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            February issue:                          December 2011 & January 2012
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                  RAF BRIZE NORTON
                    RESIDENTS’ CONCERNS
You will be aware of the increased aircraft activity over the village during recent
months and may have complained directly to the airbase or to the Parish Council. I
have had a number of productive meetings with staff at the base where I have raised
your questions and discussed your concerns with a view to resolving the problem.
Brize Norton staff are as keen as we are to improve the situation and to that end,
have extended an invitation to Clanfield residents (only) to a meeting at the base on
Tuesday 13th December, 6.30 to 8pm. The evening will be hosted by Wing
Commander Muir who will give a presentation on current operations and there will be
time for questions and discussion.
If you wish to come along please let me know as soon as possible at or call me on 01367 810606.
Those of us attending will need to be at the large gated lay-by between the main
entrance to the Station and Brize Norton village at 6pm; we will be collected from
there by service transport and taken to the Station. Please ensure you bring some
photo identification with you.
In the meantime - for those of you keen to identify specific aircraft, I now have
electronic photographs. Let me know if you wish me to send a copy to you.

         Christingle Service                Wing Commander Muir has provided
                                            answers to some of the questions she has
A service of songs and light for all ages
                                            received from you (these can be found on
   Saturday 17th December at 4pm.
                                            pages 4 & 5).
Come and join this lively service for all
               the family.                                                Lynda Scott
       Refreshments afterwards                       Clerk to Clanfield Parish Council

Remembrance Sunday 13th November 2011
Remembrance Sunday this year saw around 150 people gather at the Village War
Memorial to mark the National Act of Remembrance. The simple Service remembered
those from the village who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their Country Wreaths were
laid by the Parish Council, West Oxfordshire District Council and RAF Brize Norton.
My thanks go to the many people who willingly give their assistance rattling collecting
tins and made the Memorial Service possible. Particular mention must go to my two
stalwarts; Bob Hunt who devotes a huge amount of effort collecting for the Poppy
Appeal, as well as working tirelessly to ensure that the Memorial always looks its
best; and Tony Harrison who raised £300 single handedly. Also worthy of mention are
Glan and Bronwyn from the Clanfield Tavern for laying on tea and coffee after the
Service. Finally, my personal thanks to Hayley who has played the Last Post for the
last 6 years.

The village donated over £1500 to the Poppy Appeal. This money will be used by the
Royal British Legion to support those Military Personnel and their families who need
their help.
                                                                           Nick Trown

Clanfield Pumpkin Show
Thank you to everyone that entered the pumpkin competitions. We had a really good
number of competition entries, there were some fantastically carved pumpkins and
some very scary fancy dress costumes. Congratulations to all of you that took part.
Thank you to everyone that helped out on the day and a big thank you to Janet
Hickman for doing pumpkin carving on the day, this was thoroughly enjoyed by many
The whole event was very enjoyable and I would like to thank everyone that came
and made it such a great success.
We are hoping to repeat the event next year, so if you have any ideas for
improvement or additional things that could be done then please let me know. Or, you
could come along to the next Festival committee meeting on January 9th, from
7.30pm at Clanfield Primary School.
                                                                    Melanie 810114

                         Judges Jan Hickman & Margery
                         Robertson handing out the prizes

 Tyler – a whizz at                             Smallest
  apple bobbing                                 baby
                                                pumpkin to   Isabel Barker with her
                                                attend       prize-winning pumpkin
                      and his
                       n’ son,

                          Mel Andrews who
                        devised and organised
                       the Pumpkin Show with

                              RAF Brize Norton
                   Frequently Asked Questions
I have a question about a specific aircraft – who do I contact?
    Katie Zasada – 01993 896342/
    Anita Jack – 01993 897779/
Do the aircraft avoid built up areas?
    There are local avoids for Brize Norton aircraft covering the Cotswold Wildlife Park,
    Shilton Minster Lovell and Witney to the north and Aston, Bampton, Clanfield and
    Alvescot to the south.
Can I request that my house be avoided?
    It is not possible to arrange ‘avoids’ for individual houses. Indeed, certain hamlets or
    villages, due to their location in relation to the airfield, cannot be avoided without
    prejudicing the safe conduct of flight.
Why do Engine Ground Runs have to take place at night?
    The nature of the Air Transport and Air to Air Refuelling Force’s heavy operational
    commitments means that flying, maintenance and engine testing often can’t be
    undertaken in normal working hours. We completely understand that engine ground runs
    can sometimes be heard over a wide area. However, this maintenance is an operational
    necessity and we do try to limit the amount of time that the engines are run, to the
    minimum time required to validate the maintenance procedures undertaken. Although
    some of the noise is attributable to engineering activity, out of hours noise is also
    generated by operationally-essential flying.
What is the Station doing to reduce noise?
    Our aim continues to be providing a sensible and practicable balance between the
    Station’s essential training and engineering needs whilst taking account of environmental
    considerations for local residents.
    The Station has taken a number of measures to reduce disturbance to the local
    community. An Environmental Noise Working Group has been established on the
    Station, chaired by Officer commanding Airfield Operations, the airport manager. This
    takes forward practical measures to reduce the impact of noise on the local community.
    As a result of the work of this group, new procedures for essential out-of-hours engine
    ground running activity have been implemented to minimise disturbance.
Is the Station working with the Local Authorities and the Local Community?
    The Station has been engaging with West Oxfordshire District Council to discuss
    environmental noise issues. In order to listen to residents concerns, meetings have been
    arranged both on and off the base with residents of neighbouring parishes. The Station
    holds these meetings on a regular basis to ensure that regular feedback is obtained.
    Further to that, a Consultation Group is also being set up by the Station, which will
    involve representatives from local parishes.

