Operating the Steadicam

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					Operating the Steadicam.
Give yourself an hour to set up the Steadicam in a clean and calm environment pre shoot.

Take with you on shoot a C stand and assistant.

Setting Calibration

Note the variables: weight of camera (and lens), length of camera sled, mount base weights, sled
base weights.

    1.   The heavier the camera the better, if using an SLR such as Canon 7D use all the base weights.
    2.   Add washers to when attaching camera to the mount to avoid over threading the camera.
    3.   Clip mount to camera sled, hold stabiliser by foam handle to get a rough idea of balance.
    4.   Still gripping the foam handle move the stabiliser from left to right noting which is heavier,
         top or bottom.
    5. Make small adjustments of the length of the Camera sled. Repeat until balanced.
    6. To fine tune the level of the camera, use the small x and y knobs on the camera mount until

Attaching to the body.

    1. Put on the vest with the mental plate at the front.
    2. Wear the vest tight and above the hips. Note: this is not at tramping pack but a delicate third
    3. Slide the arm into the vest plate and hold carefully because this arm has a mind if its own.
       This is where the assistant is helpful.
    4. Then have the assistant pass you the camera pre mounted on the sled, attach to the arm.
    5. Using you right hand hold the foam handle, your left hand is ONLY for desperate support or
       direction for camera.


    1. Grip foam handle with your right hand to make ALL your camera movements. Use your left if
       you have to.
    2. Walk like a crab, feet never behind your back.
    3. Keep a straight back.
    4. For pan shots spin the sled with your left hand but very gently note: every time you touch
       the steadicam with your left hand it defeats the purpose.
    5. For tilt shots do not push the base weights, set the weight on the camera mount.

Camera settings

    1. Pretty much don’t make any adjustments to your camera during a shot.
    2. Set focus, shoot wide, high F-stop to expand depth of field.

Of course these are ONLY guide lines. Customise your setup to suit the situation or effect.

You are now a cyborg .

Film List

Russian Ark

Pulp Fiction


The Shining

       School of art Steadicam components.

Vest                         Arm

Sled                  Gimbal and Camera Mount (feat. x & y adjustments)
Camera mount + weights.

External Monitor. (Optional accessory)

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