, showing that they weren’t even tied. In both of
the person’s hands was a small remote. The person pushed the button on the right
remote, which sent electricity through the chain and into Duncan. This lasted only a
second. The person threw that remote on the ground, and then stood up.

The person pulled the front of the shirt off, revealing a bullet proof vest with a small
blood pack over the heart. Next, the hood was taken off, revealing Jigsaw. He pushed
the button on the second remote, which caused a static sound to come out of the hidden
speakers, but was soon replaced by the sound of a looping tape. Jigsaw then threw the
remote down at the ground, followed by looking at Duncan.

            You are free to go. Now, you just have to find a way to get there.

He turned and walked towards a large shutter door, where he grabbed the handle at the
bottom. He pulled open the door, taking a step outside of the room into a space of
darkness. He grabbed something from outside, turned back into the room and threw it
towards Duncan. The object landed just a few inches from Duncan. It is a hacksaw.

             This door will lock in two minutes. If you do not wish to remain
             in this room do what you must.
Jigsaw turned, walking out of the room. Duncan breathed heavily as he watched the man
leave. He then screamed with his hand outstretched as if he was going to grab Jigsaw and
stop him. Jigsaw grabbed the door, quickly slamming it, leaving Duncan to scream in the

Game Over

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