Have any surveys been carried out to assess how much noise is generated by the
aircraft on the airbase?
   A study is being commissioned to assess the noise profile in the immediate vicinity of the
   airfield and data is being captured on out-of-hours activity and noise complaints to track
   and assess whether the mitigation measures being taken are having the desired effect.
Is there no other way to conduct training?
   Where possible, we use simulators to carry out training. However, there are some
   training exercises that must be undertaken in the air and some of these must occur out of
   working hours. In addition, the Hercules is more of a tactical aircraft than the other Air
   Transport and Refuelling aircraft based at RAF Brize Norton. There is more of an
   operational requirement for this fleet to undertake circuit training and varied low level
   departure and arrival routings.
Can the training be conducted elsewhere?
   We do try to spread training as widely and thinly as possible throughout the area, and to
   vary the routes used in order to minimise disturbance to any one particular area.
Do we use any other airfields apart from RAF Brize Norton?
   A range of different airfields are used in the United Kingdom to conduct training. For
   more tactical training, Keevil airfield is used near the Salisbury Plain ranges.
Do you alternate the direction that the aircraft fly?
   For noise abatement, Air Traffic Control varies the direction (either to the north or south
   of the airfield) for aircraft flying circuits.
The airfield appears to use the westerly runway more than the easterly runway; why is
   In the United Kingdom, the prevailing wind direction is from the west/south-west. This
   means that aircraft will generally approach the airfield to land from the direction of
   Witney/Ducklington/Brize Norton and take off in the direction of Kencot/Filkins.
Can I find out about when out-of-hours activity is taking place?
   The Station publishes a list of out of hours aircraft activity on the Station web site. This is
   often subject to short notice change and should be consulted on a regular basis to
   ensure that the most up-to-date information is available. Unfortunately we cannot provide
   detail on all flights that arrive and depart from the airfield for security reasons.

Rotary Recycling of Christmas Trees
Once again Faringdon Rotary will be recycling Christmas Trees following the festive
season. All proceeds to charity.
Tree recycling takes place on Saturday 7th Jan 2012 at;
            Clanfield (opposite The Tavern) between               9.30am and 12.30pm
            Faringdon Market Square between                       9.30am and 3.30pm

For those of you who do not use our local Bus Shelter, I thought you would like to see
what some local youths/kids have done to it!!

Not only have they covered the walls and
bench in graffiti; they also use it as a
toilet and it smells disgusting
In the interests of the decent majority in
the village, the Parish Council have been
seeking effective ways of cleaning up the
mess. The cost would be £250+ but we
are advised that the chemicals needed to
clean the stone walls would leave a stain
and it is recommended that we do not go
It seems that our only option is to
whitewash the walls in an attempt to cover the mess!!                     Lynda Scott
                                                           Clerk to the Parish Council
If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

             Clanfield Football Club Xmas Bingo
                             Monday 5th December
        Doors open 6.30pm and eyes down at 7pm - all welcome
               (children must be accompanied by an adult)
                     Great raffle prizes and money prizes
                     For more information please call
              Sue Richardson 810204 or Angie Fisher 810459
Charles                                           NO CALL OUT
                                                 CHARGE WITHIN
    HICKMAN Ltd.                                LOCAL emergency call
     Heating & Plumbing Engineer

 Central heating installation    With over 30 years experience of
 New bathrooms/showers             installing Heating & Plumbing
 Upgrade heating controls             systems, small works and
 Outdoor taps                   maintenance, please call Charles for
 Washing machine installation    a professional and reliable service
 Small works

      (Clanfield) 01367 810457 or Mobile 07760 170625

Clanfield WI - October
The last few meetings at Clanfield WI have included food and in October we had a
speaker talking about something equally close to our hearts – jewellery in particular
diamonds! We welcomed Michael Lines who has recently opened a shop in Witney.
He told us how he served his apprentice with Mapin & Webb in London where he was
working when they made the engagement ring for Princess Diana. Michael explained
how the value of particular styles of jewellery change with the fashions of the time.
On a daily basis he assesses collections of jewellery to identify those items of value
and those which are only worth scrap metal value. He has a large collection of
cameo broaches – he known in the trade as the broach-man! Various pieces of
jewellery were passed around with the high spot of the evening being the 3ct brilliant
diamond. Members were frisked when they left the Institute.
On a less jolly note, our president Heather Clarke appealed to the members to
consider joining the committee. She will be retiring in March but if we don’t have three
officers (President, Treasurer and Secretary) ready to take on the roles, the WI will
have to formally close at the end of the year. It would be a tragedy as we are one of
the oldest in the country – 94 years old. It is hoped that members will rally round and
volunteer to help.

This month’s meeting had members and a number of visitors demonstrating their
artistic skills decorating painted coloured wooden blocks using stencils and stamps
under the guidance of Janet Hickman. The motifs used were mainly on a Christmas
theme – trees, snowflakes etc. Everyone had something to take home to display –
some more prominently than others – two can be viewed in the Clanfield Tavern!
Clanfield WI is one of the oldest in the county (94 years) with plenty of members and
funds in the bank, but without officers on the committee it was threatened with
closure. The good news, however, is that a potential president has stepped forward
and we look forward to many more years of village WI. If you have been waiting until
you reach the ‘right’ age to join, don’t delay, join to today. All are welcome – see our
website or ring Heather on 01367 810655.

                                APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
            A PHONE CALL
                AWAY            ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING WORKS
                                CLANFIELD                 01367 810512
                                MOBILE                    07711 427497
              Come to our Drop In Christmas Canapé Party
    and a homeless child from Africa, Asia or Latin America WILL go to a
                            Christmas Party too!

                              HOW IT WORKS

 You pay a minimum £5 pp donation to enjoy canapés, a welcome drink and
even hot chocolate round the fire pit and we send the money to Viva Network
                      Reg charity 1053389
   It costs Viva an average of £5 for a child (maybe living in a sewer or on a
 rubbish tip) to attend a party, which not only provides them with a present, a
    full stomach and the knowledge that they are loved and valued, but also
 connects them to local projects that can support them in years to come with
               issues such as housing, healthcare and education.


Advance RSVP appreciated but not essential TO
           01865 202379 daytime 01367 810451 evenings

                        Sunday 11th December
  Anytime from 6pm till late (stay as brief or long a time as you want!)

