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					Literary Genres (Shakepeare):
Elizabethan Age Projects
Note: When searching for information, keep in mind that Shakespeare’s time period was often
referred to as the Shakespearean Era, the Renaissance, and the Elizabethan Era. Topics:

     1.    The Tudors/Queen Elizabeth and how they affected Shakespeare
     2.    Shakespeare’s Globe Theater (include history of the theater, Lord Chamberlain’s men)
     3.    Acting and Performing (include who acted, costumes, sets, and audience)
     4.    Men’s and Women’s Fashions during the Elizabethan Era (could include hairstyles)
     5.    Family life during the Renaissance or Elizabethan Era (roles of husbands, wives,
           children; could include age of marriage)
     6.    Social Classes during the Renaissance – life as a peasant and life as the aristocracy
     7.    Renaissance Music and Dance
     8.    Entertainment, Games and Recreation of the Renaissance (can even include the public
     9.    Punishment of criminals in town; include sports and games invented during this time,
           including fencing)
     10.   Medicines, Diseases, and Health of the Renaissance
     11.   Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England
     12.   Arms and Armor in Renaissance Europe (see also Renaissance weapons)
     13.   Renaissance Education/School
     14.   Elizabethan Food
     15.   Religion in Elizabethan England; membership in the Church of England
     16.   Elizabethan Weddings (focus also on dating/ courtship, women’s rights and childbirth)
     17.   Renaissance Art – particularily in England
     18.   Science of Renaissance: Galileo; 4 elements of matter; alchemy (not limited to these
     19.   Astrology in the Renaissance
     20.   Superstitions, Witches, and Ghosts of Renaissance
     21.   The Bubonic Plague

     1. Choose a topic which interests you.
     2. Sign up for your topic: no duplicates in the class.
     3.     Go to my website first to research your topic. There will be link
     4.     Project Links” to take you to a list of good websites.
     5.     Check the school databases
     6.     After you have thoroughly investigated those sites, you may Google your topic.
     7.     Before you even begin to create PowerPoint slides or pick out images, outline your
            presentation keeping your copy short.
     8.     Create a PowerPoint presentation on your topic.
     9.     You will need at least 12 slides including a title slide and on the last slide, create a
            list of sources/websites you used for your project.
     10. Please review the attached rubric in order to complete all requirements for the
     11. When you are presenting in front of the class, you will need to be knowledgeable on
           your topic so
     12.   that you are not reading from your notes (although you may have notes and use them)
           and not
     13.   reading from the PowerPoint.
     14.   Keep in mind that you can incorporate additional audio/visual aids if you feel your
           audience’s understanding of your topic may be further enhanced. For example, you
           may want to include actual Renaissance music if this is your topic or dress in
     15.   Warning: Do not bring in weapons if you are presenting on Renaissance weapons.
     16.   Your project is worth 1 Test grade.

PowerPoint Do’s and Don’ts:
     Before you even begin to create PowerPoint slides or pick out images, outline your
        presentation. Organize it with an introduction, body and conclusion.
     Do put your names and the title of the presentation on the first slide.
     Do not put paragraphs or large chunks of text on each PowerPoint slide.
     Your slides should more images and few words.
     Do make sure your font and images are large enough, so that when your presentation is
        pulled up on the projector everyone in the classroom will be able to see and read your
     Do maintain a consistent design scheme of color and background throughout your
     Do make sure you list all websites used on the last slide of your presentation. You may
        use smaller font for this slide.
     Do not use fonts or colors that are difficult to read. Light backgrounds with dark type
        work bst.
     Do not use busy or highly-patterned backgrounds which make your texts difficult to
     Do not implement distracting sounds or animations. Yes, you can use sound and
        animation as long as it is not distracting.
     Print out your slides to turn in to me prior to your presentation date. On PowerPoint, go
        to “Print”, then “Print What”. Choose “Handouts”.

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