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					                               Performance and Development Plan
Purpose of Appraisal:     Employee’s Name: (Last, First, MI)                            Agency:
   Annual Review          Daniel, Elliott, R                                            University of Washington
   Trial Service Review   Position Title:                                               Organizational Unit:
   Probationary Review    Instrument Maker II                                           Physics
    Other:                Identification Number:                                        Evaluator’s Name:
                          872-004-652                                                   Vinny Michaels
Performance Period: From           To            Position Description Updated:          Date of Preview Session:

Position Linkage with Organizational Mission and Strategic Plan:
What is the organization’s mission, and how do the duties and responsibilities of this position link or contribute to the
achievement of the mission, goals, and objectives of the organization? Provide brief summary.

The mission of the Physics Technical Services Cost Center is to support research and instruction in Physics and other
disciplines by providing machine shop, mechanical construction, electronics shop and materials preparation services to the
University of Washington community. Technical Services shops provide a unique opportunity for Physics and other UW staff
members to interact closely with skilled staff members during the design, development and construction of equipment. In
addition to their research support role, Technical Services Shops are committed to the training students in technical skills
related to Physics research.

This position directly impacts the Physics Technical Services Cost Center mission by working with University clients to design
and build custom instruments and equipment.

                                        Part 1: Performance Expectations
Based on the position’s major responsibilities, outline the key results and competencies expected of the employee during this
performance period. Limit the list to those that are key.
Key Results Expected
What are the most important objectives, outcomes, and/or special assignments to accomplish in order to be successful during
this time period?

     1. Work with clients (engineers, grad students, technicians, and faculty) in design of equipment, apparatus and
        instruments working from blue prints, sketches, diagrams, and written and oral instructions. Suggest design changes
        when alternate configurations appear appropriate.

     2. Build custom equipment, apparatus and instruments through use of CAD/CAM software; programming, set-up and
        operation of CNC machinery, conventional machinery and hand tools; and selection of appropriate materials.

     3. Repair, maintain and rebuild shop equipment.

     4. Maintain accurate records of time spent and materials used for each project.

Key Competencies Expected
What are the most important competencies that the employee should demonstrate in order to be successful?

     1. Teamwork-contributes to the development, cohesion and productivity of the team. Supports teamwork and
        cooperation through open and honest communication. Cooperates and offers assistance to others. Helps others learn
        new systems, processes, or programs.

     2. Accountability-accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of his work. Believes that the results
        achieved directly result from his personal decisions and actions. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Doesn’t make
        excuses for errors or problems.
     3. Safety- performs work in a safe manner at all times. Maintains an organized work area. Identifies and corrects unsafe
        situations. Considers the safety of other employees on the job site.

     4. Work processes and results-produces accurate and timely work with minimal supervision. Uses good judgment. Sets
        appropriate priorities and adheres to them. Meets productivity standards, deadlines and work schedules. Informs
        supervisor or appropriate others of problems.
                         Part 2: Training & Development Needs/Opportunities
What training and development needs and opportunities should the employee focus on during this performance period?

Attend CAD and CAM software training

Participate in safety committee

Obtain forklift operation certification

Take first aid course

                                           Part 3: Organizational Support
Part 3 is optional and to be completed only by the employee, at the beginning of the performance period.
What suggestions do you have as to how your supervisor, co-workers, and/or agency management can better support you in
your present job and future career goals?

I am very pleased to be part of this team. I have received a lot of support. I would like to take more training classes.

                                    Acknowledgement of Performance Plan
The signatures below indicate that the supervisor and employee have discussed the performance expectations, and training
and development needs outlined at the beginning of the performance period.

Evaluator’s Signature                        Date                 Employee’s Signature                      Date

                                          Part 4: Interim Reviews (Optional)
Part 4 is an optional section that may be used during the course of the performance period to adjust performance expectations
if circumstances change, and/or to document interim feedback sessions.

                                           Part 5: Performance Feedback
Provide a narrative assessment of the employee’s performance in relation to the Key Results and Competencies Expected that
were outlined in Part 1. The assessment must be based on performance observed or verified.
Key Results Assessment
To what degree did the employee accomplish the expected results and how well were they done?

    1. During his probationary period, Mr. Elliott developed confidence in working with our clients. I have received very
       positive feedback from both students and faculty regarding how easy he is to work with. Although he was initially
       hesitant to suggest alternate configurations to faculty members, on his last two projects he correctly recognized
       potential problems and got the clients to agree to alternate designs.

    2. During his probationary period, Mr. Elliott completed all of the jobs assigned to him in a timely manner. I received one
        complaint regarding a finished instrument which did not match the client’s expectation. Mr. Elliott reworked the part in
        question to the client’s satisfaction. Mr. Elliott has worked hard to update his CAD skills. He continues to improve as
        he receives more exposure. We discussed his need to follow the 15 minute rule, which is to ask for help if you struggle
        more than 15 minutes without resolving the problem.

    3. Mr. Elliott has met all expectations regarding the maintenance of shop equipment. No major repairs or rebuilds
         occurred during the evaluation period.

    4. Initially Mr. Elliott needed to be reminded on several occasions to maintain time and materials records for his jobs.
       Since we sat down and discussed this issue last month, I have not had to remind him to update his records.

Key Competencies Assessment
How well (or how frequently) did the employee demonstrate the behaviors, skills, and knowledge expected?

    1. Teamwork-I have observed Mr. Elliott interacting positively with all of his coworkers. He appears receptive to learning
       all that he can from his peers. He has been willing to take over a job from a coworker and is working on seeking help
       when struggling with difficult jobs.

    2. Accountability-Mr. Elliott appears to take pride in his work and accept responsibility for the quality of his product.
       Although he had to be reminded on several occasions to maintain accurate time and materials records, Mr. Elliott did
       not make excuses for his failure to do so. He has worked hard to resolve this problem.

    3. Safety-I have not observed Mr. Elliott completing his work in an unsafe manner, nor have I received any reports that
         he was working in an unsafe manner. Mr Elliott maintains a clean and organized work area which helps promote a
         safe work environment.

    4. Work processes and results-Mr. Elliott completed all of his jobs in a timely manner. The completed products I have
         examined were of average quality. I expect that I will see additional improvement as his experience increases. There
         was one instance mentioned in section 2 above, where Mr. Elliott delivered a product to a client which did not match
         the client’s expectations without informing me of the problem prior to delivering the product. I reviewed general shop
         expectations with Mr. Elliott and he was quite receptive and willing to learn and improve.

A. Other Relevant Information: (optional)

                                               Comments and Signatures
This report is based on my best judgment.

Evaluator’s Signature                                                  Date

This report has been discussed with me.

Employee’s Signature                                                   Date


I have reviewed this report and, in my judgment, the process has been properly followed. In addition, the following comments are offered
concerning the employee’s performance.

Reviewer’s Signature                                           Title                                  Date


NOTE: Once the performance evaluation is completed and signed by all parties, it is the Evaluator’s responsibility to provide a copy to the
employee and to ensure that the original is placed in the employee’s personnel file.