                                                              THE GRANARY,
                                                               MAIN STREET,

               PS. Bring a bottle to share would be wonderful

                                    Body Talk
                                         Beauty Salon
                                            The Retreat
                                           Harvest View
                                          Buckland Marsh
                                           01367 870444

             At ‘Body Talk’ we promise that our treatments are the best available locally.
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                       Body Talk, for all you hair and beauty requirements.
                       You are invited to
            A Special Christmas Two Course Lunch
                              The Carter Institute
                           On Monday 12th December
                          Sit down at 12.30pm prompt.
        This is an open invitation to everyone in the village.
               With Carols, a Raffle and Christmas Cheer
                  Organised by Christians Together Monday Drop-in Lunches

Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society
European Union involvement (interference?) in British affairs is well known, but what
was not known for many of us in the Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society is their
downgrading, and attempted abolition, of hallmarking, which as Witney jeweller
Michael Lynes told us is ‘the oldest piece of consumer legislation in the world’,
stretching back more than 700 years.
A hallmark – which only Portugal and Saudi Arabia have, as well as Britain - can tell
the experienced eye just about everything he needs to know about the origins of a
piece of jewellery, but EU officials have dismissed it as ‘anti-competitive’; under
pressure has it been retained, but only on a voluntary basis, with Brussels
bureaucrats instead preferring a marking that tells nothing of a piece’s history.
As well as his fascinating talk, Michael, whose expertise has been widely sought
throughout Britain and abroad, brought a beautiful collection of jewellery for the
society’s members to examine at close range, rings and boxes and especially
brooches, which are his major passion and very much in fashion. These may be hard
times for many but he said that he had sold £100,000 worth of brooches in the last
month alone.
He told us, too, of a couple who celebrated their Silver Wedding anniversary by the
husband buying a Maserati and telling his wife that, as it would cost him £125,000,
she could have a necklace of the same value, which Michael found for her. Then the
husband decided to get a special addition Maserati, costing £230,000 – so his wife
returned to Michael Lynes told him ‘I need a bracelet to match’!
After such a glittering display, Christmas presents for many of us may be a shade dull,
but the society is now to have its traditional mid-winter break, and meet again on
February 21, at Clanfield’s Carter Institute at 7.30pm, when Tony Hadland will talk to
us about ‘Catholic Recusancy in Oxfordshire’.
                                                                            Alan Smith

Clanfield Football Club
The club's Press Officer has been giving a good account of current news at the club,
but I thought it worth looking at our cup draws this season, where it has been a case
of renewing acquaintances with old adversaries, and meeting others for the first time.
The initial draws for the five competitions that the club enter at first team level all had
Clanfield being drawn to play away. First port of call was Staines Lammas in the F A
Cup. Staines Lammas should not be confused with Staines Town who were amongst
the founder members of the Hellenic League. Staines Lammas who were playing
Clanfield for the first time, groundshare with Ashford Town (Middlesex), but
interestingly enough their home ground is named the Lucan Pavilion, after the Lucan
dynasty had links with Laleham where they play. One of the former Lord Lucan's was
heavily involved in the charge of the Light Brigade, and another of them famously
disappeared in 1974.
The Oxfordshire Senior Cup saw Clanfield play at Henley, and although this is
Clanfield's 45th season of Hellenic League football, and Henley's two spells in the
league span 25 years, only in 1967/68 and 1970/71 were the clubs in the same
In the floodlit cup Clanfield played Fairford Town. Since Fairford have been playing in
the Premier Division since the 1976/77 season, and Clanfield have been playing in
Division 1 since 1985 it is a long time since the clubs met in league action. However
the clubs did also meet in the F A Vase last season, and during the 1970's Fairford
were a bit of a bogey side for Clanfield. In 1973/74 Clanfield finished Premier Division
runners up and were only one point away from winning the title, while Fairford were
relegated, but that did not prevent Fairford from winning both league games between
the clubs, winning 3-2 at Radcot Road after being two goals down, which effectively
cost us the title.
Next month I will look at our opponents in both the F A Vase and the league cup.
However one question I have is whether there is any relationship between Skuse the
baker who is talked about in previous editions of Clanfield WHAT, and the Mr Skuse
who was in fact the brother-in-law of former Clanfield football secretary Wilf Goddard.
                                                                          Malcolm Clarke

                               Babysitting Service
  My name is Emily Macpherson, I am 15 years old and live in Clanfield. I
  would like to offer a babysitting service and I charge £6 per hour. I have
 done a babysitting course that now qualifies me in first aid and to care for
  children. I am reliable, confident, good with kids and have experience in
                             looking after all ages.
                             Please contact me on:
               Mobile: 07765 901977        Home: 01367 810663
                   Village Community Shop
                    Questionnaire Response
No doubt you have all been wondering what has been happening to the Village
Community Shop Project since we had all the questionnaires returned. Janet has
been really touched by the response from the village and she has been quite
energised by it, so much so that she has decided that she would like to continue with
the village shop and post office as it is.
Janet would like to thank all those who returned the Village Shop Questionnaires and
give a special thanks to all the villagers who volunteered to help with the shop
project. It was very encouraging to see so many people who were willing to help. We
should like to give a special mention to John and Nancie Greatrex who did a lot of
research and work to get the village shop project underway, thank you very much.
I am happy to say we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, happy in the
knowledge that the shop will continue as it is for the foreseeable future.
Thank you to everyone
                                                          Janet Dry and Peter Farley

                       20 years experience
     Garden services provided                      Property Services
          Grass Cutting                                 Plumbing
            Clearance                                   Electrical
         Hedge Trimming                            Tiling, Decorating
          Leaf Clearing                              House clearing
             Fencing                        Kitchen & Bathroom Installation
                                                  Guttering, Odd jobs

            We provide a friendly & professional service for
                  Private and Commercial properties.
      We use qualified tradesmen for Gas & Electrical work and
             certificates are issued where appropriate.
      Call Stuart or Karina on 01367 810397 or 07823 337029

Monday Drop-in lunches
Are you one of those people who think, it is not for me having lunch with a load of old
Nothing can be further from the truth. Each Monday form 12.00 to 1.30pm we provide
wonderfully tasty homemade soup - usually a choice of two or three different sorts with a
freshly-made roll followed by tea or coffee and biscuits. You are always assured of a
warm welcome, a chance to meet old friends and to make new ones. It is an opportunity
to catch up with all the latest “gossip”. If you want to know what is happening in the
village this is the place to be. There is no age restriction - we have visitors from 9 months
to 91 years. All this for just a donation to cover our costs.
Since we began the Drop-in Lunches (6 years ago) we have been able to support
several projects in the village and also charities with the surplus money we have raised.
Did you know that the “Welcome Pack” delivered to every home in the village was
originally compiled and distributed by the “Drop-in Lunch”. Your Parish Council are
currently updating and delivering this to all newcomers. A Cabaret Quiz Night organised
by the “Drop-in Lunch” raised £1000 for the Carter Institute to enable our Village Hall to
remain open. We have supported “Holidays for children from Chernobyl” and “New Life
Home Trust” in Kenya and others closer to home. The profit from our latest fund- raiser is
going to buy more lights for the Christmas Tree on the bowling green this Christmas. So
why not come along one Monday soon and give us a try, you might be pleasantly
We are having a special Christmas lunch on Monday 12th December, see details in
separate notice, where you can be assured that there will be mince pies, Christmas
Carols, lots of fun and Christmas cheer. Look forward to seeing you there. Everyone is
       Monday Drop-in Lunches are organised by Christians Together in Clanfield

