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					Chew Stoke Church School

   Organisation of Learning
         2010 - 2011
 Chew Stoke Church School


 Clarify arrangements for next
 academic year

 Provide an opportunity to answer
    Chew Stoke Church School

Rationale for the change
 Organisation that will be outlined will enable
 morning class sizes to be reduced to around 25
 children, improving teacher/pupil ratios
 More effective to plan literacy and maths
 learning across a single year group, improving
 quality further; especially so where there are
 cross Key Stage classes
 School retains its close community feel
 resulting in part from mixed year group classes
 Chew Stoke Church School

Children have been allocated to one of
six classes.
Most of these are mixed year group
classes, except for Reception next year.
These classes will be known as the Home
Home classes will be the main point of
contact for parents.
Children will arrive and leave from their
Home classroom.
 Chew Stoke Church School

 Reception children with Miss Hennessey
 Year 1 and some Year 2 with Miss Vowles
 Some Year 2 and some Year 3 with Mrs Page
  and a new teacher (to be appointed)
 In new classroom
 Chew Stoke Church School

 Some Year 3 and some Year 4 children with
  Mrs Clark
 Some Year 4 and some Year 5 children with
  Mr Hewett
 Some Year 5 and all Year 6 children with
  Mrs Hurford
 Chew Stoke Church School

In the morning, when school starts at
8:55am, children go to their Home class.
There will be boxes for water bottles,
snacks and book bags for your child’s year
group. These items must be labelled please!
Children are registered in their Home class.
Money, notes / letters are handed over in
the Home class.
The Home class will take part in worship
  Chew Stoke Church School

After worship all children will work
together with children in their National
Curriculum year group.
Children will be escorted to their morning /
year group classroom.
Before break children will generally learn
After break children will have a literacy
lesson and guided reading/writing sessions.
Target group work will generally happen
during the mornings.
  Chew Stoke Church School

Reception in Hedgehog classroom with Miss
Year 1 in Owl classroom with Miss Vowles
Year 2 in Kingfisher classroom with Mrs Page
Monday - Wednesday / New Teacher Thursday -
Year 3 in old Kingfisher classroom with Mrs
Denny (room yet to be renamed!)
Year 4 in Woodpecker classroom with Mrs Clark
Year 5 in Fox classroom with Mr Hewett
Year 6 in Badger classroom with Mrs Hurford
 Chew Stoke Church School

Children will go to lunch from their year
group classroom.
After lunch children will return to their
Home class for registration and
afternoon learning. This will include:
 Science, RE, PE, Art, Music, History,
  Geography, Design Technology,
 ICT will be taught across the curriculum
   Chew Stoke Church School

All teachers are entitled to Planning, Preparation
and Assessment (PPA) time. This has been
organised to take place during afternoons for all
classes except Hedgehog who follow the
Foundation Stage curriculum. This will ensure
continuity for our morning arrangements.
All classes will receive some teaching assistant
support to aid learning across the ability range:
 3 mornings one week, 2 the next
 2 afternoons each week (except for training
  courses / short notice illness)
This provides a comparatively good level of support.
 Chew Stoke Church School

Mrs Sue Lewis, our HLTA (Higher Level
Teaching Assistant) will:
 Not be class based next year
 Provide PPA cover for most classes
 Use dyslexia and language development
  training to assess and work with small
  groups if identified children from across
  the school
 Provide specific support for a child with
  identified language needs.
 Chew Stoke Church School

Pupil progress monitoring will remain
rigorous – academic and social.
Two way communication between Home
class teachers and year group teachers
has been planned and will take place
Draft arrangements are in place for
parent consultations and will be
confirmed next academic year.

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