Credit Card Processing for DoJiggy Clients

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Credit Card Processing for DoJiggy Clients
Offer your constituents peace of mind.

Thank you for considering IATS Payments as the payment processing solution for your
DoJiggy online fundraising software. IATS and DoJiggy have partnered to offer simple
and efficient credit card processing services that are specially designed to save your
organization time and money.

IATS offers fixed rate pricing. This means your costs will not increase unexpectedly because
of the type of card that’s being used, such as rewards cards or corporate cards. With IATS,
what you see is what you get!

Credit Card Processing Rates - USD $

        Visa,                                                              Annual PCI
                   American    Authorization                 Regulatory
    MasterCard                               Monthly Fee                   Compliance     Set-up Fee
                    Express        Fee                          Fee
    and Discover                                                              Fee

      3.05%         3.45%          $0.25        $20.00          $5.00        $124.75          $0

Please be ready to provide IATS with the following
documents to ensure a quick and efficient account setup:

•     Void check for your deposit account
•     A copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter
•     Two months of your most current bank statements
•     Two years of audited business financials or tax returns
•     W9 form

Contact us today to get started! | | 1-866-300-4287 | @IATSPayments

IATS Payments is a leading provider of integrated end-to-end donation processing solutions for nonprofit organizations.
Our simple, seamless transaction processing services are specially designed to help nonprofit organizations save time and
money on fundraising, allowing you to focus more of your efforts on your mission.

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