     FREE ESTIMATES                           GUTTER REPAIRS
     ANYWHERE                                    ALUMINIUM SEAMLESS GUTTERING

     NO OBLIGATION                               LEAD/ASBESTOS/CAST IRON GUTTERING
                                                 & DOWN PIPES FOR HOUSES/FACTORIES.
     CLANFIELD (01367) 810380                    DUTCH BARNS/BARNS & FARM
                                                 BUILDINGS MAINTENANCE OR
     SWINDON (01793) 527171                      REPLACEMENT OF
     CHELTENHAM (01242) 26151                    ROTTING FASCIAS, BARGE BOARDS
                                                 OR SOFFITS
     WITNEY (01993) 841193
                                                 MAINTENANCE FREE UPVC
     OXFORD (01865) 724127

Speeding in the Bampton Road
Public Meeting on 21 November 2011
There was a good response to the invitation to this meeting and considerable interest
shown in the demonstration of the “smart” speed indication device (SSID). Your
council determined that we should hire one equipment in order to both gather up-to-
date data on the problem as it affects not just Bampton Road but other entrances to
the village and to determine its effectiveness as a traffic calming measure.
This means two things. Firstly, it should be deployed on a random basis, varying
times of the day including what might be called unsocial hours; and secondly, it
requires a team of active volunteers to help with the management of this project. I am
aware of a small number who are prepared to help out but should be grateful for their
confirmation of intent and also for others to offer up some of their time to help tackle
this issue. I can be reached on Tel 810455 or by email at
On the wider issue of tackling speeding across the parish, all the necessary signage
has been deployed and the police made aware that the village is now signed to the
appropriate level to ensure successful prosecution of offenders. Expect TVP at
suitable locations in the village in the forthcoming weeks and months. Other
measures are under active consideration and where we go on these will be
announced in due course.
                                                                    Cllr Chris Scotcher
                                                (Traffic and Flooding/Emergency Plan)

Flood Protection Measures
Public Meeting 9 November 2011
Given the impact of the 2007 flooding and the damage it caused, attendance at this
meeting was disappointingly low. Useful information was available both through Mr
Laurence King’s presentation and in paper form. I am aware that WODC has written
to some 60 householders in Clanfield asking whether they wish to participate in the
scheme. If you have not received such a letter and wish to have further information,
please contact me on Tel 810455.
Responses to the insurance questionnaire in last month’s edition of the “WHAT?”
have also been very low. The agreement between insurers and HMG comes to an
end in 2013: the information which I am hoping to gather seeks to send a strong
message about the impact of actions, present or future, by the insurers so do please
complete the form as soon as you can.
                                                                    Cllr Chris Scotcher
                                                (Traffic and Flooding/Emergency Plan)

The Queens Jubilee 2nd to 5th June 2012
Village Photos
The Clanfield Festival Committee is planning a number of events to mark the Queens
Diamond Jubilee. We would like to make a record of everyone in the village at the
time of the Queens Jubilee. To do this we would like every householder in the village
to take a photograph of their house, with themselves and everyone living in the
house, ideally standing in front of the house.
This is an early warning to give you time to prepare for this. We would like two
photographs 6” x 4” (10 x 15cm) with the house name or number and street, the
names of the people in the photograph and the date of the photo written on the back.
We would like the photographs to be taken in the month leading up to the Jubilee.
One photograph will be used for a display at the Carter Institute and the other
photograph will be placed in a time capsule that will be placed somewhere in the
village along with other items relevant to the village.
We hope everyone will participate in this village event. Further reminders will be sent
out as the Jubilee approaches.
                                                                          Peter Farley
                                                         Clanfield Festival Committee

                           PATRICK STRAINGE
                              QUALITY MEAT
                          FROM OUR FAMILY FARMS
     National Finalist Sausage                    Voted Best Sausages in South Of
          Championships                           England as seen on National TV

                    Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon, OX18 2HA
                                Tel 01993 850350


I came across this old photograph of the corner of Mill Lane recently. There is a
fantastic view of Tidworth Row which was built in the early 1900’s to house workers
from Knapp’s Foundry across the way on Main Street, I believe. Do please correct me
if I’m wrong.
Interestingly, I note that there is a large stone on BOTH corners. I assume they were
placed there as protection by stopping carts turning too tightly and demolishing the
wall of Laburnum Cottage or knocking a precious load off the back. Who knows? The
van looks very like Skuse the Baker’s van which I have seen in another photograph
which appeared in the Millennium edition of the WHAT? – perhaps someone may be
able to identify it.
I have tried to set up the same shot now but there are some bushes in the way on the
side of the brook and I felt I might fall in if I got amongst the branches! There are few
changes to the scene and I intend to try again when ALL the leaves have gone.
                                                                          Caroline Crisp

Fuelling your community
home heating oil
fuels for agriculture and industry
monthly payments scheme
boiler servicing                                             Brize Norton                                        01993 851122

