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1. What is an attachment?
   An attachment in the purchasing sense is any document that supports a specific
   purchase or is material to the purchase and should (or must) be retained as part of the
   requisition file.
          Sole source statement
          Vendor quotation
          Various forms (1631, 1632, etc.)
          Scope of work (statement of work)
          Vendor proposal
          W-9

    An attachment from the payables perspective is largely restricted to a payment
    document and supporting documentation as required.
           Invoice voucher
           Receipts
           Vendor invoice

2. Where do I send the attachments (and why)?
   As a rule, all attachments required to document a purchase should be sent to
   UW Purchasing (mark the requisition for attachments in PAS and forward the
   attachments referencing the requisition number to Buyer Assignment, Box 351115)

    Attachments that are payment documents should be sent directly to Accounts Payable,
    Box 351130, again referencing the requisition number.

    Note: At times, you will have both types of attachments. If this is the case, mark the
    requisition for attachments and forward all the non-payment related attachments to
    Buyer Assignment in Purchasing. The invoice can be sent directly to Accounts

3. Exceptions
   There are two methods in PAS for setting up requisitions on the Purchasing side;
   on-line and manual:
    On-Line: Once the requisition is assigned to a buyer, it is processed and finally put
      into a payable status. Accounts Payable can not process a payment until Purchasing
      puts the order in a payable status. Well over 95% of all orders are processed on-line
      (meaning Payables does not need to see a hard copy of the
                                   UW Purchasing and Stores

         requisition – payment information is taken directly from the system). For these
         orders, steps 1 and 2 above apply.

     Manual: There is also a manual process that does require the payment to be
      recorded on the requisition itself. This is typically used for processing
      reimbursements, honoraria, other payment to individuals, and foreign orders. For
      these types of payments, all attachments should be forwarded to Buyer Assignment,
      including the payment documents.

4. Other Process Considerations
   The PAYMAN process is an alternative process used to pay individuals. For details,
   see the sites at:


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