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Facebook Edgerank by digitalorganics


									        Facebook Edge Rank
        Most people who use Facebook don't use much of its expansive functionality at all. Alot do use it as a social network; simply view
        and update their wall, upload videos and photos to their profile and visit the wall of each friend and family members.

        Nowadays, it is beneficial to grow your business on this popular social networking site when you have a Page especially for your
        client/customers. As an internet marketer, you want your content to show on their news feed section.

        This game is about optimizing content based on the Facebook Algorithm called Edge Rank. What is this all about and the importance
        of posting good content to facebook that is of interest to your users is the main task for you to be a successful Facebook marketer.

        EdgeRank is a scoring system based on the algorithms that Facebook uses to determine which objects show up in the News Feed.

        There are things we can do in Facebook to increase the rank of our content.

        Objects and Edges

        - Just like traditional SEO (links, citations, keywords)

        - Every single thing on facebook is an "Object" (a post, comment, picture, page, profile, video, etc.)

        - Every single action taken on any Object is an "Edge"

        - Each "Object" or "Edge" has multiple values associated with them

        Algorithms are pretty complex, but when it comes to EdgeRank, the formula is rather simple. It figures in three variables to score
        postings to decide what shows up in a user's news feed. First it considers the affinity score between the user and the creator of the
        edge. Second, it gives weight to the type of edge that is created, and third it considers time based on how long it has been since the
        edge was created. Understanding these three elements will help you to improve visibility of your company on Facebook.

        Affinity is simply attraction or liking of a certain thing. The creator of the edge is a person who responds to a status update (likes,
        tags, comments on, or shares it with others). In a nutshell, the affinity score is based on the relationship between the viewer and the
        person that responds to a post. Therefore, status updates that are likable and evoke comments and sharing are prime factors in your
        social media marketing campaign.

        The weight is related to the response that is involved. For instance, a viewer can create, comment on, like, tag, or share a post.
        While the weighting function has been kept pretty secret for now, it makes total sense that a comment holds more weight than a like
        and so forth. At any rate, any response holds value for you, the creator of a status update, because responses create an edge. The edge
        means more exposure for the post.

        The time factor is pretty simple to understand. The longer that it has been since an edge was created, the less important it becomes.
        Engaging your readers with some awesome content becomes even more important. The more discussion that surrounds a status
        update, a not or video, the longer it will be of advantage to you.

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