Buzzards & Kites
They are similar but different - likes stoats and weasels. As the saying goes ‘Weasels
are weasily identified but stoats are stoatally different’.
The main distinguishing feature is the shape of the tail when they are flying - the
buzzard’s tail is fan-shaped and the tail of the kite is almost forked.
                             Someone expressed concern to me that the kites
                             appeared to be taking the place of buzzards here in
                             Clanfield and Black Bourton. It made me start to worry that
                             we would lose the pair which nest successfully each year
                             at the back of our house on the left of the gated road. I do
                             enjoy watching them wheeling around and the progress of
                             the young when they start to fly, so I asked a friend to ask
                             her daughter who works for the RSPB. This was her
                              “Both birds eat mainly carrion but buzzards are more likely
                              than kites to eat live voles etc. and both will take roadkill.
                              In winter or if food seems short kites are likely to feed from
          Buzzard           landfill sites and rubbish tips, but buzzards will not.
The numbers of both birds are not such that they compete
with one another (following many decades of being
deliberately reduced in number). There is plenty of food for
both - even when very frosty (roadkill, rodents and other
birds which suffer deprivation etc).
As they are both on top of the food chain it would have to be
totally catastrophic for them to be in danger of hunger. They
would find another area to inhabit if and when necessary.
They would never attack each other - they live in parallel (as
it were) and do not take other raptors (predatory birds)
whereas goshawks do take kestrels etc.”                                      Kite
So let’s hope there is ‘room for all’.
                                                                            Caroline Crisp

     A Buddha similar to the one shown was found at the side of
     the road just outside of the village on the way to the Mill.
     He is sat in my greenhouse now, watching the world go by.
     If anyone would like to claim him then please give me a
                                                 Melanie 810114
  G . P. J O N E S
       Clanfield                          JON LODGE & SON
  GENERAL BUILDING &                        General Builders
                                          Extensions, driveways,
Brick & Stonework    Pergolas & Decking    patios, fencing, upvc
Extensions           Closeboard
Driveways            Stock Fencing        windows + doors, roof
Patio & paving       Chain Link
Plastering           Post & Rail
                                             repairs, laminate
Rendering            Panels                       flooring
Drainage             Gates
Guttering & Fascia   Boat Moorings         27 years experience
Call for a free estimate                    01367 810189 or
Telephone: 01367 810464                       07870 196178
  Mobile: 07790 501181

                                LINDSEY ALLAN
                       Quality Cordon Bleu Cuisine
  I provide a flexible service tailored to meet all your
   requirements, from the simple supper party to the
                  more formal dinner.
                        My other services include –
                            Business Lunches
                             Cocktail parties
                 Telephone 01367 810340 mobile 07799 777107

St. Stephen’s Church
Remembrance Sunday was a warm and sunny day and it was lovely to see so many
people gathered in St. Stephen’s and at the War Memorial to remember all those who
served and gave their lives in wars and conflicts for our country. We are very grateful to all
those who make the ceremony possible: selling poppies, preparing crosses and wreaths,
cleaning the Memorial, stopping the traffic, playing the Last Post and leading the
ceremony. Thank you very much.
Christmas is nearly upon us now and we have the usual complement of Christmas services
and events to help you and your family enjoy the festivities, remembering that “Jesus is the
reason for the season”! Full details are given below.
Dates for your diary
Saturday 17th December: Christingle Service, 4pm, led by Rev. David Lloyd in St.
Stephen’s Church. This is a lovely service for children – young and old.
Sunday 18th December: Carol Service, 6pm, led by Rev. David Battersby in St. Stephen’s
Church. This candlelit service has all the traditional readings and carols.
Monday 19th December: Songs, mulled wine (other drinks are available) and mince pies
around the village Christmas Tree, accompanied by a brass band. This event was very
popular last year and will be happening at 6pm at the Carter Institute – but we can’t
promise to provide snow this year!
Christmas Eve, Saturday 24th December: 11.30pm for Midnight Mass at St. Stephen’s
Church, led by Rev. David Lloyd. A truly wonderful way to welcome in Christmas Day. An
offering will be taken for the Oxford Homeless Pathways charity.
Christmas Day, Sunday 25th December: Holy Communion Service at 8am, led by Rev.
David Lloyd. You know you will be up anyway – so come and join us if you can.
Other services in December and January
Sunday 4th December:            10.30am Family Service, led by Judith Hillier
Sunday 11th December:           9.15am Holy Communion Service, led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 1st January:             10.30am Holy Communion Service in St. Mary’s,
                                Bampton, led by Rev. David Lloyd. Please note – there
                                will be no service in Clanfield this Sunday.
Sunday 8th January:             9.15am Holy Communion Service, led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 15th January:            10.30am Holy Communion Service, led by Rev. David
Sunday 22nd January:            10.30am Family Service, leader TBC.
Sunday 29th January:           10.30am United Parish Eucharist and service of
                               confirmation, St. Mary’s, Bampton. Please note – there will
                               be no service in Clanfield this Sunday.
                                                                                 Judith Hillier

                                            A C Smart Tiling
                                         Reliable and Professional Service
                                             from 18 years experience.
                                            For the fixing of Ceramic,
                                          Porcelain, Mosaic, Terracotta,
                                           Slate, Marble, Natural Stone
                                                  and Glass Tiles.
                                               All work guaranteed.
                                             Free quotes, tile quantity
                                         calculations and advice available
                                                with no obligation.
                                                  01993 851694
                                                      Adrian Smart
                                           1 Primrose Cottage, Weald, Bampton

Planning a Party, or maybe you
would just like to have friends or
 family to stay and are short of              Nick Rowland
space; why not book a room at
       your local B & B?                         CARPENTRY
  WHEELGATE HOUSE                                      &
                                                  Kitchens etc
                                               made to individual
Elizabeth Gooddy, Wheelgate House,              FREE ESTIMATES
      Market Square, Bampton,
       Oxfordshire, OX18 2JH
                                                 Tel: 01993 840347
 Tel: 01993 851151 / 07747 466151              Mobile: 07971 514540

