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Paratransit coordination


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Paratransit Services

Coordination, continued

Indicate prior experience or involvement in regional coordinated transportation and human services
planning, including indicating:

    Paratransit Services is a private nonprofit company based in Bremerton, Washington. We have been
    providing accessible transportation services for 31 years, and Non-Emergency Medical
    Transportation (NEMT) brokerage services for 23 years, beginning with the brokerage
    demonstration pilot project we ran in Pierce County in 1988—giving us the honor of being the
    State’s original NEMT broker. We have continually made important contributions to the
    development of the State of Washington NEMT program, and now serve as broker for nine counties
    in Western Washington.
    In addition to our NEMT activities, we coordinate and leverage resources to ensure the state has a
    robust and competitive transportation provider network to serve NEMT needs. WSDOT awards a
    variety of grants to transit systems, non-profits and other community transportation organizations
    to assist in providing transportation. Paratransit Services has partnered with some of these
    organizations to leverage the limited transportation resources. For example, In Pierce County we
    partner with Pierce Transit and Pierce County Community Services to provide transportation to
    clients who live outside of the transit service area to the nearest park and ride so they can connect
    to the transit system. In other areas we have been able to utilize the brokerage infrastructure to
    coordinate with other local services to serve more clients at a reduced per-trip cost.
    Listed below are some of our coordination partners:
    Snohomish County
    • Stillaguamish Tribe                              • Everett Transit
    • Community Transit                                • Volunteers of America
    • Snotrac – Snohomish County Special Needs Transportation Coalition
    • McKinney-Vento Homeless Transportation for school districts in the county
    Pierce County
    • Mustard Seed Project                             • TACID
    • Beyond the Borders                               • Greyhound Lines
    • Work First                                       • Pierce Transit
    • Orting Soldiers Home                             • American Lake Veterans Hospital
    • Pierce County Emergency Preparedness
    • Pierce County Aging and Long Term Care
    • PCCTC/LCC – Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition
    • McKinney-Vento Homeless Transportation for school districts in the county
    Kitsap, Jefferson, Clallam, North Mason Counties
    • Kitsap Coalition                                       •   Dungeness Line
    • Kitsap Steering Committee                              •   Mason Transit
    • Kitsap Transit                                         •   Jefferson Transit
    • Retsil Veterans Home                                   •   Clallam Transit
   •   Makah Tribe                                        • Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
   •   Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe                        • Lower Elwah Tribe
   •   Clallam County Emergency Preparedness
   •   Mason County Emergency Preparedness
   •   Kitsap Continuum of Care (Homeless)
   •   Kitsap Information and Referral Network
   •   Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization
   South Mason, Thurston, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Pacific Counties
   • Mason Coalition                                     • Rural Transportation
   • TOGETHER!                                           • Pacific Transit
   • Twin Transit                                        • Mason Transit
   • Squaxin Island Tribe                                • Intercity Transit
   • Grays Harbor Transit
   • United Way Community Coalition
   • Thurston Regional Planning Council
   • Coastal Community Action Program
   Puget Sound Area
   • Puget Sound Regional Council
   • Sound Transit
   • Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation (ACCT)
   • Community Transportation Association – NW (CTA-NW)
   • WSDOT Federal Opportunities Workgroup
   • Community Transportation Association of America
When was the most recent coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan (‘‘coordinated
plan’’) developed?
   Washington States coordinated transportation plans were updated in 2010.
Have the applicant and any proposed subrecipients previously been involved in developing their
community’s coordinated plan?
   Yes, Paratransit Services has been involved with several transportation and veterans coalitions and
   groups to develop our community’s coordinated plan (see our response to 1.c.v and 2.c, above).
Has the community taken steps prior to the VTCLI to address the mobility needs of local veterans and
military families?
   As indicated in our response to “Planning and Prioritization at the Local/Regional Level,” Paratransit
   Services has participated in meetings with the State of Washington, veterans groups, and other
   social services agencies to explore ways to address the transportation needs of veterans. As the
   largest NEMT transportation broker in Western Washington, Paratransit Services is uniquely
   positioned to serve as the central point of contact in a coordinated solution to addressing the
   transportation needs of Western Washington veterans.
Have veterans/military family needs previously been addressed in the coordinated plan?

Partners and outreach, continued

   •   Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation Listening Post on Veterans Transportation,
       October 18, 2010. In addition to Paratransit Services, this session was attended by
       representatives from WSDOT, Community Transportation Association of America, FTA Program
       Management, United We Ride, the Office of Disability Employment Policy, the Department of
       Labor, and the Department of Defense, and the Southwest Local Coordinating Coalition. While
       there were a variety of presentations, Paratransit Service’s presentation received the most
       attention and generated the lengthiest discussion. The federal agency representatives favored
       our project more than any other. Doug Birnie from United We Ride requested to be kept
       informed of our progress and viewed the project as a potential best practice.
       Paratransit Services proposed two projects: The first project proposes to allow Veterans to share
       DSHS trips in rural areas for a set fare (rather than a seat share mile cost). Eventually, if Centers
       the Medicaid and Medicare approve the fare model, we envision turning DSHS subscription trips
       into community shuttles. The second project explored the idea of the Veterans utilizing the
       NEMT Brokerage system for mobility management. As noted in the previous section, VTS has
       incorporated some of the brokerage concepts into their current approach.
   •   WA State VA Meetings – various dates in 2010. Paratransit Services staff teleconferenced with
       Washington State Director of Veteran’s Affairs, John Lee, and met on several occasions with
       Deputy Director Alfie Alvarado-Ramos to discuss our progress to date and to ask for technical
       assistance and input as we move forward with project ideas to improve transportation services
       for veterans.

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