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									English Study-School

1. _____ English?

        a)         You are      b)is

        с) are you       d)are

2. No, I_________.

        a) amn`t         b)` m not

        c) isn`t        d) am

3. We don`t have _____ sugar in the cupboard.

        a) some          b) a

        c) any           d) no

4. I never travel _____ boat.

        a) in           b) on

        c) at           d) by

5. How ______ does it take you to drive to work?

        a) often      b) long

        c) much      d) far

6. It was very ______ last October.

       a) rain          b) ranny

       c) rains         d) raining

7. What ______ he look like?

        a) is            b) has

        c) does          d) was

8. I am going to the library ______for my exams.

       a) to study            b) study

       c) studing            d) for studing

9. Winter is ______ coldest season.

       a) a                   b) than

       c) for                 d) the

10. Ben ____ swim very well. He never goes swimming.
        a) can              b) can`t

        c) could            d) likes

11. It`s _____ by car than by train.

        a) cheap            b) the

        c) cheapest         d) cheaper

12. When did Julia _____ home?

        a) come             b) is coming

        c) came              d) coming

13. I`ve just _____ my watch.

        a) fallen           b) broke

        c) hurt              d) broken

14. _____ he live in New York?

        a) do                b) where

        c) does               d) is

15. ______ any curtains in the dining room?

        a) is                   b) is there

        c) have                 d) are there

16. _____ car is outside?

        a) where                b) why

        c) who                   d) whose

17. What did Ms.Smith ____ to the new students?

        a) say                   b) tell

        c) talk                   d) hear

18. ______ are my keys.

        a) the                   b) these

        c) this                   d) that

19. I am late, _____ I?

        a) amn`t                 b) aren`t

        c) isn`t                  d) am
20. The windows _____ by the boy.

       a) is broken             b) was broken

       c) were broken           d) did

21. How many times _____ read this book?

       a) have you               b) has you

       c) were you               d) may

22. He may not come, but we`ll get ready in case he _____.

       a) will                    b) is

       c) does                    d)may

23. Has he _______ a car?

       a) got                       b) get

       c) gets                      d) getting

24. She`s read all the works ______ Shakespeare.

       a) by                        b) of

       c) about                     d) on

25. Do you know if the train ______.

       a) has already left             b) is left now

       c) went                         d) left since an hour

26.The teacher encouraged her students ______ to an English pen-friend.

       a) should write                   b) write

       c) wrote                          d) to write

27. The man said that he did not _____ to walk.

       a) care for                        b) mind having

       c) bother about                    d) much mind

28. You ______ your homework before you came to the lesson!

       a) should do                          b) should have done

       c) should be done                      d) should be doing

29. She_______ her neighbour's children for the broken window.

       a) accused                      b) complained
        c) blamed                      d) denied

30. We`ll miss the train if we ____ hurry.

        a) won`t                     b) wouldn`t

        c) don`t                     d) didn`t

31. Tom is Mrs Black`s son.

        a) she is his son             b) she is her son

        c) he is her son              d) he is his son

32. Listen to ______ sister.

        a) she and she`s              b) her and she

        c) her and her               d) she and her

33. ______ the room.

        a) Don`t going to             b) Don`t go into

        c) Not to go in               d) Not go into

34. Lynn ______ TV every evening.

        a) locks                      b) watches

        c) washes                      d) looks

35. As I had missed the history lesson, my friend went _______ the homework

        a) by                        b) after

        c) over                      d) on

36. Whether she's a good actress or not is a _______ of opinion.

        a) matter                    b) subject

        c) point                    d) case

37. Last year ______ to Canada.

        a) went Mary                 b) Mary went

        c) Mary was                 d) did Mary go

38. _____ these girls do you know?

        a) Who are                  b) What of

        c) Which of                d) How many

39. Mary bought _______.
       a) to Peter a pen                 b) for Peter a pen

       c) a pen to Peter                d) a pen for Peter

40. My mother usually has _______ bed.

       a) breakfast in                b) the breakfast in the

       c) the breakfast in            d) breakfast in the

41. I have a ______ paper in my desk.

       a) loss                    b) lot

       c) little of               d) little

42. Good ______! I hope you win the race.

       a) sort                  b) wish

       b) losk                 d) chance

43. Ann is ______.

       a) are friend of mine      b) a friend mine

       c) a friend of mine        d) a friend of me

44. ______ of them knew about plan because it was secret.

       a) some                  b) no one

       c) none                  d) any

45. I _______ never been to London.

       a) am                   b) was

       c) has                  d) have

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