Clanfield 85 Football Club
The Club’s interest in National Competitions ended on Saturday, October 22nd when
despite putting up a stubborn and hard-working performance the First Team were
eliminated from the Football Association Challenge Vase in the First Round Proper
by Flackwell Heath. There was little in the game until just after half-time when
Flackwell Heath scored two goals in quick succession and despite going close we
were unable to reduce the deficit or procure a draw to bring our opponents back to
Radcot Road for a replay.
Having been eliminated from the Uhlsport Hellenic League Blue Fin Insurance
Brokers Challenge Cup in the First Round we have been entered into the League
Supplementary Cup and surprise, surprise after being drawn to play away in five
Knock-out Cup Competitions we have at long last secured a home draw. We will
play Bracknell Town from the Uhlsport Hellenic League Premier Division at Radcot
Road on November 26th.
Following the match at Flackwell Heath the First Team secured an excellent 1 - 0
win at League newcomers Brimscombe and Thrupp, were beaten at home by
Wootton Bassett Town, and secured one point from a 0 - 0 draw at Malmesbury
Victoria. If we are to challenge for promotion (as we did last Season) we are going
to have to start winning our home games and also taking more points from the
teams in the lower part of the League than we have done so far.
The Reserve Team under new Team Manager Chris Boot have been a case of “so
near yet so far” in the matches that they have played losing in close games.
However on November 5th 2011 we were due to play Easington Sports Reserves (at
Banbury) when as a number of team members were waiting at Radcot Road to
depart for the ground a number of other players withdrew for work and other reasons
and we were unable to fulfil the fixture. This was disappointing and will involve the
Club in being fined by the League for non-fulfilment of a fixture and we will probably
also be ordered to pay the expenses of the Match Referee and possibly the cost of
any hospitality already prepared for the match. Not a good effort from the players
who dropped out who let Chris down very badly on the day. However the following
week the Reserve Team progressed into the Third Round of the Oxfordshire
Intermediate Cup with an excellent 2 - 0 home win against Watlington Town (First
Team) who play in Division One of the Oxfordshire Senior League. The Third Round
is due to be played on December 10th when the Reserve Team will be away to
Broughton and North Newington.
The Under 16 Team, who play in the Oxfordshire Football Association Invitation A
League lost their unbeaten record on November 13th 2011 when they were heavily
beaten at Radcot Road by title contenders and rivals Horspath. This was a heavy
defeat and whilst a difficult game was expected the level of the defeat was not.
The Under 13 Team have seemingly recovered from the substantial defeats in Cup
Competitions and have won three games in a row in the Giles Sports Witney &
District Youth C League.
Full details of the Club’s forthcoming fixtures from First Team to Under 13 Team can
usually be found on a Friday evening on the Club website.
The Clubhouse and playing area is a hive of activity on Tuesday evenings when the
First Team, Reserve Team and Under 16 Team are joined by Ducklington Under 12s
for Training. These are of course conducted separately although the Under 16 Team
sometimes joins in with the First Team/Reserve Team and for those involved with
administration in football it is so pleasing to see so many people getting so much
enjoyment from the game.
The playing area is also a hive of activity on Friday evenings when Colin Jordan, a
stalwart of the Club on both a playing and administrative basis, puts on mini-soccer
sessions for young players between the ages of 7 and 15. Sessions take place
between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. All are welcome and the cost is £3 per player per session.
The Clubhouse remains open on match days and on other occasions. On Monday,
December 5th there will be the Christmas Bingo (not to be missed) and on Saturday,
December 17th there will be the monthly quiz night and on Saturday 31st a disco.
Everyone is welcome to attend these functions.
Veterans Football is usually to be found at Radcot Road on a Wednesday evening
since Bampton Town and Witney Royals Veterans Teams both use Radcot Road as
their home base. This is the opportunity to see some of the more mature players in
the district still giving everything even though it might not be quite as much as they
once gave! The football is none-the-less competitive and is run on a League basis by
the Uhlsport Hellenic League. On Wednesday, December 14th 2011 the Club will host
(weather permitting) a representative match at Over-50 (years!) between the East and
West areas of the Uhlsport Hellenic League Veterans Divisions. The kick-off for that
match will be 7.45 p.m.
Spectators for matches at all levels will be very welcome and a very warm welcome
awaits anyone who wants to come along either to matches or to the Club functions.

Coffee Morning at the Tavern
The coffee morning held on Saturday 19th November at The Tavern raised the
magnificent sum of £1200 for Macmillan Cancer Support Charity.
The ‘girls’ from the Produce Show committee got together with Glan and Bron at the
pub and put on a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. And
did we? Or should I say ‘did you?’ We raised a grand total of £1200 which the local
Macmillan people were thrilled with.
It was a great morning so an enormous thank you to everyone who helped or spent
money and especially to Glan and Bronwen who provided the venue, gallons of
coffee, tons of mince pies and staff to wash up and re-cycle the cups. There were just
so many people they had to keep washing them up to use again!
                                                                   Caroline and Judy

Memories of Holyhead
As one gets older nostalgia sets in and these days there are times when I feel very
nostalgic. All sorts of memories come back to me from my very early days, growing
up in the then very busy port of Holyhead, a jumping off place for passengers for
The Irish Mail trains, two a day, running from London, via Rugby, Crewe and Chester
met the Irish Mail Boats at Holyhead. There were three mail boats, the Cambria,
Hibernia and Scotia. The latter was sunk off Dunkirk. When the train steamed in, the
station became alive, porters rushing with their two wheeled trucks towards the
opening doors of theFirst Class carriages to load up the luggage of the well-to-do
passengers and see them safely on to the waiting mail boat.
In those days on board ship, the First Class accommodation, cabins, lounges,
smoking room and dining room were all very elegant. The dining room was panelled
in Tudor style, for example and in the ladies lounge the chairs and sofas were
covered in floral chintz. There were also curtained bunks for those who preferred to
lie down during the crossing, the ladies’ were in pink velvet and the men's in blue,
and there were stewardesses and stewards to attend to their needs.
The Third Class was far less luxurious, just scrubbed pine benches and tables and a
bar. In the bow of the ship was a small open hold, it could be covered in tarpaulin in
bad weather, here lived the bosun and the ship's cat amongst coils of rope.
These ships were of course steam ships, so coaling had to be done at regular
intervals. One time my father, who was a member of the, crew took me to see the
boiler room which was very hot. Here, men in cotton singlets shovelled coal into the
fiery furnaces and the engineer, also in a singlet with cloth in hand, kept his eye on
various dials. All the hand rails were of polished brass.
Then there were the cargo boats that came and went. They moored alongside the
Goods Sheds. They took on the terrified Irish cattle later to be goaded and prodded
out of the ships hold, up gangways and on to the awaiting cattle wagons. They went
by rail to various cattle markets - to my mind it was a cruel trade.
My way to school at that time was through the Goods Sheds, it was a short cut, and
looking back I am amazed that we were allowed to take it. "We" being my young
brother and myself. Once out of the sheds, our way led us by the diver's premises
and we saw his gear, the enormous helmet and huge heavy boots. Then over a level
crossing and out into the lower end of the town and school. En route, we passed a
small baker's shop that sold the most delicious small apple pies and blackcurrant
pies for about three pence. This little shop has long since gone, along with the
steam ships and the steam trains, but they remain forever in my memory.
                                                                        Dorothy Wise

