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					Alex Knox, more commonly known as Aklock, is an indie Hip
 Hop artist known for creating relatable tracks that blend
 Hip Hop and poetry to set the mood for the soundtrack of
 life. With a self-proclaimed addiction to freestyle poetry,
 Aklock writes sharp, emotionally invested and intricate
lyrics. His goal: encourage people to open their minds and
express their artistic sides.

      Since 2002, Aklock has been developing an original
         poetry-fused sound influenced by artists like Aesop
          Rock, Ceschi Ramos, Atmosphere, Dj Shadow,
            Living Legends and Sleep. Aklock keeps an open
             mind and is often inspired by whatever he can
               get his hands on, especially older Hip Hop
                  tracks by artists like Wu Tang Clan, Arti-
                     facts and the Hieroglyphics.

                      Aklock is signed under Colorado
                       record label Stylefree Records and
                        works with three main produc-
                         ers: Maulskull, Smashing Time
                         and Deadbeat. He has toured the
                          country performing in New Mex-
                          ico, Idaho, Texas, Montana and
                          California and shared the stage
                         with rising artists like Moka Only,
                       Ceschi Ramos, Factor, Mike Eagle
                    and the Chicharones.
When Aklock is not on the road, he continues to build a solid fan
base in Colorado performing at venues like Aggie Theater and
Hodis Half Note (Fort Collins, CO), Mishawaka (Belvue Colorado),
High Dive (Denver, CO) and Three 20 South (Breckinridge Colo-
rado). He has collaborated with Awol One, Ceschi Ramos, Onry
Ozzbourne, Los Guyz and Ape 9.

Currently Aklock is collaborating with Black Mask on an upcoming
LP and working to promote his first full-length album Eight Years
Running, which was released in March 2010. In the future he will
release a second album produced by Maulskull called Build Small.
Aklock is always developing the quality of his sound and eager to
share it with the world.

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                      Bio Basement

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