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					 Karen Leung (14)
  Vicky Tong (23)
Stephanie Tsang (24)
      Research Question
Due to its major new competitor
Disneyland, sustaining its popularity will
be challenging for Hong Kong Ocean

How has the opening of Hong Kong
Disneyland affected Ocean Park?
What measures should Ocean Park
take to sustain its popularity?

•   Introduction
•   Current Situation
•   Ocean Park Vs Disneyland
•   Attractions &Videos
•   Comparison
•   Suggestion
•   Conclusion
• Since its opening in 1977, Ocean Park has
  always been an important amusement park of
  Hong Kong, carrying the sweetest memories for
  many Hong Kong people.
• However, the opening of world-known Disneyland
  in Hong Kong in 2005 was said to be a great
  threat to Ocean Park.
• In order to get into
  the issue, an
  interview with Ms
  Christina Wong, the
  Public Relations
  Officer of Ocean
  Park was
  conducted on 28th
  March 2007.
            Ocean Park
• Opening: October 11,1977
• an amusement park and a venue for
  ecological education
• The attendance of the park in mid-2005
  reached 4.03 million
  *the highest yearly attendance figure
  since it opened in 1977
          Current Situation

• Coming to the 30th
  Anniversary, Ocean
  Park has been trying
  its best to get
  recognized by people
  in the world!
• New attractions and
  highly effective
  promotion strategies
  made Ocean Park the
  world’s seventh most
  popular amusement
  park in a survey by
  Forbes magazine in
Ocean Park VS Disneyland

    New seasonal
    attractions !
          Ocean Park Attractions
         The Dragon hurls riders in
         hurricane speed while enjoying
         the astounding sea view,
Exciting making the ride a unique
         experience for them.

          With maximum speed of
          58km/h, Raging River gives
          riders a 527m exciting ride.
         Visitors will come face to face
         with 70 sharks of 35 species in
Animal   Shark Aquarium, watch them
watching gliding every species, and learn
         about every species including the
         rare ones which Ocean Park has
         been able to breed in captivity.
Giant Panda Habitat gives visitors a
great chance to be close with national
heirlooms, pandas An An and Jia Jia,
as well as to learn about their habitat.
            Big Splash Summer takes
New         visitors to Caribbean to enjoy
seasonal sunshine and funny battle with
attractions bubbles and water, aiming to
            make visitors “stay cool”!
Halloween Bash!
let visitors enjoy
the unique
journey in the park,
meeting “mutants”,
“ghosts”, “vampires”
and many more
special creatures.
•Opening: September 12,2005
•a world-known amusement park
•The attractions displayed in the park
are based on different Walt Disney
cartoon characters.
•Main Street, U.S.A.
~brings to life the typical American
town with variety of charming
shops and restaurants

                        ~Discover the mayhem
                       that the pirates are causing
                       on your favorite attraction
 ~offers new frontiers in
 science, adventure and ideals

~Soar on a flying elephant.
Spin in a storybook teacup
                  Ocean Park                    Disneyland
  Area    870,000 square meters             1260,000 hectares
Winner                 
visitors 4.38 million visitors            34,000 customers per
annually annually in year 2005/2006              annual
Winner                 
 Rides    14 in total                    22 entertainment items in
          2 roller coasters               the phase 1 of the Hong
          1 water rides                      Kong Disneyland,
                                         comparing to 44 in Paris,
                                          45 in Tokyo and Florida,
                                            and 65 in California
Winner                                              
                   Ocean Park                    Disneyland
Selling   Natural & animals              Cartoon
points    a Giant panda exhibit          Main Street, U.S.A.
           a butterfly garden,           Adventureland
          a shark tank,                  Fantasyland
          a three-storey aquarium,       Tomorrowland
          cable car system,
          well developed laboratories,
          an education department
          a Whales And Dolphins

Winner                  

Entranc            $185 adults                   $295 adults
 e Fee             $93 Children                 $210 Children
Winner                  
Though there were expectations of decrease
in number of visitors, the results from our
interview shows that the number of visitors
has not dropped but has had a remarkable
rise since the opening of Disneyland. There
are a few reasons behind:
Poor Reputation Of Disneyland:
 Reports of poor attendance
 Provision of shark's fin soup attacked by
 Suspected food poisoning
  Park officials sparked backlash by turning
away guests, who had bought tickets, but
were not allowed to enter because the park
reached full capacity.
               New attractions
• Refurbishment project
  – Bungee Jump spot would be built on the mountain
    top of the park.

  – Exhibition of microbiology would be held, introducing
    microbiology and related technology with interesting
    and creative ways like interactive cinema in the park.

  – Rides on submarine would be established for new
    sea experience of visitors.
The new MTR Island South
line would deliver customers
to the park's front door       A new hotel is in
                               the suggestion
                               period, aiming to
                               provide higher
                               uniqueness to
                               the park.
            Price discounts
• Birthday boys and girls of the day would be free
  of charge for admission fee
• Senior and infants are free of charge for
  admission fee
• Group tickets would enjoy a discount from 20%
  to 40% off, depending on the number of
  members in the group
• Since there might be environmental problems in
  the nearby areas of Ocean Park associated with
  the refurbishment projects in the coming years,

• it is suggested that the park should liaise well
  with the Environmental Protection Department to
  minimize the noise and solid waste pollution.

• It is hoped that Ocean Park would try its best to
  put its ideal of environmental conservation into
  practice in the future.

• The opening of Hong Kong Disneyland has not
  brought significant negative effects to the Ocean

• On the contrary, the opening of Disneyland
  inspired Ocean Park to launch more attractions
  and refurbishment projects which have brought
  even more visitors to the park.
• Ocean Park would definitely attain its new record
  of high attendance and sustain its popularity.

• It is believed that Ocean Park and Hong Kong
  Disneyland would develop a cooperative
  relationship and supplement each other in the

• The Hong Kong government should maintain
  both parks to fuel the city’s tourism industry in
  the future.
Discussion Questions
1.In what ways will the
  refurbishment project of
  Ocean Park really help the
  park to sustain its popularity?
2. What comparative
  advantages do you think
  Ocean Park possesses as
  to compete with Hong
  Kong Disneyland?
3. After the refurbishment
  project, the ticket price of
  Ocean Park is expected to
  rise by 20% to 30%, Do you
  think this will lead to a
  drastic decrease in number
  of visitors to the park? Why
  or why not?
4.What other promotional
 strategies can Ocean Park
 adopt in order to boost its
 popularity overseas?
5. Can you think of new
  attractions that Ocean Park
  can include in its
  refurbishment project?
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