   For straight
 forward advice
   on buying,
selling or letting
  property, call

01993 771077

Girls on Top!
“Doing anything Saturday?” asked my friend David. I pondered. Jobs at home, wash
the car, cut the hedge, mow the lawn, paper work, yes - Saturday would be a very
busy day. “Why?” I ask. “Fancy coming to the skid pan at Castle Combe?” he
replies. Slowly cogs whirr in my brain. A very difficult decision has to be made and I
need time. Slowly I weigh the options and after a full two seconds I confirm, it’s skid
pans on Saturday!
8.07 Saturday morning, enter Castle Combe on the sat nav, I guessed at an hour’s
trip, but Tom Tom indicates an extra 22 minutes, I need to get a move on. Recently
my driving has been quite sedate, partly to conserve fuel, partly to maintain my
licence and partly because there is usually so much traffic, it’s hopeless trying to go
My luck is in, the roads are pretty clear and I maintain a rapid rate getting to my
destination sooner than expected, but Sat Nav being what Sat Nav is, it’s not the
destination I need! Nine more frantic miles down single track roads and I’m there,
Of the twelve participants I arrive last and the others, having had a briefing, are
getting into cars on the skid pan area. Death-defying Marshalls are spraying water
onto the tarmac surface and sprinkling silicone powder to make it more slippery.
Two cars circulate, each with three people in, one an old white BMW, has rear wheel
drive, whilst the other, a British racing green Rover, is a front driver . Engines rev
and wheels spin as the cars career round, it seemed the lunatics had taken over the
asylum; there were some complete nutters on board. I anticipate being lumped in
with a couple of other dim-wits. Wrong I’m with two very pleasant young ladies
Caroline and Joanne. Oh well I’ll just have to show them my driving prowess in as
chivalrous a manner as possible.
We each have a go at sliding round the course, at times totally out of control but
these girls seem to be able to get to grips with it, twirling the steering wheel and not
giving it too much welly.
After a session at the wheel of each car it’s back inside for instruction and
explanation of what we should be doing. Steer into the skid, don’t brake, dip the
clutch, wiggle the steering wheel. Did anyone take it in; do they understand? We
also discussed braking and steering and the benefits of ABS - this would be put to
the test later.
Back into the cars. Joanne is quite petite and has problems with the seat position
and lack of power steering on the BMW but they both appear to have taken it all in
and are now steering, declutching and wiggling the wheel like experts. It’s quite
interesting that both they and myself, have benefited from the instruction we have
received but friend David’s car has the lads on board and the red mist drops when
they take the wheel and they continue to charge round like lunatics

This session done we get into the BMW to test braking and steering without ABS. Full
throttle then brake hard and try to turn, until the brakes are released. The car careers
straight on, even with the front wheels turned hard over. Next full throttle at a cone
representing a Granny crossing the road, brakes hard on, skid, turn, straight on until
the brakes are released, then the car turns. Phew the cone remains in place (not the
case with all participants).
Next an old Vectra with ABS (Advanced Braking System). Again we drive full chat
towards the cone, brake hard, the ABS judders, then we turn. Because the ABS is
doing its stuff the wheels get grip and steer us away from granny showing how ABS
can help in an emergency braking situation.
Finally we all have to drive off against the clock.
It’s twice around the course and reverse into a
cone box to see who has learnt most and can
control the car best. The young lads are still on
another planet and seem to have learnt nothing,
as they spin, skid, hit cones and career
uncontrollably all over the place. I wonder how did
they pass their driving test and am very glad they
don’t live near us; surely they shouldn’t be driving
on public roads. The competition builds; the secret is to go gently using all the skills
we have learnt. It’s going to be difficult to win this one I think. The ladies seem to have
done well and I’m the last one to go, can I do it? I charge off but temper my driving as
I get onto the slippery stuff, concentrate, go close to the cones, don’t skid, dip the
clutch, steer gently, easy on the throttle. We have to do a full circle around a cone and
then do the course in reverse, I lose time here but am reasonably pleased with my
round as I reverse into the box.
Back in the viewing area and we receive the results of our endeavours. Third place
went to a chap who did a good time but was penalised for hitting a cone, my efforts
put me in second and Caroline, who had complained that she was at University and
had not driven since Christmas, won, proving I fear, that women can make better
drivers than men!
                                                                       Ben Eddolls

Clanfield Bells
The 'noise' coming from the bell tower on Wednesday nights will have sounded
slightly different since June. We welcomed three beginner ringers who came for a try
at the Tower Open Evening. Mel, Simon and Emma have made speedy progress and
can now ring in rounds. Brian has also recently joined the team.
Half-muffled bells were rung prior to the service at the War Memorial on
Remembrance Day. Listen out for ringing prior to the Christmas services and come
and join us.
                                                                              Liz Stevens
Winter Driving
I was reminded at a recent “Snow Day” run by OCC (Highways) of the problems we
experienced late last and early this year with the cold and snowy weather. Since
December is not too far away, and the weather people are forecasting another cold
winter, it’s perhaps a good time to draw drivers’ attention to some useful tips in
preparation for adverse conditions. For those of you who are connected to the
internet, you will find some helpful advice at:
For those not, please refer to your copy of the “Are You Ready?” booklet distributed
by the Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum. I can supply further detailed
information if you so wish.
                                                                     Cllr Chris Scotcher
                                                 (Traffic and Flooding/Emergency Plan)

