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INTERVIEWING (PowerPoint download)



  A Two Way Street
   Determine the Best Pool of People to Go
    Forward in the Process By:
      +Skills and Competencies
      Can You Do the Job We Have?
      Do You Want to Do It For Us?
      Will You Fit In With the People We Have
Preparing For The Interview
 Interviews Are Based On the Premise:
 The Best Predictor of Future
  Behavior is PAST Behavior
 So Prepare By Being Familiar With
  the Position So You Can Be Sure To
  Demonstrate You Can Do It!
 Do A Position Analysis!
    A Position Analysis Includes:
   Skills Necessary To Perform Satisfactorily
    +Decision Making and Problem Solving
    +Interpersonal Skills
    +Critical Thinking Skills
    +Team Building
    +Ability to Influence Others
            More Analysis
 What Makes a Successful Candidate?
  +Information Sources of Particular Import
  +Info Processing Abilities?
  +Physical Requirements
  +Scheduling/ Travel Requirements
 What Would Make An Unsuccessful Cand.
 Why Have People Left This Job
What To Take To The Interview

   A “Pile” of Resumes – One Pager
   Gold Cards
   3 x 5 Notecards
   Research Questions
   Reference List
   Recommendations
   Work Examples
   Dress ?
          Pre Interview
 Arrive 15 Minutes Early
 Go to the Interview ALONE
 While Waiting –
  +Be Productive / Read Professional
      Literature or Do Work
  + “Most Important Person” Rule
 If Kept Waiting “2 Long”
  +Reschedule and Leave
        Beginning The Interview
   “The Thrust”
   Remember Nonnie’s 4 Twelves & Pay Attention
    to Detail
    + Top 12”, Bottom 12”, First 12 Steps, First 12
   Show Interest With Your Posture
   Start By Offering Your Resume
   Maintain Eye Contact & Smile!! The First Part
    Will Set the Tone for the Remainder
   Pay Close Attention to the Interviewer
   Do NOT Fidget – Be Aware of Mannerisms
           Interviewer Types
   Be Aware That Not All Interviewers Are
    Trained to Be Interviewers
    + If Talks All the Time, Wait for a Lull
    + If Asked A Series of Questions ALL at
    The Same Time, Answer Last First.
    Continue Until All Are Addressed. OK To
    Ask To Repeat.
    Answer the Question Asked
   Ask Yourself:
    + What Is the Purpose of The Question?

    +Answer Appropriately From Your
    Research in 3 MINUTES or Less
           The STAR Format
   After Determining the Purpose, Frame
    Your Answers in STAR Format
    + Situation
    + Task
    + Action
    + Result
 When    Finished With Result, Wait For
    Next Question
      Ending The Interview
 Have Questions Prepared to Ask Based
  On Interest and Fit
 Get Business Card (3 X 5 Strategy)
 Before You Leave, Know What Action
  Will Happen NEXT

 Leave Immediately – Follow “The Out Of
  Sight Rule”
 Make Quick Notes, Jot Down Thoughts,
  Complete Personal Interview Evaluation
 If Formal, Spell Correctly
 Basic Content:
  +Thank for Time and Consideration
  +State Continued Interest
  +Reinforce Image & Connection to
  +End With Action – ie What You Are
      Going To Do Next
 Mail Same Day

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