W2 Replacement Date February To University of Washington Employees

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					Date: 10 February 2003

To:    University of Washington Employees

From: Payroll Office
      University of Washington

Re:    W-2 Printing Error

An error occurred in the printing of W-2 forms for the University of Washington. Box 13,
“Statutory Employee” was marked in error. Statutory employees, are employees for social
security purposes but self-employed for federal income tax purposes. The University of
Washington does not employ any such employees.

Due to a new computing environment, the null fields used for the “Statutory Employee” box
were not read correctly and the print program placed an X in the box.

This error occurred only on the volume print side, and is not in the data transmitted to the
Social Security Administration. All employers submit W-2 data to the Social Security Ad-
ministration who in turn shares this data with the IRS. Again, the data transmitted to the
federal agencies is correct and does not contain this error.

When filing your tax return, ignore the “Statutory Employee” box. If you are using tax
software, additional requirements will be activated if this box is entered as marked. This may
cause your forms to be rejected when filing on-line, requiring you to submit paper forms.

Please keep this notice with your 2002 tax return for proof of this error. If you are filing
paper forms, you do not need to submit this notice with you tax return.