Have you been to the West Ox Arts Gallery at Bampton
lately? If not, you are in for a pleasant surprise. West Ox
Arts has occupied the Gallery at Market Square since the
early 1970s when it started life as a society for local artists
who wanted somewhere to exhibit. Since then it has
expanded and developed its activities and now offers
workshops, ranging from Drawing for the Petrified to Book/
Gift Box & Corsage making classes.
We have a changing programme of exhibitions throughout
the year, with free admission, nearby free parking and
disabled access.
We also have a shop, selling competitively priced handmade
items, such as greetings cards, note & sketch books,
jewellery, ceramics, textiles, prints and other craft items.
Our popular Christmas Craft sale will be showcasing an exciting array of unique
Christmas gifts that are not available on the High Street and will run from the 25th
November to 18th December, so why not pop down for your Christmas shopping.
You don’t have to be an artist to join West Ox Arts, but membership offers discounts
on artist’s materials at various outlets, invitation to all exhibitions and reduced rates
on some of our workshops & life drawing classes.
Call in or contact us for an Events & Workshop Guide. We are open Tue-Sat 10.30
am to 4.30 pm and 2.00 to 4.00 pm on Sundays – We look forward to seeing you.
01993 850137
             West Ox Arts Gallery, Town Hall, Market Square, Bampton

Carterton Neighbourhood Management Update
- November
The Allendale Youth Centre in Carterton is going from strength to strength with a drop
in session on a Wednesday evening from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. This is an open house
and all are welcome. Since these sessions have been held the average attendance
has been 40. This is an excellent effort, especially as there has been no advertising
but all word of mouth from the young people that use the club. There is currently one
full time youth worker which has been provided by RAF Brize Norton. In addition, the
youth club is looking to employ three further youth workers in the near future. These
will be funded by Project Airplay. There are currently three outreach workers who
greatly assist the neighbourhood team during busy Friday evenings.
The Bampton building has been refurbished and the boxing club appears to be a
huge success. They open on four days of the week providing an excellent facility to
get fit and meet new people. The building is an excellent facility for numerous different
The Neighbourhood team met one of the Clanfield Town Councillors and discussed
the ongoing speed issues surrounding the Bampton to Clanfield Road. It has been
agreed that enforcement will be carried out in the near future once certain criteria
have been met. We are also looking to have a survey carried out with a view to
having the mobile speed camera van positioned around the village. The Speed Data
Recorder has been deployed on our area recently and the results, once known, will
be published.
A meeting took place recently involving numerous agencies with a view to road and
cycle safety. The intention is to hold a safety day for all age groups.
You can email the team at: or
phone the non-emergency number on 08458 505 505.

                                  MALC NEWMAN
                         FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
                                    TRACKS ETC
                          VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
                            BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
                                  TEL: 01367 810558
                                  MOB: 07984 602093
                             OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
                           (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )

                     WHAT?’s On in Clanfield
     Clanfield Pre-school
For children in the age range 2–5 at the
Methodist Church Hall. Open every               Monday Drop-in Lunches
Monday to Friday from 8.45am - 2.45pm       Drop in at the Carter Institute every
during term-time. Call Jane Brown on        Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm (excluding
01367 860848 (home) or 01367 810365         Bank Holidays) and you can be assured
(pre-school) for details                    of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
     Clanfield Baby & Toddlers              and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
                                            Contact John Greatrex - 810609
Every Wednesday at the Carter Institute
from 10.00am until 11.30am. Contact             Historical Society
Sharon 07776 252314 or Simone 07914         Monthly meetings between October and
539613                                      May in either Clanfield or Bampton.
     Women’s Institute                      Details from Alan Smith on 01367
Meetings are held every second
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in            Carter Institute
the Carter Institute. Notices giving        For bookings contact Mrs.           Kate
details of the meeting will be on display   O’Donnell on 01367 810440
in the Post Office and village notice
boards. All welcome. Contact Heather            Art Classes
Clarke, 12 Manor Lane, Clanfield 01367      Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further
810655.                                     details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on
     Mobile Library Service                 810553

The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield
every other Thursdays; by the Church        Fred Farmer’s Book –
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens           the perfect gift at
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm
     Bell Ringing
Practice night each Wednesday from          Fred Farmer was a well known Clanfield
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.     character. He was almost 94 when he
New ringers always welcome. Contact         died in November 2001. Fred had lived
Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367          his entire life in the area and had been
810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard         the local builder so he had a good
01367 810587                                knowledge of many of the properties
                                            and of the residents of Clanfield.
      Snooker Club
                                            There are still some copies of Fred
7:30pm – 10 pm every Tuesday,               Farmer’s ‘Memories of Clanfield’
Thursday & Friday evening, upstairs in      available for only £4.50 from Fred’s
the Carter Institute. Contact Barrie        daughter Yvonne Cox by ringing her on
Rawlinson on 01367 810265                   01235 868276.

                                                          Advertising Rates
WHAT? To Trade                                             (as from April 2006)
Advertise for FREE anything you’d like to     Full page   (128 x 190 mm) £24.00
sell or give away - from children’s clothes   ½ page      (128 x 85 mm)    £12.00
& toys to books & DVDs; furniture to          ¼ page      (128 x 40 mm) OR
surplus garden plants.                                    (60 x 85 mm)     £10.00
Children's desk, white, with 1 drawer, 2      Eighth page (58 x 40 mm)     £6.00
shelves and keyboard shelf. Width 110             Adverts can be sent by email in either
 cm, depth 60cm, height 70cm. £20.                MS Word, MS Publisher or as a JPEG.
    Phone 810663 / 07966 799241.
                                                Email letters and articles to:
                       For all your 
                    repairs & sewing &
                        alterations            Deliver Handwritten Articles to:
                                               Caroline Crisp, The Grange, Bourton Road,
                                                Clanfield OX18 2PB Tel: 01367 810452
                                              (all handwritten articles must have a contact
                       01367 0113                     name and telephone number)
                        0                          Jan Smith, 12 High House Close,
                                              For general queries please contact:
                   Clanfield                        Liz Gaertner    01367 810465
                                                    Caroline Hudson 01367 810452
                  Pre-school                        Charles Willmer 01367 810206

 Small and friendly pre-school,
providing learning through play               The WHAT? would like to remind
    in a fun environment for                  readers that it does not accept
   children aged 2 – 5 years.                 responsibility for the content of any
                                              article printed. Views printed are
Open 8.45am-2.45pm offering a range           solely those of the contributor.
           of sessions.                       The WHAT? will publish all
       ‘Good’ OFSTED report                   contributors’ names unless
  We are a Forest School and offer a          anonymity is specifically requested.
                                              Anonymous articles and or letters
        summer play scheme.
                                              will not be printed.
For further details contact Jane Brown
                                              The WHAT? reserves the right to
          on 01367 860848                     edit any article, where appropriate,              according to the available space.


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